Lainey Livingston Has Just Been Made A Member Of The Elite Hands Of Justice, The World S Premiere Cadre Of Superheroes Her Work With The Red Knights And The Power Squad Was Impressive All Her Senses Are Extraordinary, And Her Great Strength And Ability To Fly Are Equally Remarkable But No One Gets A Free Pass To Active Duty, And Lainey S Next Test Is Going To Be Her Hardest She S To Train With The ReincarnistRobert Elliot, The Reincarnist A Magician Who Has Lived Multiple Lifetimes, He S The Smartest Man In The World And Lainey S Last Obstacle He Was Personally Responsible For Seeing Pushstar Wash Out But His Eyes Are The Softest, Kindest That Lainey Has Ever Seen, And He S Just The Sort To Knock Her For A Loop Lesson Romantic Entanglements Among Crime Fighters Are Super Exploitable, And Falling In Love With A Man Who Can T Die Is Like Waving A Red Flag At A Bull Especially When The Most Fiendish Plot Ever Is About To Break Over Megolopolis Like A Wave Of Fire

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    Lainey Livingston has a dream of working for the Elite Hands of Justice, which has the best group of superheroes in the world Lainey is a superhero herself and goes by the name of Phenomenal Girl Five She excels at flying, has great strength, and is intelligent as well Even though she comes quite recommended, she is given a preliminary membership until she can prove herself with the group For the time being, she will train with the Reincarnist The Reincarnist is the smartest man on Earth because every time he dies, he comes back as a twenty year old man with some of his memories intact The real downside is that when he s reborn, he s forgotten his friends and lovers.When Lainey meets Robert Elliot, the Reincarnist, she thinks he is a jerk, even though a very handsome one Robert doesn t seem too happy with having Lainey around since he prefers to work alone He tends to be very critical of Lainey s costume and her abilities But Lainey has wanted to be a part of the EHJ forever and won t give up, even if the Reincarnist thinks she is not up for the job But then they go out patrolling, and Robert has a newfound respect for Lainey Soon, their arguments no longer matter and they begin to work as partners Lainey even admits to herself that she has a slight crush on Robert, while Robert continues to treat her as a co worker.A day in the life of a superhero is never restful, especially when the villains of Megolopolis have become powerful and evil When Lainey is almost killed and Robert saves her life, they admit their feelings for one another Unfortunately, Robert has used up too much energy saving Lainey, and because of it, he will die shortly and be reincarnated That means he will forget Lainey When Robert is gone, Lainey feels as if her heart has been ripped out When she meets Wesley Charles, the new Reincarnist, she is even depressed, because Wesley doesn t seem to like her at all and treats her rudely.Rainey knows she must get past her grief over losing Robert, and that means accepting Wesley Wesley may seem to be the complete opposite of Robert, but he does seem to have some of the same traits that Robert had As Lainey and Wesley get to know each other, there is a fierce enemy waiting to destroy the Reincarnist and rule the world It will be up to the Elite Hands of Justice, Phenomenal Girl 5, and the Reincarnist to save the world.Fans of superhero culture and myth will definitely get a kick out of PHENOMENAL GIRL 5 There is a lot of comic book action and a multitude of superhero characters that are bound to please The dialogue is crisp, and the plot is very intriguing.As for the romance, I felt it would have been better left out because of the issues I had with the Reincarnist Some readers may not mind a hero like Robert, who, because he has lived so many lifetimes, has had many lovers, wives, and even children that he is not aware of I found the chemistry between Robert and Lainey lacking Robert is the older mentor and teacher to Lainey Lainey having a crush on Robert was cute, but as their relationship ventures into love, especially on the part of Robert, that just did not ring true to me I became a bit disgruntled, because as soon as they both acted on their love, Robert was conveniently killed off to make way for his new alter ego It would seem that Wesley and Lainey would not get along at all, especially since Lainey can t get over the loss of Robert But since we need a happily ever after for Lainey with the man of her dreams, A.J Menden wrote it in a way that everything comes together perfectly for her Not to mention how Lainey is fine with the Reincarnist s children walking around such as Doctor Rath, who runs the EHJ, and is the son of the Reincarnist from before Robert was born PHENOMENAL GIRL 5 would have been better as a straight action novel without the love story The best parts of the novel were when Lainey and Robert would work as a team against the Megolopolis villains or interacted with the other EHJ superheroes who all have very unique powers.When all was said and done, PHENOMENAL GIRL 5 had some interesting scenes and will please some sci fi fans, but as for the romance lovers, it may be lacking The ending for Lainey was a bittersweet one because you know that the Reincarnist will continue to be reborn and fall in love long after Lainey leaves the Earth.

