Well, that was silly Meandered all over the place, and seemed unsure of itself at points Dialog was stilted POV constantly switching Grew tedious I think it could have been excellent but the story got away from it and turned into something I didn t care to believe. Ghost Radio Is A Terrifying Novel About A Ghost Story Call In Radio Show That Inadvertently Opens A Doorway Into The Paranormal, Giving Voice To The Dead And Instigating An Epic Battle For The Souls Of The LivingFrom The Cramped Bowels Of A Dimly Lit Radio Station, Ghost Radio Is Beamed Onto The Airwaves More Than A Call In Show To Tell Scary Stories About Vampires And Poltergeists, Ghost Radio Is A Sanctuary For Those Sleepless Denizens Of The Night, Lost Halfway Between This World And The NextJoaquin, The Hip, Melancholy Host, Sits Deep In A Fog Of Cigarette Smoke, Fielding Calls From Believers And Detractors Alike He Is Joined In The Booth By His Darkly Beautiful Girlfriend, Alondra, And His Engineer, Watts Soon What Began As An Underground Cult Sensation Is Primed To Break Out To Mainstream Audiences When A Huge Radio Conglomerate Offers To Syndicate The Show And Ghost Radio Becomes A National Hit With An Expanding Legion Of Hardcore Fans, Neither Joaquin, Alondra, Nor Watts Is Remotely Prepared For What Is About To HappenThough A Charismatic Host, Joaquin Remains A Skeptic Even As He Begins To Notice A Curious And Troubling Phenomenon He Feels Himself Drawn Further And Further Into The Terrifying Stories He Solicits On The Radio Slowly He Loses Control Over His Reality And Finds Himself Unable To Distinguish Between The Real World And The World Populated By The Nightmares On Ghost Radio He Is Forced To Confront His Past And His Own Mortality In Order To Save That Which Is Most Precious To Him And Repair The Crumbling Wall Between The Living And The Dead 4.0 StarsIf you are going to read this book, then you absolutely must check out the audiobook version Since the plot revolves heavily around radio broadcasting, it just made sense to listen to it I know that I enjoyed this one so much than I would have if I had simply read a physical copy The narrator did a fantastic job of creating a creepy atmosphere This book has very low ratings online and I can honestly understand why The plot was incredibly slow pace The narrative seemed to meander around, seemingly without direction The story shifted between the past and present with mini ghosts stories woven into the narrative, as we listen in on calls made to Ghost Radio Honestly, I did consider DNFing this book at one point, but I am so glad that I kept going Towards the end of the book, I got completely pulled into the story as it became genuinely creepy So often I find horror endings disappointing, but this one was a wonderful surprise This is easily one of the best endings that I have read in a horror novel So while this book won t appeal to everyone, I would still encourage readers to check it out for themselves if they have the opportunity to experience the audiobook version I would particularly recommend this one to readers who enjoy slow burns and atmospheric horror stories. Joaquin has had the Dead Kennedys song Kill The Poor stuck in his head all week, so when Gabriel starts humming it in the hospital, Joaquin joins in From that point forward, the boys, whose parents just crashed into each other leaving both boys as orphans, find their lives completely intertwined They even end up living with relatives in the same neighborhood They re also both intrigued with noise and form a band that takes found sounds and arranges them into music After Gabriel s death, Joaquin begins to listen even harder to the noises around him, hoping to find a hidden message there from Gabriel He turns the dials of his radio hoping to pick up a ghostly voice in the static As a final hope for some contact from the world beyond, Joaquin starts up a radio show similar to one they listened to together in the hospital where they first met, Ghost Radio He takes calls from people with paranormal stories to tell, but really he hopes beyond hope that perhaps one day Gabriel will call in.Strangely, the song Kill the Poor is a common thread that runs through Joaquin s life from the moment he meets Gabriel Efficiency and progress is ours once now that we have the neutron bomb It s nice and quick and clean and gets things done Away with excess enemy, but no less value to property No sense in war but perfect sense at home Joaquin starts to feel as if perhaps he is a neutron bomb, bringing death to everyone he loves The he thinks of this, the bizarre his life becomes He can t tell the difference between life and the lucid dreams he begins to have But suddenly everything makes sense to him in one lucid moment that determines the future of those he loves.Leopoldo Gout does a great job of storytelling I found myself drawn into the story, and I read most of it in one sitting I looked forward to the few stories of the paranormal that were told over the airwaves of Ghost Radio Another thing about the book that I really enjoyed is that the author places a photo from Gabriel s Polaroid journal at the beginning of each chapter These Polaroids are actually drawn by the author himself and are quite beautiful.After reading, I found myself chewing over how the various components of the story are intertwined I enjoyed every moment of reading this novel However, I m afraid some might not understand how the book had to end and feel cheated by it Personally, I can t see how it could have ended otherwise What a lovely book I feel like rereading it just to try to tease out all its secrets from the beginning And, like Joaquin, I m going to have Kill the Poor stuck in my head for a week Note While I critique both purchased and free books in the same way, I m legally obligated to tell you I received this book free through the Vine program in return for my review Blah blah blah. I listened to this as an audio book.This was a really good concept, and the story was captivating at times as well Overall I really liked it There