OKAY OKAY OKAYI don t even know where to start Obviosuly I loved this book, but I m not sure if I loved it enough to be a TOP favorite of mine, though I really FEEL something, like I think it ll become one of those books that I ll loveandwith every day that passes But for now, let s just say that Rainbow Rowell did it again I M IN LOVE WITH EVERYTHING SHE WRITES The first part of this book was a little slow, but as soon as Baz makes his official appearance, everything gets SO MUCH BETTER Oh, I love that vampire boy so much But I also love Simon And Penny Those three made me laugh so much I care deeply about them.One thing that surprised me was the Magickal World Rainbow created I was amazed by it The spells were so silly and clever I burst out laughing when the Mage was chanting Bohemian Rhapsody and I loved the simplicity of them I loved the similarities with Harry Potter that at the same time were SO DIFFERENT And I also loved that Rainbow could manage all that world building in just one book I d definetly readabout this world.Okay, okay, but now let s talk about Simon and Baz TOGETHER OMG I couldn t stop giggling in their scenes The synopsis didn t lie There is SO MUCH KISSING AND I WANTED MORE Rainbow has talent with these cute romantic scenes and all these cute silly banter I love how their relationship developed and I SIMPLY LOVE THEIR LOVE I was fangirling so hard I m sure tears fell from my eyes, I was squealing and yelping whenever they kissed or showed their love for each other And the ending, OH, THAT ENDING.I mean, it was a little bittersweet the ending, I mean , and I didn t expect it, but I m kinda okay with it And also This feels like the less open ending that Rainbow has ever written BRAVO But at the same time, she left so many questions unanswered I wouldn t mind a sequel, I really wouldn t And I hope Simon gets another chance, if you ve read it, you ll know what I mean.BUT YESSS, I m so happy I finally read this It was one of my most anticipated reads of this year and it didn t dissappoint I think it may become one of my favorites 19 10 CRYING TEARS OF JOY BECAUSE I FINALLY HAVE THE TIME TO READ THIS ONE BEFORE READING IT A SIMON SNOW BOOK A SIMON BAZ STORY OMG I M CRYING HERE MY DREAM BOOK IS GOING TO COME TRUEIt has just as much kissing and talking as you d expect from a Rainbow Rowell story but far, farmonstersKISSING KISSING AND MONSTERS. 4.5, I feel like if I give itthought it ll be a full on 5 stars I just felt like the beginning portion of the book dragged a bit While this book definitely had elements that we re similar to other fantasy stories, it had it s own refreshing style The characters we re brilliant as most of Rainbow s characters are and the story itself was fun, mysterious, and exciting DNF page 163In the author s note, Rowell says this is her take on the whole Chosen One story But in reality, it s her take on FREAKING HARRY POTTER Anybody who tries to tell me not to compare the two Just no Every little thing about this story the setting, characters, etc can easily be traced back to Harry Potter and Hogwarts and EVERYTHING IS THE SAME Plus, the characters are just plain boring and annoying for the most part I couldn t find anything enjoyable about this in the 163 pages I read, so I m going to put this down and never pick it up again Extended Review taking comments into account I am aware that this is SUPPOSED to be a Harry Potter parody fanfic whateverthefuck, but that doesn t in any way mean I have to like it I think this should have been an online fanfiction or something, but a published book Not on board Also, like I said above, IT S JUST PLAIN NOT GOOD I hated the writing and the characters, so it just wasn t my cup of tea. VIDEO REVIEW addition to my all time favorites list Possibly new 1 all time favorite I ADORED this book Funny and cute and clever with a cool plot and fun world and plenty of squee inducing moments I ve read the whole book through twice, going on my third read And there are some chapters I ve read at least six or seven times AND THE BOOK HAS BEEN OUT A WEEK I m obsessed I put the book down and all I want is to pick it up again Aleister Crowley, I m living a charmed life. ANew York Times Bestseller Simon Snow Is The Worst Chosen One Who S Ever Been ChosenThat S What His Roommate, Baz, Says And Baz Might Be Evil And A Vampire And Acomplete Git, But He S Probably RightHalf The Time, Simon Can T Even Make His Wand Work, And The Other Half, He Starts Something On Fire His Mentor S Avoiding Him, His Girlfriend Broke Up With Him, And There S A Magic Eating Monster Running Around, Wearing Simon S Face Baz Would Be Having A Field Day With All This, If He Were Here It S Their Last Year At The Watford School Of Magicks, And Simon S