Ever Since Emma Read Pride And Prejudice, She S Been In Love With Mr Darcy And Has Regarded Jane Austen As The Expert On All Things Romantic So Naturally When Emma Falls For Blake Hampton And He Invites Her Home To Meet His Parents, She Is Positive An Engagement Is In Her Future After All, Blake Is A Single Man In Possession Of A Good Fortune, And Thus Must Be In Want Of A Wife But When It Turns Out That What Blake Actually Wants Is Of A Hook Up Than A Honeymoon, Emma Is Hurt, Betrayed, And Furious She Throws Herself Deeper Into Her Work As CMO Of Kinetics, The Fastest Growing Gym Franchise In The Nation She Loves Her Work, And She S Good At It, Which Is Why She Bristles When Her Boss Brings In A Consultant To Help Her Spearhead The New Facilities On The East Coast Her Frustration Turns To Shock When That Consultant Turns Out To Be Blake S Younger Brother, Lucas Emma Is Determined Not To Fall For Lucas, But As She Gets To Know Him, She Realizes That Lucas Is Nothing Like His Brother He Is Kind And Attentive And Spends His Time And Money Caring For The Less Fortunate What She Can T Understand Is Why Lucas Continues To Try To Push Her Back Into Blake S Arms When He So Clearly Has Fallen As Hard For Her As She Has Fallen For Him It Isn T Until Lucas Reveals To Emma That He Was Adopted Into The Hampton Family That She Begins To Understand His Loyalty To Blake As Well As His Devotion To The Child April She Is Lucas S Biological Niece Emma Opens Up To Lucas About The Feelings Of Abandonment She Has Harbored Ever Since She Was A Child And Her Mother Left The Family As She Helps Lucas Deal With His Past Demons, She Is Able To Exorcise Some Of Her Own Realizing That Her Love Life Is As Complicated As Anything Jane Austen Could Have Dreamed Up, Emma Must Find A Way To Let Blake Know That It S Time For Him To Let Her Go And To Let Lucas Know It S Time For Him To Love Her Back Such a fun story I loved how Austen was brought into the contemporary world, influencing Emma even after the renouncement and showing why her classics are so well loved and still relevant I m not generally a fan of love triangles, but since I knew from the synopsis that Lucas and Emma are meant to be together, I was able to view the rest as providing conflict and obstacles to their relationship I loved the friendship they shared and couldn t wait for them to figure things out and get together While there is plenty of fun banter and snarky thoughts, there are also deeper themes that are explored and I finished the book with a happy sigh I received a complimentary copy of the book all opinions in this review are my own This turned out to be a really engaging romance though the second half is a lot stronger than the first I m glad I got past the overly expansive cover copy and the exasperating early conflict to get to the good bits.I actually had two problems with the story The first is present because it makes up way too long of the beginning Mainly, Emma makes an assumption that colors her read on Lucas and then clings to it rather tenaciously For something to be so present in her ruminations, her inaction in confirming or disproving the assumption seems both uncharacteristic or even author manipulated She even tells herself that she doesn t know, but she never moves on to find out And it s not like it d be hard The situation even comes up in conversation enough that there were natural spots to simply ask hey, what s the deal with This put a distance between me and Emma when I really wanted to engage fully with her.I eventually came to appreciate Lucas s reaction to learning of her judgey assumption about him It took me a while because I had to remind myself that I d had a similar reaction early in our marriage where I couldn t believe Melissa thought something mistaken about me I don t even remember what it was about, just the lesson learned that she isn t actually inside my head and that loving me doesn t automatically lead to assuming the very best because I m as human as anyone else and don t actually deserve that as an unthinking or uncritical instinct in every case.The second problem is that I never could figure out Blake s motivation Why does he want Emma now when he doesn t appear to have wanted her in the scene instigating the big blow out between them Wright papers over it a little bit by view spoiler implying it was a mixture of competitiveness and Lucas induced shame But I just didn t buy that He was way too assiduous in the face of determined and persistent denial and in ways that required a sacrifice of both pride and comfort hide spoiler I m a big Jane Austen fan and a complete romantic at heart I love the way that Julie Wright brings such a beloved classic to a contemporary light and gives this age old story a slightly new twist By doing so, my heart was happy because I could feel the comfort of an old familiar favorite but the exhilarating freshness was something new Have you ever taken someone s words as law and then been disappointed when it turns out they weren t as magical as you thought they were That s kind of what happens to Emma She is a great character, let me just say On one hand, she s very competent and strong, but on the other hand, she only needs to be loved and when her boyfriend, Blake, disillusions her with his fishy ways, she goes as far as to renounce Jane Austen gasp The cast of characters is pleasurable and I loved getting to know Lucas, Blake s brother, better, especially as he s thrown together with Emma through their jobs In fact, I daresay that Lucas s vague persistence nearly made me swoon a few times This