WARNING This is not a review of the books I plan to write those separately someday This is, rather, a review of the original Star Wars Trilogy catalyzed by the final episode of Lost Please don t bother reading this if you re looking for a book review Thanks.About twenty years ago, I found myself in a debate about the merits of the Star Wars Trilogy with a guy named Bill at least I think that was his name Let s call him Bill and my friend Dave Bill was trying to convince us that the Trilogy was garbage, and Dave and I, proud bearers of nearly matching Star Wars tattoos his signifying his love for Luke Skywalker and mine signifying my love for Han Solo on the tattoo later were fighting to defend its excellence We had a serious reason for our impassioned defence But Bill was determined to make us see the error of our ways He attacked the series kindergarten plotting, its crappy dialogue, its special effects obfuscation, its dearth of character development, its terribly pacing, and its general glorification of style over substance He made a number of valid points, and I was willing to listen much willing than Dave who has always had far too much emotion invested in the series to have its greatness assailed until Bill engaged in this fatal rhetorical device It s because you re young guys You watched this when you were kids and you re nostalgic Some day you ll grow up and see that you re wrong The willingness to listen shut right down, and I carried on debating with a particular focus on character development Back then there was no Special Edition and no Prequel to make my defence impossible Han Solo hadn t lost the beginning of his arc He had killed Greedo in cold blood There was no first shot self defence reimagining of the scene from Lucas So Han Solo showed a clear development from criminal drug smuggler to uncomfortable rebel to passionate lover to loyal friend to self sacrificing hero That s some pretty fair character growth, and even Bill had to concede my point, admitting that he d missed some of those subtleties, mostly because he d only seen each movie once, but he stood by his assessment of the Trilogy it was crap and one good character arc wasn t going to change that.The years passed and that debate with Bill became a file locked in my personal databanks I never had any reason to reopen it The Special Editions came along and I hated them It didn t matter, though, because I still had copies of the original movies, and I could ignore Lucas tampering without any difficulty Then the Prequels came along and I hated them But I still had my perceived greatness of the Trilogy to fall back on, so I could simply shake my head at Prequel fans and enjoy my love of the originals Then I watched the final episode of Lost, and suddenly my Bill file downloaded into my consciousness And you know what He was right My love for the Star Wars Trilogy was nostalgia What I saw in the final episode of Lost was what I should have seen all those years ago in the Trilogy I saw a show that flattered us to deceive I saw a series that aspired to be about characters but was so about plot and though its plot was convoluted it wasn t particularly deep that the supposedly complex characters boiled down to pretty straightforward redemption stereotypes I saw production value obfuscation with wide vistas, globe trotting adventures, blazing guns, smoke monsters and pseudo spiritual claptrap hiding a deeply banal Daddy Son reconciliation tale I saw a pop culture event that destroyed whatever substance it had with a pandering finale Is it any surprise that Lost was littered with references to Star Wars or that David Lindeloff grew up loving George Lucas mess as much as the rest of us Seems fitting to me So what s the point of all this WellLost made me see that Bill had it right about me and Star Wars all those years ago Lost is crap, and so was Star Wars I was a boy who fell in love with vapid screen candy and my defence of Lucas uber popular mess was and is all about nostalgia.But I ll not be defending the series any longer okayI may still defend Empire Strikes Back, which is an excellent film Thanks, Irving Kirshner, for being a real director Beyond its lack of artistic merit and Lucas disregard for the simplest rules of continuity, I have seen little boys indoctrinated into violence simply by watching Jedis train I ve seen Star Wars entrench an overly simplistic view of good and evil in our society, which is dangerous in the extreme And I ve watched the entire series change the face of film in the most unhealthy ways I know this is heresy I know there s going to be many of you out there, kind readers, who will disagree and that s okay I am finally at peace with my feelings about the Trilogy, and I feel great relief being able to say that the Trilogy