It's hard to keep ignoring the guy you had a one night stand with when he's the son of the boss at your new internship Gabby thought she was hitting the one night stand lottery with a man who lived thousands of miles away She thought she was safe giving him her virginity Until she shows up at her internship to find out they're co workers who are partnering up for their next project She hates his family His family hates her They're risking it all Risking everything for stolen touches in his office and makeout sessions in elevators But what happens when they get caught?

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    35 StarsKarma was a very entertaining book and i had a good time reading it I can not wait for the next oneI loved the first book so much and this one although different was also very good Gabby and Dalton know how to seriously complicate everything around themSix months after their drunken first night together they end up working in the same place hell's department on earth and in the same case Dalton doesn't want to work for his father because he had enough of his family meddling on his life and Gabby well he hates Dalton's family for how they treat her mother But when those two get together they can't hide their feelings anyGabby was great i liked her so much but Dalton had many issues He has to man up and fight for what he really wants Although it wasn't very flattering for his personality how he contemplated what his future will be like without his wealth if he takes the leap with Gabby i can absolutely justify his train of thought It was a very realistic traitThe only problem i found in this beautiful book was the a tiny misconception with the age of Gabby's mother and John's view spoilerIf they were both in the same age how can he three other children older than Gabby with his wife??? hide spoiler