Contains The Stories And Excerpts Rapunzel , By William Morris The Sword Of Welleran By Lord Dunsany In Valhalla , Excerpt By E R Eddison The Way Of Ecben , By James Branch Cabell The Quest Of Iranon , By H P Lovecraft The Cats Of Ulthar , By H P Lovecraft The Maze Of Maal Dweb , By Clark Ashton Smith The Whelming Of Oom , By Lin Carter Through The Dragon Glass , By A Merritt The Valley Of The Worm , By Robert E Howard James Allison Heldend Mmerung , By L Sprague De Camp Cursed Be The City , By Henry Kuttner Prince Raynor Ka The Appalling , By L Sprague De Camp Pusadian Turjan Of Miir , By Jack Vance Dying Earth Narnian Suite , By C S Lewis Once Upon A Time , By J R R Tolkien The Dragon S Visit , By J R R Tolkien Azlon , By Lin Carter Khymyrium Fragment

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    Carter claims that this is roughly, at least, a chronological arrangement of representative authors prominent in the genre from William Morris down to Tolkien , which is the same thesis and same general procession later used for Kingdoms of Sorcery So he is nothing if not consistent Unfortunately this version lacks the internal structure separating the Lord Dunsany tradition from Robert E Howard from Jack Vance As a result this version has a number of abrupt transitions as the literary influence of Lord Dunsany, for instance, is chased to the end and becomes something else I would wonder if the duology of this and Dragons, Elves, and Heroes would have been better served by splitting it at or slightly before Robert E Howard, to make a trilogy piece.He omits Fritz Leiber, for some reason, and includes his own work, regrettably His own Khymyrium fragment he adds as a suggestion for what sort of fantasy comes after Tolkien chronologically In hindsight, appending a piece of doomed from the start pet project is the wrong answer, but I m having a hard time figuring the right answer, given the context of 1969 Michael Moorcock, possibly

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    This was a spectacular collection of older fantasy short stories from some of the greats The tales have a fairytale feel to them, exotic and imaginative Though it contains two poems of Tolkien s, the majority of the works pre date Lord of the Rings massive influence Before so much of fantasy literature became codified by following Tolkien s tropes.

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    This is a hard book to rate On one hand, this is pretty much a Monsters of Rock collection of the best fantasy writers born before 1950 if you don t like C.A Smith, Howard, or Dunsany, we can t be friends On the other other hand, a lot of the pieces chosen for this particular book were, frankly, crap Or at least crap compared to the career batting averages of the writers in question A few pieces were pretty good, and none were truly terrible, but it s hard to get excited about the idea of re reading this.

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    A fantastic compendium of short stories and excerpts from some of the top fantasy writers of the time I loved Lin Carter s introductions to each story, looking in to the context and relationships between different authors The one let down, sadly, was Lin s own work at the very end partly because he did not manage to finish it before he sadly died I would recommend reading the last story first, and then very much enjoying the rest.

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    everything lin carter writes is really bad and annoying but some of these stories are alright