Remember Hawkeye? No not that Hawkeye your favorite Hawkeye the former Young Avenger the butt kicking hero who had to save that other Hawkguy all the time and basically keep his life in some semblance of order Yup you know her it's the dazzling Kate Bishop making her solo comics debut Kate is heading back out west and returning to Los Angeles with her bow and arrow and PI badge in tow There are crimes to solve and she's the best archer to handle 'em The City of Angels has a new guardian angel This is Kate Bishop like you've never seen her before in a brand new saga that really hits the markCollecting Hawkeye 1 6

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    Kelly Thompson did a pretty decent job with Kate even if this first volume didn't blow me out of the water I didn't totally connect with Bishop and her world until it got a bit closer to the end of the arc when she does the team up with Jessica Jones Chad summed it up nicely in his review when he said that this felt like Thompson trying to channel Fraction's version of Clint I like the general tone but I think Kate can do better than become Marvel's Great Value brand Hawkeye The story was fun and fluffy but there wasn't a lot of substance to it Which isn't necessarily a bad thing Especially when you're looking for something that you can eyeball and enjoy It just didn't suck me in the way I thought it wouldI'm hoping that this was just the volume where the title finds its feet because the general concept is really cool and Kate is a fun character that can definitely carry a titleIn the end I thought it was a light breezy book that has potential for Bishop fans

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    More like 35 stars but I'm rounding up because I enjoyed reading thisI'm super pleased we've gotten solo series for Kate and America And no not just because I ship them These were the two stand out characters from Young Avengers to me and if we could get a David Alleyne book I'd be happy forever I adore Kate Bishop as a character While I kinda hate that writers are turning most female superheroes into this type smarmy uippy personality cough cough recent Barbara Gordon writers Kate was the first I encountered and I love her I fell in love with her in YA and Fraction's run just cemented it I think that's why I didn't love this series as much as I wanted to This just isn't as charming as Fraction's Kate I like what Thompson did with the first volume of A Force but the second was a disappointment Largely because of CW II but also because sometimes the jokes don't land for me Not all of Kate's uips landed for me I wanted the side characters to mean a little Yes I know this is the first volume but I feel like they kind of popped in for two seconds and next thing I know Kate is calling them friends? A huge problem I had with this is that I felt like both conclusions were blah I left slightly uncertain if the story was really over I really liked Jessica Jones' cameo Honestly I liked her appearance here than all of Bendis' current run of Jessica Jones Her two issues were the best part of this volume for me and I really wish I could have a book where they team up I enjoyed the first title page with the nods to the Hawkeye series and Kate drawing a heart over the i in America's name I loved the surprise cameo at the end of the book I love Kate as always although I miss Fraction's portrayal of her Overall this is a recommend from me if you like the character but I wish the stories were stronger I wanted to like this than I did I hope the next volume is stronger35 stars

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    This book has 1 A relatable kick ass female hero2 A Jessica Jones cameo3 A Scooby team4 A dragonAnd you should read it

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    Kelly Thompson puts on her best Matt Fraction impersonation This book wants so badly to be Fraction's Hawkeye Kate is just an inept as Clint Even though she's trying to be a PI she bumbles into solutions to her cases She's constantly uipping but her jokes often fall flat Even the art and coloring is trying it's best to mimic David Aja Kate shouldn't be a pale imitation of Clint Barton She's always been portrayed as a strong independent woman and I feel that's missing here until Jessica Jones shows up and gives us a character that I wanted to read of

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    A superhero detective story Kate Bishop is the daughter of Hawkeye and she has struck off on her own as Hawkeye She has opened her office and she's trying to make a living with her PI business Toward the end of the volume Jessica Jones shows up and Kate can learn about the businessKate is rather annoying in a fun way It reminds me a little of Veronica Mars There is plenty of California culture in this story It's fun but it's nothing out of this world There also really wasn't a big foil for Kate There is someone using some sort of drug to make zombies out of people when they are activated and then it seemed to be easily overcome and the story moves on There is a mystery in this I will continue with this

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    This just felt like a simpler version of Fractions story The first arc involved a cult like group and the 2nd arc involved jessica jones and some actors in a way They just never took off A little to simple and easy going The humour was well done and the action solid Kate did seem to get into trouble and get out of trouble just the way hawkeye does Solid but not amazing

