For As Long As Prudence Can Remember, It Has Been Understood That Her Sister Will One Day Wed The Eldest Son Of Their Nearest Neighbor Such An Alliance Will Benefit Both Families And Bring A Great Deal Of Joy To All Parents InvolvedUnfortunately, Prudence Has Never Been Able To Feel As Joyful She Believes Her Sister Is Mad To Consider Marrying A Man She Hardly Knows, Even If He Will One Day Make Her A Countess Titles And Wealth Shouldn T Factor Into Matters Of The Heart, And As An Aspiring Romance Novelist, Prudence Cannot Fathom How Anyone Could Even Think Of Settling For Less Than Love She Certainly Wouldn T, And She Doesn T Want Her Sister To EitherUnable To Stand By And Do Nothing, Prudence Sets Out To Help The Awkward Couple Discover The Best In Each Other With The Hope That They Will Eventually Find Love What She Neglected To Foresee, However, Was The Possibility That She Might Fall In Love With Lord Knave Herself

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    Rachael Anderson writes cute, clean romances she s recent branched from contemporary romances to light historical ones The ones I ve liked, I really enjoyed, but there have been a few mediocre ones mixed in My Sister s Intended was of a miss than a hit For a change of pace, Prudence is the prettier, socially adept younger daughter her older sister Sophia is the heir of the family For many years their parents and the parents of Lord Brand Knave there s a name for you have planned a marriage between Sophia and Lord Knave to combine the families land and wealth Sophia s fine with the plan, though Prudence is appalled that her sister plans to enter into an arranged marriage, without love So Prudence, a creative soul with secret ambitions to be an author , decides to trip up Brand in what she thinks are his immoral ways, thus proving to Sophia that he s not worthy of her hand The plan backfires, though Since everyone involved is noblehearted and wants to do the Right Thing, it becomes quite a quandary.I m not entirely sure what my problem was with this book Part of it was that the story felt rather shallow, and Prudence herself never really gelled for me as a consistent character On the one hand she s the beautiful, social sister on the other hand she was always all, I d rather stay home and read or write than go to this party It didn t feel like the author entirely had a handle on her character I did like that nobody in the story was a conventional villain, though.I d recommend this novel to readers who love light, squeaky clean romances and aren t too exercised about historical accuracy.

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    This book was utterly charming I ve been looking forward to reading this one for a long time and was so excited when I finally got my hands on a copy It was spring break here last week so I had to squeeze in reading time when I could and finally was able to sit down last night and devour this book Prudence is such a likable character, I connected with her right from the start I loved her passion for books, romance and her desire to one day become a published author She has to keep all of this secret from her very proper family, but I loved that she stuck with her goals no matter what I also loved her relationship with her sister and how she would do anything to protect her Sophia and Prudence are total opposites, but have such a close relationship I really enjoyed that dynamic of the story And then there s, Lord Knave I liked him right from the start, and then I doubted him for a bit, and then I fell for him haha The romance in this was sweet and swoony and complicated Overall, this was a great regency I loved the country setting, family drama and of course the romance The characters are well developed, unique and I loved getting to know them This was a great set up for the series, can t wait to read ContentRomance CleanLanguage NoneViolence NoneReligious NoneNominated for a 2018 Swoony Award, vote here

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    Ah, perfection Seriously this is so good I wouldn t change a thing about this book Often when I read a book there is something I would change about it That is not the case with My Sister s Intended I was lucky and had a chance to beta read this book and provide feedback There was absolutely nothing I could give other than don t change a thing I love it just as it is Perfect mix of humor and romance I adored Prudence and Brand and loved watching their relationship develop through surreptitious meetings and letters I wish Rachel was an author who pumped out than 2 or 3 books each year because I just can t get enough of her writing However, I m grateful she takes the time to deliver quality stories that I can wholeheartedly recommend.On a side note I am one who totally judges books by their covers I fell in love with the cover So gorgeous I was not disappointed This is a case where you can and should judge a book by its cover Content Clean

