This book is FANTASTIC I loved the story within a story, and it immediately reminded me of one of my favorite movies can you guess which movie I m talking about I immediately started to fall in love with Johanna and enjoyed Casper s innocence and humor I loved how kind and patient Mrs Kinder is with the children and their family, despite Casper s whispers about her reputation underneath his breath I really enjoyed the separate, yet intertwined stories of Gabriel and Sebastian I enjoyed reading their separate adventures and was pleased to see how they came to reach their end goal together Their adventures were page turning and it made it hard to put the book down I enjoyed the author s writing style It was an easy read, yet it wasn t quick But that was probably due to the fact that this full time working mama is exhausted and reading relaxes me so much that I fall asleep quickly I highly recommend this book to middle grade aged children and older There is some dark stuff that happens in this book murder, stabbings, kidnapping, potential scary magic that younger kids just may not be able to handle If you love The Princess Bride, you will definitely enjoy this book I was given a copy of this book by the author The opinions in this review are mine. This is a wonderful story for both children and adults It not only follows the adventures and peril of Sebastian and Gabriel, but also the innocence and curiosity of Johanna and Casper It keeps you wondering what will happen next and has a wonderful lesson in the end I would highly recommend this book This was a sweet, original, fairy tale with a wonderful traditional feel I loved the book in a book narrative, and gave this 4 5 stars. Is Mrs Kinder a WITCH Casper thinks she is Johanna is not so sure When stuck at her house while their mother attends their father in the hospital, Kinder tells the two the Ice Maiden s Tale from a golden, possibly magical book The story of the Ice Maiden weaves the story of two men, seemingly traveling opposite journey s, yet arriving at one and the same.This is very good example of a story within a story Preziosi writes for both a youthful audience and adult when weaving this captivating tale You ll settle yourself in a chair not unlike Mrs Kinder does and not want to leave until the very end Review Le Coeur de l Artiste With a bit of the feel of The Princess Bride, this is an enchanting fairy tale and .Casper does not want to go to the witch s house, even though his older sister Johanna insists the Mrs Kinder isn t a witch at all With their father in the hospital, they have no choice but to let the Mrs Kinder babysit them so their mother has time to visit him Mrs Kinder tells them a tale about a beautiful ice sculpture and two young men, who are possessed with the idea of bringing the sculpture of a young maiden to life The journey holds many stumbling blocks for all of them.The story starts out in modern day times with Casper and Johanna arguing as siblings do The back and forth is a little humorous, and each one gains a very distinct character, which kids will easily relate to Interesting enough, each of them has a German name even Mrs Kinder which gave a slight hint a Hansel and Gretel going to the witch s house But the thought of danger is quickly brushed aside as Mrs Kinder pulls out her books and offers them cocoa Casper s continued skepticism adds a smile to the face.The fairy tale follows a traditional flow and holds magic, gypsies and even a dragon There are tense moments but also slower ones There are two heroes who are possessed with the thought of bringing an ice sculpture to life, but each one has a very different adventure to follow It s well told and interesting to follow At times, the switch between each hero s journey was a bit confusing and could have been distinguished better, but each ones personality and adventure took a very different path Which made the ending eveninteresting.This isn t only about the heroes journeys but also about the modern day siblings, and the author does an amazing job of weaving it all together At first, the shifts between the fairy tale and the modern day siblings jolts, but as the story progresses, it s a treat to watch all aspects drift together The connection between all of them becomes clear and is never predictable.Although this book is intended for the readers ages eight and up, it s something that adults will enjoy as well The heroes hit upon topics which adults will relate to as well I can see this especially nice as a read aloud I received a complimentary copy and wanted to leave my honest thoughts. Couldn t put it down A well written and compelling old fashioned fairy tale for the current times With a nod to fairy tales of the past, this tale takes elements from them and weaves them into a delightful blend of magic, cookie guns, and excitement Casper and Johanna have to go stay with their neighbour, Mrs Kinder, while their mother visits their father in the hospital They are a little scared of her because she reminds them of the witch from Hansel and Gretel Mrs Kinder reads them a story from a mysterious book She tells the stories of two men Gabriel and Sebastian Gabriel is a sculptor who sculpts a woman out of ice Then he leaves her but he wishes she was alive He embarks on a quest to bring her to life Sebastian is a magician who uses his powers to kill people in his way When he finds Gabriel s ice maiden sculpture he