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    Kate 'Hawkeye' Bishop flies solo leaving the Big Apple to go down these mean streets of sunny So Cal territory lovingly mined by my fave pulp fictionists Chandler and MacDonald to make it as a superhero AND private investigator Did I mention her PI license hasn't been approved yet?That's our lovable and capable Kate Whether stopping a Point Break Reservoir Dogs inspired robbery in progress or facing down a socialite turned fire breathing dragon is that some sort of metaphor? don't ask on the steps of the iconic Griffith Observatory she handles herself with aplomb and seals the deal with occasionally uippy dialogue thought boxes straight out of mid series Spenser For Hire by Robert B Parker as well It was funny entertaining and guest stars visiting gumshoe Jessica Jones Like the tagline says Where trouble lurks Bishop works45 stars

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    Really liked the story really liked the artwork other than a couple of dodgy panels that looked like they'd been badly Photoshopped Cracking book

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    During this past week I revisited one of my favourite comic runs which is Hawkeye by Matt Fraction and David Aja Published around the same time at the release of Joss Whedon's The Avengers which somewhat underused Clint Barton this solo title showcased the character when he's not avenging and about his witty adventures during his off days During my initial read of the comic it was my introduction to the female Hawkeye Kate Bishop who debuted in the Young Avengers during the mid noughties but a couple of years Bishop finally got her solo bookAs Kate moves back to Los Angeles and begins her own Private Eye investigations it doesn't start too well as the residents were expecting Clint but Kate is eventually approached by a college student who needs her help with a stalker During Fraction's run there are a number of issues that were about Bishop's first outing in California as half superhero half private eye and although there were the weakest issues of that run in how it changed character gears it was still fun seeing how the Young Avenger gets by on her ownTaking cue from those issues Kelly Thompson is doing her best Matt Fraction impression as she retains that youthful and bumbling sensibility for Bishop who doesn't always make the best decisions such as not paying for a PI license but her intentions are good and her numerous interactions with her own Scooby gang brings out the best of this volumeHowever as much as I love Kate Bishop I didn't uite love this comic and that largely comes down to the storytelling As I've said before it does seem like Thompson is taking cues from Fraction's run so it's hard not to differentiate between the two as because this book lacks the self aware humour of the early run you feel somewhat distant from the story that is about a missing person case involving a masked cult who are about mind control As for the second arc where Kate partners up with professional superheroprivate eye Jessica Jones although it's never explained why she's in Los Angeles the interaction between the two has its funny moments but once again the story just seems lacking even if it involves a dragonReminiscent of the work of David Aja Leonardo Romero's art is simplistic but expressive in both character design and environments especially towards the larger panels where Kate with her Hawkeye vision if that's a thing spot noticeable people walking or items scattered throughout the area including her fetish towards hot male abs The last two issues were drawn by Michael Walsh whose art is looser compared to Romero's with a number of characters looking like they have very thin heads Given his strength as illustrating dialogue scenes as oppose to action set pieces this does feel like a step down for Walsh especially having read issue #6 of Chip Zdarsky's Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider ManNot that it's a terrible comic as there's enough to like about this volume mostly from the witty characterisation of Kate Bishop and despite how different it wants to be this Hawkeye tries and fails to capture that magic of its superior predecessor

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    I like Kelly Thompson she super cool I like Hawkeye she's fun So why didn't I love this? Well this is two arcs here First is about a missing case Well it starts off as a girl getting stalked and then goes missing We slowly find out the reason behind it is a virus of sorts going around a chemical imbalance that makes people hate I believe it's trying to be a metaphor for the internet and how it can be a place filled with hatred and everyone begins to follow like sheep Least that's what I got I can be way off Second story features fan favorite Jessica Jones That made me very exciting as I love her and she basically is teaching Hawkeye the ways of PI Good I liked the first story It was a little heavy handed but worked well mostly due to Kate being super fun with her dialog Bouncy and easy to get in to with a decent side cast I also really enjoyed Jessica Jones with Kate kind of felt like sisters working together Very cool Bad Not a huge fan of the art Fells like trying to be Hawkeye Fraction Run a few years back but not as well done I also thought the storylines kind of went flat by the end Neither really kept me interested and if wasn't for Kate I probably would have dropped it Overall I was kind of let down I really do love Kate Bishop and I think Kelly is a solid writer but I just didn't love it I still enjoyed it enough to have a good time reading but I can't help but feel it could be way better I'd give it a 25 but I'll bump it to a 3 for Kate and Jessica being great together Hoping to enjoy Volume 2 better