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    I think the sign of a good book is when you ve finished the last page and want to go right back to the beginning and read it all over again Even when you know what s going to happen, you want to go be with those characters and experience all the ups and downs and firsts of everything, a second time And a third, fourth, fifth, etc When I turned to the last page, I had this goofy grin on my face I absolutely adored this book I sat in kind of a stupor for a minute rethinking parts of it and had the strongest urge to go back and start it again A day later and I still want to immerse myself in the world of Prudence, Sophia, Brand, Abby, Scamp, Brute, everyone And can I say, happy dance Abby and Sophia get their own books I just loved them all Such great characters Great scenes Great writing Definitely something I ve learned to expect in all of the books I ve read by Rachel She s a favorite author of mine, if you can t tell.Prudence has such dreams of love and wishes her sister would have such aspirations Or at least open up to her intended and let him see who she really is But she doesn t Prudence can t stand to see her sister destined for a loveless marriage so what else should she do but offer help To Lord Knave, or rather Brand It wasn t intentional It just was a happenstance really If you consider overhearing his plan to meet with a lady secretly So Prudence decides she needs to do research and his little daliance will work nicely in aiding her in her research When all isn t as it seems, Prudence realizes that she must put aside some of her long held beliefs and listen to her heart Oh the scene where she is trying to do her research, so funny And each subsequent scene with Brand and Prudence I loved them all.When Brand and Prudence come to an arrangement, he will help her and she will help him, they must guard their hearts or they will ruin the long awaited plans of both their parents and Sophia The author gives us both Prudence and Brand s point of view throughout the book and it was perfect Brand was so much fun to read his thoughts and actions His teasing and kind nature played perfectly into Prudence s whims The clandestine meetings, the list of questions and answers, the research, the dogs, the writings It all combined together to create a beautiful story of discovery, heartbreak, happiness, love, friendship, secrets, forgiveness, understanding and sisters I loved it Oh, the balls, le sigh I have been waiting patiently for this story, and let me tell you, the interest that was piqued by the synopsis and the beautiful cover were very well satisfied in the journey of reading it All you Rachel Anderson fans out there, you are in for a very enjoyable read Be warned, you may not want to set it down once you start, so make sure you carve out plenty of time for yourself Grab yourself a copy, sit back and enjoy your escape to this beautiful crafted story This is one that I will be purchasing a physical copy of to decorate my shelves and to be read and enjoyed again and again and again.Content Clean.I received a review copy from ebooks All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.Happy Reading

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    I had a really hard time getting into this story and eventually crashed out of it I huge part of that is how careless Anderson is with the period That carelessness is particularly evident with the main character, Prudence She asks questions that would maybe fit a modern woman transported into the era the biggest to her sister how could you marry a man you don t love or even know very well but a woman actually born and raised in Regency England Yeah, no Further, she wonders why people might object to her writing novels In an era when novels were universally denigrated and scandals precipitated when the identity of an author was revealed to be a woman, she wonders why she has to hide her passion and make shift with cobbled together materials Even further still, her pursuit of writing is so very modern in outlook starting with the claim that she must write what she knows a phrase originally attributed to either Twain or Hemmingway, take your pick and therefore must expand her experience by spying on an assignation and pester Brand for details of his morning routine, what he notices first about an unknown woman, and what it feels like to kiss.I persisted past this for reasons I can t really articulate I think I might have had a crush on Lord Knave aka Brand He s kind and conscientious and does his best to help those around him, including the clueless ing nue he catches spying on him He s about done brooding over the death of a friend and I liked seeing him lighten up and tease and joke with Prudence So even though I didn t like her even a little, I was able to get caught up in their banter and enjoy their interactions.Until I couldn t Once it was clear that they d fallen for each other pretty well a bit over halfway , seeing Brand bend himself into pretzels trying to like the elder sister just to please his parents, and seeing Prudence tie herself into pretzels to throw them together because her sister is a paragon of all decency and deserves to get the guy well, it got old Fast And it went on and on and eventually I just got bored So I stopped at about the two thirds point and I m calling it good.Or rather, I m calling it 2 stars without enough oomph to round up.

