The second book in the Void trilogy started slow for me, but kept on building up from the previous book and the last 100 150 pages where we finally get some revelations regarding the nature of the Void was the pay off for me.The strong points of the book were1.Edeard s story.The weak point of the book was1.Few characters stand out.2.Story gets too much confusing.Let me elaborate on the above points now1.Edeard s story.This book is all about Edeard and his character really develops in this book along with this his story in Makthran Hamiltion infuses lot of sci fi elements in this story which really make it fascinating to read Especially during last 100 pages the bandit chase was the edge of seat stuff for me, during which I just couldn t stop reading.2.Few characters stand out.Except Edeard there were few characters which I can remember from this book, even Paula Myo s character was a bit of boring read 3.Story gets too much confusing.The story really got confusing in the common wealth due to the fact that there were too many factions, and it was just hard to remember who was supporting which faction.Also I could not wrap my head around the fact of ANA governance, if only Hamilton could have given some info regarding its nature.I give this book 3 5 stars. Executive Summary I found this to be an improvement over The Dreaming Void, although I think that will heavily depend on how much you like Edeard s story.Audio book I continue to enjoy John Lee s narration, especially for the Commonwealth series Full Review I liked The Dreaming Void, but had some complaints In particular the number of characters and the ridiculous sex scenes This book felt focused and less sexual wish fulfillment As a middle book, I thought it did a nice job setting the stage for the final act, while not suffering from middle book syndrome Things finally start to converge.This book largely focused on Edeard s story, which is really just a chosen one fantasy story embedded in this space opera However while in the first book I had no idea what it was doing here, in this book Mr Hamilton does an excellent job in revealing its relevance to the overall plot.We also get a lot of Paula, whose always been one of my favorites As most space opera s are largely character driven, I think how much you enjoy this book will rely heavily on how much you like Edeard and Paula.Overall this was a very different book from the first, and certainly not like most space opera I ve read Maybe its my preference towards fantasy and ability to read infinite variations of the chosen one story, but I thought it to be a fun book, and am greatly looking forward to finishing the trilogy. The Intersolar Commonwealth Is In Turmoil As The Living Dream S Deadline For Launching Its Pilgrimage Into The Void Draws Closer Not Only Is The Ocisen Empire Fleet Fast Approaching On A Mission Of Genocide, But Also An Internecine War Has Broken Out Between The Post Human Factions Over The Destiny Of HumanityCountering The Various And Increasingly Desperate Agents And Factions Is Paula Myo, A Ruthlessly Single Minded Investigator, Beset By Foes From Her Distant Past And Colleagues Of Dubious Allegiancebut She Is Fast Losing A Race Against TimeAt The Heart Of All This Is Edeard The Waterwalker, Who Once Lived A Long Time Ago Deep Inside The Void He Is The Messiah Of Living Dream, And Visions Of His Life Are Shared By, And Inspire Billions Of Humans It Is His Glorious, Captivating Story That Is The Driving Force Behind Living Dream S Pilgrimage, A Force That Is Too Strong To Be Thwarted As Edeard Nears His Final Victory The True Nature Of The Void Is Finally Revealed The problem with most stories about Superman is that he s just so damned invincible It almost becomes comic the fact that every two bit hood in Metropolis has access to Kryptonite which is surely not something available by just strolling down the road to the chemist Now I really like Superman, but this flaw springs to mind after having read the second volume of Peter Hamilton s Void trilogy in that so much time is spent with the book s own superman Edeard Edeard is a character from inside the void, a legendary figure whose life is played out in shared dreams and inspires those of us who don t live inside the void Just for those of you at the back, the void is a phenomenon in space, and all of us in this universe live outside of it Edeard is stronger than anyone else, faster, powerful and that makes him for most of the book quite dull Hamilton is no slack at writing up dramatic and tension filled scenes, but for the large chunks of the book in which he appears the fact that he is so damned invincible means that it s difficult to really feel nervous for him Surely he will just use his magic and survive I don t want to give much away, but at one point we are very reminiscent of an irritating moment in Christopher Reeve era Superman , Yes, talk of his arrogance and hubris do drop us the hint that something bad may be coming around the corner, but for the most part we are just reading about a powerful hero being powerfully heroic.A few weeks back, when I wrote my review of the first of these books, I said about the problems of only reviewing the first third The same holds true when it comes to the second third as well Characters are shifted into place, the plot is developed, but resolution is still far distant Hamilton is skilled at painting on a large canvass, and at creating alien worlds and cultures that thrive in the reader s imagination But given how all this ends yet, the jury remains out on the whole. I started out by giving this book a 5 star rating, but I ve dropped it to a 4 for reasons I shall explain.One of the best things about Peter F Hamilton s writing has been his ability to write lots of different plots at the same time, and at the very end bring them together in a powerful and entertaining way Its not quite like Max Barry author or Guy Richie director , as his books are much longer than theirs But the idea is still the same, having many characters and plots going at the same time, sometimes so far removed from eachother its hard to anticipate how they relate to one another, and pulling it off with a bang right at the end.Hamilton s Void trilogy looks like it will pull off the same effect once again, perhaps in an even impressive way than Pandora s Star and Judas Unchained did even This time around though, he seems to be making one critical mistake that was magnified in The Temporal Void He s been focusing too much on one plot line, and only giving us brief updates into the others And its making it somewhat difficult to keep track of whats going on elsewhere in the universe.I said in my review of The Dreaming Void that I was really enjoying the Edeard story line, a fantasy setting contained inside a realm of the much science fiction universe The same still holds true, the Edeard story is very a interesting take on the usual farmer becomes king fantasy plot Written by itself as a fantasy book, I d be happy to buy the book and, while the ending won t reveal itself until The Evolutionary Void next year, enjoy every page of it that isn t quite what I was looking for with The Dreaming Void The Delivery Man, Paula Myo, the Ocisen Empire s impending attack, these