story really resonated with me and I adored it all The middle portion was slightly slower, but I honestly couldn t read it quickly enough I especially loved the quotes at the beginning of each chapter Sometimes hard things happen to great people and I love how both Emma and Lucas are able to triumph over their pasts This is a great read for any Austen lover.Content mild romance I received a copy, which had no influence on my thoughts and opinions. This has a great start but then the middle lags a little About half way through I wasn t feeling this one quite as much as I hoped for Thankfully I kept reading and was rewarded with a fabulous ending that left me satisfied and happy with this how this played out Great book for those who love Jane Austen.Content Clean I received a copy from Netgalley for a fair review More reviews can be found at This was all her fault If I hadn t spent half my life wanting to be Elizabeth Bennet, I wouldn t have held my own prejudices so dear I wouldn t have taken pride in my own clever snap judgements to like and dislike at a whimEmma has broken up with Jane Austen Despite all the happiness her novels and movie adaptations have brought into her life, she has decided that Jane essentially was a fraud being that she had ended up an old spinster in the end and not happily married to her own love of her life Except Emma can t just rid herself of Jane, and her personality that that has been derived from constant interaction with the novels can t just go away her pride, prejudices, assumptions, and expectations all get in the way of her life and quite possibly, her happily ever after Emma is caught between Blake, who she thought was going to propose, and his brother Lucas who is doing his best to reunite the two all the while confusing Emma when she feels a connection to him The Story I blew through this book in one day, and by the end all I wanted to do was pick up my Pride and Prejudice and devour that next With inspirations from Jane Austen s novels and a quote, seemingly a lie Jane has told us all, to start each chapter we are given a well rounded novel that not only emanates the type of story Jane would give us, but also something modern and fresh For me there wasn t really much in wanting for this book, it delivered exactly what I expected a story of a girl who had had enough of Jane Austen ideals, but still ends up having her own Austen style romance, full of misunderstandings and missed chances Really, this was such a subtle combination of a lot of the best aspects of Jane Austen Novels.The Characters I am only going to talk about two of the characters Emma Lucas despite the fact that Blake and her best friend are also great characters and the perfect amount of interaction to actually help the plot without taking away from the obvious main characters.Emma First of all, she loves Jane Austen, so she gets 100 points there She exudes a strong character that still has wants and needs She s a successful and beautiful woman, but can still be a swoony romantic So yes, you can be strong but still be incredibly vulnerable with your heart I loved that she could be sure of herself, but at the same time question her own heart.Lucas To me, he was so much like Edward Ferrars Sense and Sensibility always doing right by his promises and for his brother But then again, he just isn t Edward either I loved that everything we want to hate him for putting Emma through is nothing that we can really actually hate him for He was noble without overdoing it Which of course does nothing but make us expect men to be so valiant in our own lives, but who cares, that s why we read this stuff. This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Lie Jane Austen Told Me kind of blew me away I didn t know what to expect when I started reading, but whatever it was, I got much Story Lies Jane Austen Told Me is Emma s story How she kept her rose colored glasses firmly in place looking for her happily ever after Possibly she looked for this in the wrong places, though, and suddenly, she wanted to distance herself from everything and anything that had to do with her former heroine Especially after she showed up at her boyfriend s place to surprise him And found him having dinner with another woman.One of the themes in Lies Jane Austen Told Me is to find oneself But it s also about finding love, daring to believe in it, and grabbing hold of it with both hands and everything else we got After Emma left Blake, she met Lucas, Blake s brother, and that made things very complicated for all of them.Lies Jane Austen Told Me was a complex contemporary romance that also dealt with other subjects, as Emma was working hard to help the company she worked for succeed When Lucas showed up as a consultant she didn t know whether she should laugh or cry On the one hand, she wanted to get to know him better On the other hand, she was sure she could manage on her own Characters Emma appeared a bit flighty at first, she really believed in love with a capital L, but once she thought she was proven wrong, she did a complete 180 turn At least for a while.Blake wasn t a player, but he also wasn t the right person for Emma They were together because of habit than because they loved each other dearly.Lucas was great Not only was he a knight in shining armor, he was smart, funny, and fiercely loyal, too Writing Style First person point of view from Emma s perspective, past tense Feels I felt lightness and love while reading Lies Jane Austen Told Me There was humor, friendship, loyalty and courage.Jane never had the happily ever after she made us