were some minor issues I had with it though.The main character and his girlfriend could be dicks at times Their first meeting consisted of mocking someone at a party and then leaving the party, the host of which had assumed he was in some sort of relationship with the woman She was unapologetic, which just struck me as insensitive They both should have been clearer about their intentions, but the way she blew him off without any empathy for his feelings just seemed rough But not all characters are supposed to be likable, right The protagonist is aggressive and pushy I understand that characters can t be perfect all the time though, especially as they descend into madness.The ghost radio program stories were cool, but were unrelated to the storyline I kept waiting for some unifying thread, but you know what There doesn t have to be The stories reminded the audience that the radio show was still going on, and were a nice break from the central story.The ending seemed a bit vague, like a lot of questions were raised that we never got all the answers to, but sometimes we don t get all the answers in real life either Is it a failing of the book or just a reflection of reality It is up to you.Ultimately any issue I had with the book can be forgiven, and overall I had a good time listening to it I came away learning some new things as a person and as a writer It had a nice paranoid vibe to it as well, which always resonates with me And you have to admit that title is pretty sweet. This was a weird book and therefore kind of tough to review The narration was very fragmented, constantly switching POVs and timesuntil it veered off into surreal, where it proceeded to change all other aspects of it The entire second half or so of the book reads like a very bizarre dream For all that, I thought the author did a very good job of describing something that may or may not be a descent into madness and he juggled realities expertly, albeit dizzingly The characters were interesting, although not necessarily very compelling, but they did engage the reader The book was a very fast read, only a few hours and I liked the pictures preceding each chapter The endingthat one I m gonna have to think about, can t tell if it was a cop out or a very smart move Overall it was a strong debut and a pretty interesting somewhat trippy read. Novela de fantasmas, aunque no de mucho terror.Estructurada en cap tulos cortos, va alternando varios momentos temporales que en algunos momentos no sabemos exactamente cu l de la vida del protagonista, de su amor por la m sica, de su amistad con Gabriel, de su vida antes y despu s de un hecho que le marc , con cap tulos sueltos con transcripciones de llamadas telef nicas de los oyentes al programa radiof nico sobre hechos sobrenaturales que dirige.El resultado es un libro un poco raru o , en el que no todo queda explicado pero que sabe mantenerte intrigado hasta la ltima p gina. A nice find I got it used at Powell s that does a beautiful job of making use of things available in the Culture the Dead Kennedys, the internet, radio waves, goth, tech geeks, and other sorts of you wouldn t only have to be Greg Ginn himself by now bits that are put to good use in a novel that ably straddles the line between this world and the next, a confrontation with The Mortal Veil that s shelved in the horror genre section simply for convenience s sake If you re looking for a contemporary novel that doesn t ask you to start from scratch and ignore the world outside the usual purview of written fiction in terms of where the characters start from and go to, this would be a good choice It s hardly just a better than average Horror novel it s a welcome change from having to apologize for fiction writers not as out there as John Shirley or as with it as Douglas Coupland pitching stories that lack recognizable terrain These people get drunk and listen to techno, reference the Dadaists and William Burroughs in their everyday conversation, and live as though underground music influences their art, interests and behavior Is that too much to ask AND The narrative unspools beautifully, with a deft structure that trumps even a typical flashback and forth convention to imply shuffled cards and mirror the Russian nesting dolls likeyour past is prologueexperience of the characters themselves, where past experiences predetermine, mirror and propel recent ones, all without being overly artsy, or avant garde, or otherwise losing the reader Nice I wanted to like this book, but I couldn t forgive the extremely confusing and awkward POV changes It starts out third person, switching semi randomly between two male characters, and then, for zero reason, switches to first person After a couple of pages, I finally figured out which of the two guys was speaking, only to have the first person viewpoint change again and without warning to the girlfriend s first person POV It took a few pages, and the mention of the character considering herself a princess for me to even realize we had switched It s all well and good to break the writing rules if you can do it successfullybut this author can t The story probably does get better later on as other reviews have said but when I m spending time figuring out which character is telling the story than I am enjoying the story itself, that s a sure sign to move on. This is a wonderful read for anyone who likes a trippy, edgy, hip story about ghosts Its not really scary as much as it is exciting, but it is nonetheless still a good book that will keep you entertained no matter how many times you read it What i think Gout did well in creating the story of Ghost Radio is instead of making it just a book, he knew how animated the book was and made movies and songs about and from the book After my third time reading the book i went to the website, it really made me want to read the book again This book practically comes to life on its own, but with the other medians of art, it truly does I recommend this book to be shocked and excited and if you don t believe me, check out the website.