Meet Emma Corrigan, A Young Woman With A Huge Heart, An Irrepressible Spirit, And A Few Little Secrets Secrets From Her Boyfriend I Ve Always Thought Connor Looks A Bit Like Ken As In Barbie And Ken Secrets From Her Mother I Lost My Virginity In The Spare Bedroom With Danny Nussbaum While Mum And Dad Were Downstairs Watching Ben Hur Secrets She Wouldn T Share With Anyone In The World I Have No Idea What NATO Stands For Or Even What It Is Until She Spills Them All To A Handsome Stranger On A Plane At Least, She Thought He Was A Stranger Until Emma Comes Face To Face With Jack Harper, The Company S Elusive CEO, A Man Who Knows Every Single Humiliating Detail About Her

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    don t read this in public..especially if you re by yourselfthis book has been on my wishlist for years apparently it was earning rave reviews from readers online and yet everytime i come across this at bookstores i d tell myself to postpone buying it since it had many copies on shelf i never even bothered leafing through it but one day i just decided to actually read its back cover and see what all the hoopla s about.and then i saw the line, Secrets she wouldn t share with anyone in the world I have no idea what NATO stands for Or even what it is. and honest to god, i just grinned like an idiot i had to read it i actually went to a nearby cafe right after buying this from the store just so that i could begin.which turned out to be a bad idea cos it was literally difficult to keep a straight face once i read the first few ever had that experience when something is really really funny but you can t laugh outright or even smile cos people around you will start getting wary this book is deadly you have to read it on some secluded preferably enclosed okay make it enclosed and sound proof place so you can laugh without being hampered.this book may even be funnier than her shopaholic series there s just something so natural and so human about the insecurities and then the delusions of Emma and though this might be a comic story first, this was a very cheeky romantic romp for me and is it just me or was Jack sexy i just wanted to skip on the next scene where he ll appear i can t wait what next secret he ll be dangling for Emma to squirm s not even your run of the mill chick lit cos there were some parts that became serious they were heartbreaking all in all, this is a highly recommended, feel good story you ll never want to put it down even when you know that someone soon will approach you and politely ask you to leave their premises cos you re scaring some people

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    SoI really wanted to dislike this book I was determined not to allow myself to be one of those girls You knowthe ones who plan ladies night out to watch Sex and the City I ve never had a desire to read Bridget Jones Diary or The Devil Wears Prada although I do hate to admit that I actually liked Devil as a movie I mean, it s Chick Lit Fluff without the smut What fun is that Turns out, it s fun than I was expecting The book started out in such a way that I was expecting to give up before making it past a few chapters I practically sighed with exasperation over the flighty, bumbling, office girl who embarrasses herself in front of her boss without knowing who he is The thoughts in my head were practically burning a hole in the Nook No, I don t care about what crappy fashion you re wearing to the office No, I don t care that you re really a size 12 but tell people you re an 8 No, I don t care that you have a lame ass boyfriend who listens to jazz and likes bad movies.Just as I was about to hit delete and ditch the book from my ereader, something happened I started laughing A LOT Not the polite little giggly oh that s cute type of laughter The snorting, choking, oh my god I m dying laughter My husband even looked up from his zombie like trance mid video game to give me a wtf look.It took several chapters for me to warm up to the book and truth be told, if I hadn t promised myself that I wanted to finish at least one chick lit book just to say that I had given the genre a shot, I would have quit out before getting to the part where it started to get good Once I got past the mediocre parts revolving around the main character s office and family life, and got into the part where she was spending most of her time trying to figure out how to make a relationship with her boss work, I was along for the ride It was quite the fun ride, too I was pleasantly surprised.Will I continue to read chick lit after this HmmmI don t know This book was fun and I m completely glad that I read it, but I still am not fond of the office girl modern day girl formula that seems to be pretty big in this genre Even with as funny as this book was, I ve browsed some reviews for the author s books and it looks like she tends to stick with a similar subject matter for most of her books.

