TRAIN SMARTER WITH THE NEWEST HIGH TECH HEART RATE MONITORSWhether you are just starting a fitness program or are an experienced athlete you can greatly benefit from paying attention to your heart rate during exercise Heart rate serves as a window into the body giving you minute to minute feedback on your physical condition based on all the factors affecting it—exercise intensity diet temperature humidity altitude fatigue and Total Heart Rate Training explains•Heart function during exercise•How heart rate monitors work•Simple ways to use a heart rate monitor•Advanced heart rate training techniquesWith Total Heart Rate Training you can design a personalized program that practically guarantees you’ll achieve your fitness goals You’ll be able to determine the precise and optimal heart rate for each day’s workout by using your heart rate monitor to keep you on target It’s like having a personal trainer telling you when to go harder and when to back offThis book also shows how powermeters and accelerometers enable you to compare your body’s input as measured by heart rate with its output power or pace It’s a combination that allows you to train at your peak for that competitive edge

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