also wants to bring it to life Sebastian then goes on a quest to bring life to the ice maiden too.This story reminds me of a fairytale Casper and Johanna are similar to Hansel and Gretel since they go to the old woman s house They even have German names like in the tale It also reminds me of the story of Pygmalion, who made a sculpture of a woman When the Greek goddess Aphrodite saw how much he loved the sculpture, she brings her to life This is like Gabriel s story, since he sculpted the ice maiden and then wanted to bring her to life.The dueling stories between Gabriel and Sebastian were a little confusing at times because they were so similar They both involve magic and going on quests to bring the ice maiden to life so they could get mixed up.I like the way this story brought a fairytale folk tale into the modern world Casper and Johanna were told the story, but the reader also gets to experience the stories of Gabriel and Sebastian.I also like that the two main characters are a boy and a girl, so the book isn t specifically aimed at one gender However, they did follow gender stereotypes with Casper wanting to hear about dragons and Johanna wanting to hear a love story.This is a good story with a unique premise. Everyone loves a good fairytale and Lisa Prezioisi s The Ice Maiden s Tale does not disappoint A story within a story, The Ice Maiden s Tale gives two siblings, Johanna and Casper, a needed distraction from their distressed mother and ailing father s fate As the eldest, Johanna is determined to please her mother by keeping Casper in line while spending their afternoons in the company of the neighborhood witch read strange old lady , Mrs Kinder They soon learn that instead of watching TV because what witch owns a TV they will be listening to a story of how the fates of a thieving sorcerer and innocent sculptor cross paths With the story as a distraction, Mrs Kinder is able to provide the children with entertainment and prove that she is not the witch that all the kids think she is.Within The Sculptor and The Sorcerer story, Gabriel finds a block of ice and gets a vision to sculpt a fair maiden and when Sebastian finds his abandoned ice maiden for Gabriel s sake he becomes determined to bring it to life Little do they know, they are being manipulated into delivering a powerful amulet to a evil creature, a true witch.Through a strange adventure and several revelations of their past, they are able to overcome and have their happily ever after Though not evident in the beginning, The Sculptor and The Sorcerer story has strong ties to Johanna that Mrs Kinder later reveals that also explains the mysterious golden leather book The Ice Maiden s Tale is a great read for both children and adults alike At about 300 pages, it is a quick read suitable for your weekday commute or a rainy day spent indoors Reminiscent of The Princess Bride , this fairy tale has all the makings of a classic to be read by many generations to come. It was a great fairytale plus I loved that it was a story within a story The characters were easy to fall in love with I couldn t put this book down I also loved the twist at the end and that it wasn t predictable. Every Town Has An Old Lady All The Children Just Know Is A Witch When Johanna And Casper Must Spend The Afternoon At Her House, There S Nothing To Do, Except Listen To A Story While The Siblings Await Their Mother S Return From The Hospital Where She S Visiting Their Ailing Father, Mrs Kinder Reads Them A Story Of Adventure, Magic And Music Mrs Kinder S Mysterious Golden Book Tells An Intertwined Tale Of Two Young Men The Sensitive Sculptor Who Carves A Beautiful Woman From Ice And The Thieving Sorcerer Searching For A Spell That Will Bring The Statue To Life The Story Twists And Turns, From The Frozen Forest, To The Land Of The Lemon Trees, To The Home Of The Swamp Witch, As The Sculptor S And Sorcerer S Adventures Circle Each Other Their Inevitable Confrontation Reveals Buried Memories That Force Each Of Them To Confront The True Cost Of Love And Redemption The Ice Maiden S Tale The Perfect Story Within A Story With Magic, Adventure And Romance Reminiscent OfThe Princess Bridefor A New Generation Of Readers Excerpt Mrs Kinder Settled Herself In The Chair Across From The Children And Cracked Open The Book She Adjusted Her Spectacles, Ever So Slightly, Then Caressed The Page With Her Wrinkled Fingers In Our World, When Magic Happens Outside Of A Storybook, We Call It A Miracle And Miracles Are Considered So Rare And Special That Lifetimes Can Go By Without So Much As A Hint Of One But There Are Faraway Places Where Our Kind Of Miracles Are As Common As Blades Of Grass In An Open Field In The Northern Region Of One Of These Worlds, In The Top Far East Corner, Past Green Forests, Swamps, Lakes, And Even An Ocean, There Lived A Young Artist Named Gabriel This Isn T A Very Good Story Casper Complained Casper Johanna Exclaimed In Embarrassment Mrs Kinder Laughed That S Because I M Not Even At The Story Part Yet, But It S High Time We Get Started This Story Doesn T Begin, The Way You Think It Might And The Way Most Stories Do It Doesn T Begin With A Big Adventure Or A Journey, Or Even Pirate Treasure It Starts With A Tiny Choice One That Seems Unremarkable At The Time, But That Changes The Course Of Destiny One Crisp Morning, Our Gabriel Decided To Search For Firewood And It S With That Simple Decision That Our Tale Begins