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    Snarky characters, diabolical dialogue, intriguing premise. and you got me reeled in Thought it was great, and so different from other things I ve read The premise is that this is a world where there are superheroes and villians and alternate dimensions and magic Phenomenal Girl 5 Lainey is just trying to find her place in the world and join in on EHJ She has superstrength and can fly She is teamed up with The Reincarnist Robert so that she can be trained for her new job But of course, the villans never rest.I liked how the characters made fun of eachother, and poked fun at the world of superheroes that they inhabit My one issue, it seemed the ending was dragged out When I thought it was going to end, it didn t and then became slow whereas the rest of the book was fast paced Despite this, I still thought the book was great.

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    This is a new and different world I wanted action and emotional connection There was conversation than action.STORY BRIEF Instead of Superman and Batman hiding their identities, this world has many super heroes seeking publicity, popularity and selling action figures Lainey is strong and can fly She has chosen the name Phenomenal Girl 5 The previous four didn t work out or died There are different groups of super heroes who fight villains Lainey was previously part of the Power Squad and recently was hired to work for the Elite Hands of Justice EHJ , the most elite of the groups her dream job Unfortunately she is the new hire whose job it is to do paperwork, correspondence, and buy coffee for others She d prefer fighting villains There are frequent minor villains causing trouble which makes work for the heroes There is also a major villain planning apocalyptic harm.Robert works on and off with the EHJ He has magic abilities including his own repeat reincarnations He s lived many lives After each death he is reborn into the body of a 20 year old man He retains his magic abilities and knowledge of spells but has no memory of people in his life Lainey and Robert become attracted to each other.REVIEWER S OPINION The action was flat A lot of time was spent in conversations rather than seeing events happen There was a gossipy office politics feel to the book The Reincarnist spent a lot of time studying what the main villain might be doing and how to stop him As a reader I wanted to see of the villain, what he was planning and doing Maybe the reason we don t see that is because the story is told in first person by Lainey A major conflict between the couple was based on an inaccurate assumption and a lie I didn t connect emotionally with anyone I didn t feel anticipation during the story It didn t work for me, but I think urban fantasy and comic book fans might like it than I did There are some love scenes which are referred to, not shown, in case that s important.DATA Story length 305 pages Swearing language mild, including religious swear words Sexual content none Setting current or future time in Megolopolis Copyright 2008 Genre paranormal romance.

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    Phenomenal Girl 5 SHOMI by A J Menden Mass Market Paperback Paranormal Romance October 28, 2008 5 Stars Once I started reading this book, I literally could not stop This book began with good, light hearted fun and intriguing characters And then it became so MUCH MORE It has surprising depth and explores the characters personalities and emotions in a way that makes you love them Phenomenal Girl 5 moved me to tears and proves that good does triumph over evil If you are looking for a book that thrills, has well developed characters and a fascinating plot that keeps you guessing, this is it Lainey Livingston has been driven by one goal to be a superhero Not just any superhero, a member of the exalted Elite Hands of Justice EHJ the premier super hero group in the world In the beginning, Lainey is promoted from her old team to the EHJ But before she starts active duty, she must mentor with the founder, The Reincarnist He is the smartest, most powerful magician alive Although Lainey tries, she cannot help feeling attracted to him The Reincarnist has never met a remarkable woman like Lainey through all his past lives The attraction between them is both touching AND heated I have been reading romance novels for a very long time and this book is one that grabbed my attention and never let it go If I hadn t finished it at 4am, I would have immediately re read it A J Menden must have spent a lot of time crafting a novel with such originality and eloquence I admire her skill Even though the plot takes surprising twists and turns, it was a deceptively smooth and easy read This is a phenomenal book It already has a place in my keeper shelf Phenomenal Girl 5 is a real hidden gem to be treasured again and again Reviewed by Steph from Bookaholics Romance Book Club

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    Phenomenal Girl 5 sort of reminds me of Noble Causes If you are less of a comic book nerd than me, Noble Causes is a comic series from Image about a superhero family that s commonly described as a superhero soap opera Only Phenomenal Girl 5 was of a superhero romance story in novel form It had all a lot of elements from comics that I do like with lot s of great action scenes and SUPERPOWERS But it took out a lot of my gripes with some actual well written characters that didn t take themselves too seriously I totally loved it and would recommend it to anyone looking for something fun.

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    I was expecting this to be a fun little read, super heroes falling in love and saving the world, but it surprised me It was fun, but it was an even better book than I expected The romance between the two main characters truly moved me to tears, and I loved the world that Menden built, with superheroes who are also real people, with their own personalities, conflicts, loves, and their various reactions to fame.

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    Well written with good characters who, thankfully, were not stereotypical comic book superheroes This book stayed pretty firmly in the middle of a superhero romance story, and did not waiver too far to either side to turn off readers looking for either a superhero story or a romance story.My only complaint was PG5 s continually pining over her mentor partner The whole he loves me, he loves me not thing got a little old even with the reasonable instances that it occurred.While I already have the next book in the series, I was disappointed to see that book 3 is near impossible to get, and that book 4 was never published.