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    What a fantastically charming and witty story I couldn t put it down and could stop swooning such a darling story with incredibly well written and engaging characters I was beyond thrilled to read at the back of the book that Sophia the sister and Abby the best friend will get their own stories and I cannot wait for those glorious dates of release.Prudence is sweet in nature and really doesn t have a bad bone in her body, even if she is a tad bit rebellious She is very spunky and has a wild imagination and easy personality, which captivates those around her and causes her mother to forbid her to participate in social events, since her older sister needs to marry first Prudence isn t so sure about her sister Sophia s intended, Lord Knave, and in an effort to catch him in a compromising position, she instead finds herself in an arrangement with him She s definitely a precocious darling And Lord Knave aka Brand He is irresistibly likable and I couldn t get enough of him I absolutely adored every single thing about this book The clever banter had me smiling, the romance had my toes tingling, and the plot had me completely enchanted This is one that will be read and re read for sure Content mild, swoony romance I received a copy, which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions

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    Ooh, this book It was so perfectly sweet from beginning to end I am a fan of Rachael Anderson and I love lovey, love, love her books Her characters are charming and full of life and personality I can so easily picture them it s like I am right there with them.I fell in love with Prudence how could I not An avid reader and writer, full of imagination and spunk with an air of innocence about her, Prudence was fantastic She was also kind I loved her for that.And Brand I absolutely adored him I wish I could make the word adored all bright and shiny with streams of light and sparkles coming from it This gentle and sweet love story will steal your heart I m so excited about this new series and I will be anxiously waiting for the next book.

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    I enjoyed this entertaining Regency romance Prudence is so likeable with her passionate and vibrant personality, and even though she needs to take a backseat to Sophia for the time being, she understands and supports her sister Sophia seems a bit flat at first, but I love how the deeper layers of her character are revealed Brand was a great hero, conflicted and reluctant but willing to do his duty for his family His interactions with Prudence are full of humor and teasing, which is my favorite type of relationship I was filled with anticipation as their affection grew deeper yet they had to hold back for Sophia s sake and I couldn t wait to see how the situation resolved with a happy ending for all There will be two books in the series, one for Sophia and one for Prudence s friend Abby which I m looking forward to reading I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own

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    My Sister s Intended is such a fun read Prudence is funny, witty and desires that everyone lives in a romantic world Unfortunately, she is the only one to think that is possible Until Lord Knave finds a piece of her writing floating to the ground one day He is intrigued by her writing She was up in the tree only to prove that he was a true knave and not worthy of her sister What she found was that he s caring and thoughtful Then she decides to help her sister by giving Lord Knave ways to help her come out of her shell In exchange, she wants his help in how a man feels so she can best write her romance novels When she asks how a kiss feels, they end up kissing Who kissed who, I won t say It s intent was innocent but what it left was a whole new feeling and hearts beating hard for both Prudence and Lord Knave I loved their banter and the never ending of topics to discuss They leave notes to each other for her novel research until she realizes that she must walk away and leave the two intended people to themselves and be heartbroken in the process.I love the dances in the book Her friends are true and funny I love the farmer who won t leave Prudence alone and stop telling her all about crop rotation and all that is farming The identical twins saves Prudence from him than once Who doesn t love puppies Prudence gets one from her father and even though this is a book, I wanted to jump in and hold it There is another dog, a mastiff, named Brute in the story too They have horses too Just a side note This is definitely a book that I will read over and over The families in this book all have a say in the young adult lives There is sadness, loss, thievery, love, friendship, dances, heartbreak, wit, and just a well rounded story But I pretty much love everything that Rachael Anderson writes

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    A sweet and clean romance Though the characters were likable, I had a little bit of trouble becoming invested in the story and almost decided to DNF it I m glad I decided to finish it, though, since the last couple chapters were pretty enjoyable I also really love the cover of this one.