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    Goal Read a light book and laugh my ass off.Result Read a stupid book that made me want to cut it into little pieces.Overall Goal Happiness.Overall Result A sh tty headache.All my friends gave Can You Keep A Secret a high score, all of them loved it, all of them asked me to read it.So I did.Yep And I ended up having a headache Literally Mrs Kinsella you owe me a pack of meds and a nice foot massage.So why did all my friends love this book and I didn t I have no idea, to tell you the truth I just know this Emma is an idiot A shallow clownish stupid boring insecure clueless loser She s the reason why I hated the book Please promote me, I say desperately Please I have to get a promotion to impress my family It s the only thing I want in the whole world, and I ll work so hard, I promise, I ll come in at weekends, and I ll I ll wear smart suits Facepalm compilation in321And btw, wtf is this Panther Cola crap Is it cola that panthers drink or cola made out of panthers

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    How hard is it to keep your deepest, darkest secrets, especially if you think you are about to die Well for poor Emma, it seems to be quite hard Emma is in an airplane which is being tossed about in heavy turbulence, and when pure panic seizes her, she bursts out to the stranger sitting beside her We re not going to make it I know we re not This is it I m twenty five years old I m not ready I haven t achieved anything I ve never had children, I ve never saved a life I haven t gotten a tattoo I don t even know if I have a G spot I m sorry says the man, sounding taken aback My career s a complete joke I m not a top businesswoman at all I haven t got a team I m just a crappy assistant and I just had my first ever big meeting and it was a complete disaster Half the time I haven t a clue what people are talking about, I don t know what logistical means, I m never going to get promoted, and I owe my dad four thousand quid, and I ve never really been in love The above quotes are only a sampling of the litany of hilarious confessions and secrets she spills, but unbeknownst to Emma, she had a meltdown in front of Jack Harper, who happens to be the co founder of the marketing company she works for in London Jack had just flown in from America to visit with his employees Three days later when they meet face to face once again, this time in her office, Emma is mortified and hopes upon hope he doesn t remember her from the plane flight, but no such luck He not only remembers her but also every intimate thought and personal secret she uttered.Let the embarrassment begin This is my second Sophie Kinsella audiobook, and I am having the best time The British narrator s snappy and crisp voice made this rom com even FUN tastic

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    Two point five ish stars Quirky, hilarious read about a 25 year old clumsy, silly, awkward Emma who is always caught in the most embarrassing situations and thinking she s probably not yet embarrassed enough, spewed out every single one of her deepest, darkest most embarrassing secrets to a stranger on a plane when she thought they were going to die during a violent turbulence The horrific result strange man isn t a stranger after all LMAO While I wasn t a fan of Emma and of any other character in the story for that matter and thought she was awful and ridiculous with every single decision she made She says it s good when it s bad, okay when it s not, yes when she means no, in short she lies all the time , the hilarity of her story and predictability of the than slightly rubbish plot are entertaining It s my first Sophie Kinsella read and although it wasn t completely successful, I have a feeling I ll enjoy her YA novel, Finding Audrey Here s my lovely friend s, Alice s review of said YA book Happy birthday, my Dear Alice Despite the few stars, I enjoyed the read so it s all good I ll certainly give Ms Kinsella another chance I hope you re having the time of your life on your very special day Love you, girl 3