Infuriating Nemesis Didn T Even Bother To Show Up Carry On The Rise And Fall Of Simon Snowis A Ghost Story, A Love Story And A Mystery It Has Just As Much Kissing And Talking As You D Expect From A Rainbow Rowell Story But Far, Far Monsters Does this count as Harry Potter fan fiction Sirius question. I demand a sequel.Now.The fun can t just end The story must continue Simon and Baz shall date and get married and have kids and and Alright, let s not be too clamorous about this What we have here is a fantasy Or rather, my fantasy But really, who never dreamed of sharing a room with a mysterious and handsome boy who constantly gets on your nerves but who s secretly head over heels for you Simon has that But he s clueless And Baz sure won t say anything about his feelings for him because 1 He s the villain, 2 Baz and Simon s destinies are to kill each other and 3 Simon s not gay.But then something happens, forcing them to make a pact forbidding them from slicing each other s heads off And now they re together In the same places And they Don t know what they re doing It s so much fun.And you know what s surprising There s actually a plot Yes, you heard me a plot not only there to fill gaps, but one that really helps to understand the characters and gives deph to the story, surprisingly.When I first started it, I kept comparing it to Harry Potter Honestly, it s impossible not to The only thing is, the book knows it s a fanfiction story and it feels that way, meaning the writing is casual very contemporary like and, even if the majority of the characters take themselves seriously, the reader can t help but see humour everywhere.It s in the spells, which are really just a bunch of idioms and song lyrics.It s in the magic wings that sprout out of someone s back, teleportation, flying it s all for the reader s entertainment.It s in the world building wizards turned into vampires, numphies who kidnap people for ransom, an heir who can t keep his magic in control anything you can imagine.And I liked that I liked the fact that Rainbow Rowell didn t hold back from creating whatever scenes she wanted because she feared they would be too silly It s silly, but it s a good and, strangely, convincing type of silly.I didn t want to stop reading it It puts the reader in such a wonderful mood and let me tell you that, even if the romance takes time to appear, when it does, it s hard not to notice it.As in, you will LOVE Simon Baz.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin Sorry, this book is just too meta for me, man.This book is about a fictional character who was the subject of fascination in another fictional character s life from another book It s a story about a made up character from a series that s fictional inspired from another fictional series Does that even make any sense I don t even know It s just too meta, man Besides the ludicrous premise of a fictional Harry Potter can you even have a fictional fanfic of a character who is fiction in the first place I guess that s what you call.iTwilight It is all sorts of ludicrous to read a book about a character who is a parody of another character This isn t tongue in cheek so much as it is absolute lunacy.I didn t give two shits about Simon and Baz in Fangirl to be honest I don t remember much of them at all besides the fact that Simon is the fictional Harry Potter in the Fangirl universe And I started this book not really giving a damn, hoping the book can convince me otherwise It didn t.There is no plot.Not having cared about Simon s story in Fangirl, I still don t care about Simon s story now in a fleshed out book.There is no plot.Literally nothing happens in the book.There is no plot.I have never been so bored reading about a world where vampires and unicorns and ghosts exist.Maybe there is I don t know I don t care I was falling asleep by page 10.Further, this book is just a sad parody at slash fandom Baz s unrequited feelings towards Simon felt empty and pointless Let s get this straight, it s not that I m anti gay in the least It s that if you are to include homosexual and bisexual characters in a book, they should be there as a person There should be a point to their character They re not there for the purpose of OMG HOT MAN ON MAN ACTION This may be a little controversial, but I am largely against slash fiction because I feel they re disrespectful to gays, to rewrite a character s sexuality just for the purpose of titillation Baz s mouth is colder than Agatha s.Because he s a boy, I think, and then No, because he s a monster.He s not a monster He s just a villain.He s not a villain He s just a boy.I m kissing a boy. 4.5 Really really enjoyed it Thanks God I m already gay, because after reading this I would probably want to turn into one.