is a big steaming pile of Bantha droppings.And for those of you who are pitying me and my tattoo, don t worry The tattoo was always about Harrison Ford than Han Solo I can live with the ink in my skin despite my new found disdain for Star Wars p.s Can I just add that I feel terribly sad about having lost these movies There, I said it Thank the gods I still have Indiana Jones. Honestly, this rating is not about the writing or literary talent It s only about my Star Wars Fandom which relates to the original series only Episode IV A New Hope Star Wars The Force Awakens was incredible, but I have questionsand we have to wait until 2017 More Than Twenty Five Years After The Groundbreaking Movie Star Wars A New Hope First Hit The Silver Screen, Star Wars Remains One Of The Most Beloved Sagas Ever Told Together, The Three Original Star Wars Movies A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, And Return Of The Jedi Told One Epic A Heroic Tale Of Innocence Lost And Wisdom Gained, Of Downfall And Redemption, Of The Never Ending Fight Between The Forces Of Good And Evil Read The Story Of The Movies All Three In One Trade Paperback Volume And Rediscover The Wonder Of The Legend That Begins A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away Luke Skywalker Lived And Worked On His Uncle S Farm On The Remote Planet Of Tatooine, But He Yearned To Travel Beyond The Farthest Reaches Of The Universe To Distant, Alien Worlds Then Luke Intercepted A Cryptic Message From A Beautiful, Captive Princess And Found Himself Catapulted Into The Adventure Of A LifetimeLuke Skywalker, Proud Princess Leia, And Headstrong Han Solo Merciless Darth Vader, Wise Obi Wan Kenobi, Loyal Droids R D And C PO, And The Inscrutable Yoda Chewbacca The Wookiee, Shifty Lando Calrissian, And The Vile Jabba The Hutt All The Vivid Characters From The Star Wars Universe Spring To Life In These Thrilling PagesTheStar Wars Trilogy Is A Must Read For Anyone Who Wants To Relive The Excitement, The Magic, And The Sheer Entertainment Of This Legendary Saga Now And Forever Yoda is in fact, BLUE That is all Let the stars speak for themselves. A New Hope A fun, breezy read reminiscent of the pulp science fiction of yesteryear, with the famous cast of characters we all know and love It doesn t add to the film, but it s an enjoyable romp nonetheless.The Empire Strikes Back This is almost literally the film s script with a few added adjectives While the edgy, dark story is still intact, this novelization brings nothing new to the table And also, Yoda is blue for some reason.The Return of the Jedi Easily one of the best Star Wars film novelizations in the saga right up there with Matthew Stover s rendition of Revenge of the Sith , it s action packed, humorous, and even touching in all the right places view spoiler Vader s unmasking scene is already one of the most moving and beautifully bitter sweet scenes in all of Star Wars But when James Kahn writes it, it s downright tear inducing I cried like a baby hide spoiler Classic what else can I say, well you all know the story anyways.Good job lol Had a lot of fun reading through these Was good to see the similarities and differences with the films Return of the Jedi may have been the best out of the three The movies of the original Star Wars trilogy Episodes 4 6 are some of my favorite movies, so I decided to try the novelization These books are very close to the movies, but some of the dialogue is different, and there are a few additional scenes in the book.Star WarsAll 3 novels in this book are based on George Lucas movie scripts, but this is the only one actually authored by him There are a couple scenes of Luke with Biggs Darklighter and other friends on Tatooine that weren t in the movie, but it didn t add much to the storyline other than some background on Luke.The Empire Strikes BackThis was always my favorite Star Wars movie I can t think of anything that stood out about the novelization.Return of the JediI like James Kahn s writing style best The vocabulary was better, and he spent time showing what the characters were thinking This novel explains than the movie about Obi Wan s history, how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader, how Senator Palpatine became the Emperor, how Leia came to become part of the Alderaan royal family, and how the Rebels recruited the Ewoks help on Endor Yoda also speaks in the novel than the movie Kahn did have an annoying habit of trying to spell out certain sounds like R2 D2 s beeping, Chewbacca s alien growling, and the Ewoks language.I didn t get through this book very fast, mostly because I already knew the story so I wasn t motivated to read it However, it did provide some valuable background information that the movies don t contain, so it was worth reading.