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    I m not really 100% into Chick Lit, but this is one of those books that I ve seen pop up over and over again on all the Best Of lists over the years, and I ve grown quite curious.No, seriously True story.Anyway I ve been on the hunt for really funny fluff this past month and finally decided to pull the trigger on my first Sophia Kinsella book Supposedly, this was a HI LARIOUS rom com, and I was in the market for exactly that.However.Sometimes what makes me smile doesn t match up with everyone else in the roomSo was it funny Yes No Kinda I mean, it wasn t the sort of humor that had me doubled over, gasping for breath, but there were cute moments It was the kind of jokey stuff that would have done well with a laugh track or something if that makes sense BUT.Even though this wasn t exactly what I was initially looking for, I still had a reallyreallyreally good time reading it It was just a super cute romance y little story about a young woman in the middle of getting serious about her career path, finding a man she loves, and simultaneously growing a set of balls I ve noticed that I never really find the resolutions to the assy family and or assy friend drama in Chick lit to me sufficiently, um resolved, I guess And this one was no different The ending felt sort of rushed as everything gets kinda built up to this crazy dramatic showdown, then everyone whistle farts away into a Happily Ever After I ve come to expect that, it s not even a deal breaker any.There was quite a bit of the ridiculous in this as far as nonsensical plot stuff goes, but I don t read this genre to get a glimpse of realism So, a lot of the nuttier aspects of the story, view spoiler like the way her co workers figured out he was talking about her on television hide spoiler

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    This was such a fun and entertaining book I laughed out loud multiple times and I also cringed several times because of how embarrassed I was for Emma.My only problem with this book is that I felt like it could have been longer It felt rushed at times and I wished there was of an ending I wanted to know how it all came together and like, for example, how Kerry was doing terribly, I hope.Nevertheless, I really enjoyed reading this book and I can t wait to read of her novels in the future

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    OMG, this book is laugh out loud funny, like sitting in my cubicle at work just giggling to myself In the days, I spent reading this one I told numerous people about it because I was just so excited and happy to find a book that made me actual loud out loud Some of my best friends raved about this book during our girls weekend last year and I was repeatedly told, you have to read this Emma Corrigan is a typical girl, just like us or me at least She is awkward, inappropriate and just trying to prove herself Emma is flying back from a business trip, that of course went horribly bad During the flight, there is some extreme turbulence and she thinks she is going to die During her freak out she precedes to unload all her secrets on everyone around her Monday morning comes with a big surprise, one of the passengers is the owner of Emma s company and he remember everything All her secrets are out, some as small as hating g strings and the coffee at work, to her insecurities with her family and lesbian dream she had about her best friend This story is so freaking perfect It s so funny, it s freaking cute as shit and the love stories is so sweet This is my first book by Sophie Kinsella, but it will not be my last The audiobook is absolutely fantastic and made me believe the narrator was Emma Teaser created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos.

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    Gosh, this books was so much fun Often times when I m told a book is funny, I usually find that it turns out being painful to read than anything But damn, is Sophie Kinsella hilarious Can You Keep a Secret follows the charismatic tale of Emma Corrigan This woman is a hoot, let me tell you She s hilariously paranoid and completely outrageous She is the ordinary, nothing special sort of girl but oh, does she have her secrets Secrets that she probably shouldn t have blurted out while clutching onto the arm of a strange during a rocky flight But, oh well, can t do anything about that now, can we Oh God I m losing it Everyone knows this is how criminals get caught They add too many details and trip themselves up That s basically Emma s entire existence So this book was adorable and sweet and really really charming in a lot of ways It was such an easy read and really brought on that little bits of glee that usually accompany a great book Oh, and I really love Jack What a little darling But there were parts of the book that I found excessive For example the fact that Emma seemed to face problem after problem after problem It s not a HUGE deal but I just found it tiring because here we are, smiling and happy for a single sentence and then BAM, another problem takes place.Kinda excessive if ya ask me p Anywho.I was never a huge fan of chick lit but after reading this one, I m definitely not done with this genre or this author I ve always had this deep down conviction that I m not like everybody else, and there s an amazingly exciting new life waiting for me just around the corner 3.5 stars Need cute and fluffy and I need to binge read Sophie Kinsella, so, here I gooooooooooo

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    Definitely overhyped, I think, but as always I find Sophie Kinsella s heroines charming and funny and her stories just really manage to uplift my mood.