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    The Dragon s murder victims are stacking up in Megolopolis, and this is Elite Hands of Justice trainee Lainey Livingston s chance to break a major case, thus finally proving that she Phenomenal Girl 5 is a worthy enough superhero to join EHJ The travel sickness from teleportation will pass, and the spells she s learning will add another weapon to her trade But standing in Lainey s way from making the promotional leap is the reclusive Reincarnist, Robert Eliot, who s both training and tempting her How can she investigate when he s hiding details of the crimes Would working full time for EHJ break her and Robert s budding relationship The first half of this book is exceptionally well done Lainey s not perfect, though she is rather vain about her chest Robert speaks without contractions, but Lainey calls him on it A major spoiler puts emotions through the wringer, but as the characters personal lives improve, they became somewhatannoying I was fine with Lainey until she started playing seductress Then we meet of the EHJ and learn that they re celebrities than superheroes, doing ad campaigns than investigation and heroics This in itself is not a bad read, but it s frustrating when an apocalypse is nigh and no one seems to be working the case Lainey recognises this, but then does the same thing and spends time with her lover I preferred the unrequited love to the out in the open relationship there s a stage in which most scenes end with fade to black shagging, and I had trouble refraining from yelling, Get back to the freaking plot But this is a romance novel, not a thriller I am not the target audience.Maybe you can tell a lot about someone by their choice of coffee, but when Lainey goes around and collects everyone s orderthat was kind of tedious Okay, the over the top EHJ heroes have grandiose beverages, whilst the down to earth people stick with espresso readers could ve figured that out on our own That scene could ve been cut.Then there s the multiple past, present and perhaps future relationships which they openly gossip about Phenomenal Girl 5 works much better when it s serious, not light, but I m very picky about humour Still, it s a new to me spin on superheroes, and Book 2 in the series Tekgrrl should go down a treat.

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    Who hasn t wanted to be a superhero at some point or another in their life Popular culture is filled to its seams with the various caped crusaders of Justice So that s why I was then a little shocked to realize that PHENOMENAL GIRL 5 is the first romance I ve read that deals even partially with the idea.The world of PHENOMENAL GIRL 5 is our own, except super powers are just a routine thing Menden doesn t keep everything happy go lucky sweet, however sure, there are altruistic heroes who do it because they want to make the world safer, but for everyone of them there are five others who want the fame and notoriety In fact, the Elite Hands of Justice runs like a modeling agency then a heroic station.If you enjoyed comic books as a kid, you will no doubt be able to recognize who some of the characters are meant to resemble and emulate I was shocked during Lainey s first time meeting the EHJ these are superheroes Saving the day and keeping us safe I swore I was reading about the latest episode of some soap opera And I liked that I really enjoyed that Menden made it a purpose to show that even though they had powers and were these icons of Justice, they were people with all the same foibles the rest of us have.As for the characters, I loved Lainey She had the stereotypical blonde bombshell complete with black leather outfit look, but insisted on using her brains and talents to get her where she wanted to go She didn t want to be so floozy bimbo with powers and hooker costume she was bound and determined to make a difference, no matter what.As for Robert, aka The Reincarnist I love the fact the names are so hokey in this book , I had a very hard time not falling in love with him as well Stubborn, tactless and at times downright infuriating, he didn t come off as anything but protective of Lainey Overprotective even I admit to being a little iffy about when he dies he comes back as a whole new person, not because I objected to that, but to what that means in terms of the relationships he forges.According to Menden s website she is working on another EHJ romance and I, for one, am eager to see what fascinating new aspects of her world she draws out for us.

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    I liked this but it was completely lacking in substance I suspect I liked it so much because it was a light read and didn t require any thinking I guess for me it was much like a much needed palette cleanser between heavier Urban Fantasy courses I did go in to this fully readying myself for the PNR angle but I still ended up surprised by how heavily it was ladled on Honestly this could have been a straight up romance and it probably wouldn t have made much difference to the story The super power thing made some narrative leaps easier to make, but on the whole they were rather superfluous In fact I think Lainey used her powers twice in the entire book and they were either something she could have done by mundane means or which ended up being ineffectual even with the power boost Also the superhero setting was barely used and for most of the book Lainey was relegated to sidekick status watching everyone else do stuff whilst she ran coffee orders and dealt with the mail I think I would have liked this novel better if it had landed on the action packed superhero side of things and delved in to what could have been complex relationship issues not necessarily the romantic ones, but also the friendships rivalries within The Hands Of course then it would probably end up edging away from PNR at an alarming speed and would have turned in to something quite different.Overall I can t say this was a bad novel and if superhero flavoured PNR is your thing then you ll probably not have m any complaints, but for me this has definitely filled my light and fluffy quota for the month and I don t think I ll be terribly sad if I never reread it again.