are all important characters and plots that I want to read about But instead of reading about them, in the same way I read about them in The Dreaming Void, I got brief updates Usually something like one small chapter devoted to checking out whats going on with every other plot in the overall story A few pages with each, then back to Edeard within the Void.There is an upshot to this, however The book ends on such an amazing, literally jaw dropping, out of left field twist, it becomes very obvious that the rarity of information on the outside Universe was an unfortunate casualty of timing In order to have the Edeard story, and the outside universe s stories, come end where they ended in preparation for The Evolutionary Void, Hamilton had to make sure he didn t let one story outpace the other Would I have prefered information regarding those stories Sure But because of how the book ends, how it sets up everything for the final book, I can forgive the lack of chapters for now Only time will tell whether or not The Evolutionary Void pays attention to the rest of the characters. The Temporal Void is little to long and Inigo s dreams novella lenght chapters,while very well written,were getting tedious.I wanted to spend time with Justine and her exploration of the Void,and when Hamilton dropped an atom bomb revelation concernig Ocisens allies,Commonwealth chapters couldn t come soon enough.Still,warts and all,this is a teriffic page turner. MIND BLOWING.For me, at least so far, the Void and Makkathran are the ultimate apex in sci fi creations. The Temporal Void A Draggy Middle Book that Indulges in TediumMuch like the Commonwealth Saga,this is a very long, detailed, imaginative, and sprawling epic space opera that involves dozens of characters, plots, advanced technologies, alien races, ancient galactic mysteries, nefarious plots and counterplots, all told in an engaging narrative that doesn t get bogged down in exposition like a lot of other hard SF stories It s far entertaining than the grim future vision of Alastair Reynolds, to which Peter Hamilton is often compared to The human characters here remain far human than the cold post humans of Reynolds, which sometimes strains credulity, as they regularly make contemporary cultural references and seem not so different from us, despite being set in a galactic society set in the 31st century, but that largely lies in how you would imagine future humans will be like The story is split into two main storylines, a fantasy like coming of age story about Edeard, a young man coming into his own powerful telepathic powers in a medieval society, and another far complex future narrative about the search for a Second Dreamer broadcasting dreams of a utopian world within the Void, a giant black hole that is steadily consuming the galaxy from the center outward Unfortunately, this book spends much of its length dallying in the tedious romantic misadventures of of its increasingly powerful psychic Edeard, and really indulges in some self indulgent and juvenile power fantasies that really takes away from the other storyline It certainly feels like he had a contract for a trilogy and was treading water and filling pages in order to set the stage for the third book, when he could have cut this out and done better with two big volumes like the Commonwealth Saga. This is a tale of two books I think the Inigo s dream chapters dragged this book down a notch from the previous installment of the Void trilogy Hamilton seems to have spent alot time with Edeard than in the universe outside the void, which I thought was much compelling There was one particularly cringe worthy sequence that went on and on for pages describing Edeard s romantic retreat with his bride to be Then there were awful wedding pages, ceremonies, and generally women flinging themselves at Edeard from all over the place, along with the obligatory sex scenes which were cheesy I don t really need to know that the servants in the other room heard your cries of joy Not what I read sci fi for The one compelling thing in these dream chapters besides the incredible evolution of Edeard s powers was the mystery of the roving outlaws Where are they from and what is their motivation Besides that, I felt myself skimming through alot of those chapters, which is problematic because I think over half of The Temporal Void consists of them I still think its ambitious that Hamilton is blending a hard sci fi space opera with fantastic tropes, but maybe the novelty was just wearing a little thin for me, especially with the aforementioned bloatedness of those chapters In my opinion, the book should ve been about a hundred pages shorter The universe outside the Void is where the book really shines for me For some reason, I never really cared much for Myo or Burnelli in the Commonwealth Saga, but I really enjoy those character s moments in this book I d get a little sad when their section would end, and I d realize that I d probably have to read over a hundred pages until I got back to them Hamilton weaves and intricate and very intriguing plot that makes you want to keep reading to see where all of this is going to connect Especially enjoyed the whole Ocisen Accelerator Prime conspiracy What are all those crazy kids up to The ending was very immpressive I needed to read that entire section again to soak it in as soon as I finished it.So although it suffers a bit from being the middle book of a trilogy and from a bit of Hamilton s gas baggery, I think it sets the stage beautifully for what will hopefully be a thrilling conclusion to the trilogy. In this middle book of the series the motivations and goals of various factions starts to emerge the most notable revelation to me being what the Accelerator Faction is up to There are still questions left but their involvement in the story is starting to unfold The fantasy story arc also continues to evolve as we see Edeard s powers develop and increase with new abilities emerging We also get some answers as to who is behind the attacks outside the city in the provinces.And we get some major revelations about the nature of the Void and why it keeps expanding like it does There is a semi pseudo scientific explanation given which invokes the Conservation of Mass but to say than that would be spoilery.I had a harder time getting into this than the last book I still enjoyed it but the pace slowed right down and I had to push myself to keep going during each reading session It felt like a middle book But at least I had a handle on who was who so it was less confusing I would have liked a bit pew pew in the scifi arcs We get a little bit but it wasn t as fleshed out as last book and I didn t hear any ACDC hammering in the background to the unleashing of technological Armageddon For example, there is a part of the story where one of the characters boards and takes down a navy ship never saw the firefight just read about him going in and the next thing he s in control Boo.Still, I am now fully invested in the story so I m looking forward to the grand finale in the next book I m expecting lots of fireworks, lots of genetically and technologically advanced humans and aliens unloading heaps of ordnance and please Hamilton, bring the rock n roll.3 stars