believe we can have Experience from my collegiate years taught me that it wa far better to take advice from people who had walked the walk instead of just talked the talk.We awkwardly stood at our doors, our demeanors suddenly stiff and uncomfortable as we nodded and parted ways to our individual rooms It was probable that the discomfort existed only on my side, so much of what we did felt like dating.Then came the self admonition You can t be mad at someone for being mad at you It doesn t make sense But I was mad at him Sense be hanged. Julie Wright s Lies Jane Austen Told Me is a contemporary romance told from the first person point of view of Emma Pierce, a California based marketing executive for a growing gym lifestyle company, who is looking for love but mostly married to her work When a weekend at her boyfriend Blake s family home ends in disaster before it even begins, Emma is forced to rely on the kindness of her now ex s brother, Lucas, to make her way back home A stop in a shady neighborhood on the way to the train station so Lucas can take care of some business has her believing the worst about him and churns up sad memories of her childhood.When Emma s company unexpectedly hires Lucas as a consultant, she is forced to travel to the East Coast with him to scope out new locations, and it s not long before they grow close Their similar upbringings and their fierce determination help them forge a bond, but Emma can t reconcile this side of Lucas with the man she first met and she can t understand why he keeps trying to get her to forgive his brother and give their relationship another try It s almost as if her life is a modern day Austen novel, but Emma can t forgive Jane for making her believe heroes like Mr Darcy really exist when such lofty expectations have always left her brokenhearted.Lies Jane Austen Told Me is a cute book that touches on some tough topics like abandonment, homelessness, and addiction, but there is than enough romance and humor to keep it from feeling too heavy I liked getting to know Emma through the first person narrative, watching her make mistakes and later learn from them, and I felt as much in suspense as she was to see how it all played out It was easy to see Austen s influence on the plot and characters, from the strong main characters to their misunderstandings to the friendship between Emma and Silvia, who serves as Emma s sounding board throughout much of the novel There was a place toward the end where it felt like the drama between Emma and the brothers was a little dragged out, but the pace soon picked up again and the ending than made up for it I enjoyed watching Emma figure things out and find her way back to Jane.Review originally posted on Diary of an Eccentric I tend to be skeptical about books with Jane Austen in the title there are too many now that read like cash cows, without the wit, insight, or in period the feel of Austen.But this one was not set in the past, and the heroine was a firm fan of Austen, so I went for it.I loved the beginning Emma, a marketing executive, has loved Austen for years, and wants a guy to match Mr Darcy Who doesn t At first it seems that Blake Hampton is her Mr Darcy she turns him down for a weekend at his parents , then encouraged by her office team, takes the train down to surprise him.She gets surprised ends up with a ride from his scarcely mentioned brother, with a side trip to a squalid part of town, and when she thinks she s done with the entire family, she s not The brother ends up as her partner for a huge company project, and sparks fly.I had some misgivings during those early chapters, in spite of liking Emma, and loving how she thinks of Austen But the book starts out with a Big Misunderstanding, which is not a trope I care for unless it s very well done, especially when the obvious question that should be first thing out of her mouth isn t asked for unconvincing reasons until nearly halfway through the book After it s asked, though, I was totally on board with the storyline, and the pacing zooms to the most satisfactory ending.Things I liked Emma s job reads like a real job I have never been interested in marketing, but Wright intrigued me with Emma s enthusiasm and with the realistic feeling details.I liked Emma s reading taste, but most of all one of the highlights of the book is a lovely bit of dialogue from Mrs Hampton on Austen.I liked Lucas a lot He is a terrific character, and watching the two figure out how to get together made the journey fun.Things I didn t like The seemingly long misunderstanding before Emma asked the obvious question.Blake s personality changes view spoiler First he s a player, which is fine Then he pursues Emma desperately Why I don t find it convincing that Lucas talked him into it Then at the end, he s well, So you don t really love me Okay, we re good On to the next I did like that the two ended on a friendly note, but I felt that Blake s entire arc really needed some smoothing out hide spoiler The title of this book intrigued me from the start I love Jane Austen so I tend to gravitate towards books that have her name on the cover or that are retellings from her books I have to be honest and say this book was good but not great I didn t fully connect with Emma and I found some of the interactions between the characters to be a little childish Sylvia, Emma s best friend on the other hand was amazing and I loved her This book was clean, which I really don t mind but I know some people like their books to have some spice Overall this was an entertaining read but I was expecting a little.