The Bestselling Author Of The Areas Of My Expertise Also Known As The Daily Show S Resident Expert And The PC In The Iconic Mac Ads Picks Up Exactly Where His First Book Left Off Exactly Like Its Predecessor, MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE Compiles Incredibly Handy Made Up Facts Into Brief Articles, Overlong Lists, Frighteningly Complex Charts, And Beguiling Narratives On New And Familiar Themes Such As THE PAST Because There Is Always THE FUTURE Because They Say There Is Still Some Left To Discuss THE METHOD BY WHICH WE ELECT OUR PRESIDENTS As This Will Be Happening Soon THE STRANGE OKAPI An Actual Animal GAMBLING THE SPORT OF THE ASTHMATIC MAN Includes Hermit Crab Racing HOW TO BE A FAMOUS MINOR TELEVISION PERSONALITY Hint Go On Television PLUS MOLE MAN NAMES And Their Occupations Yes HODGMAN MAY HAVE BEEN BRIEFLY ABSENT FROM YOUR LIFE, But With This Volume He Is Ready To Pick Up Exactly Where THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE Left Off Specifically AT PAGE

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    I obtained this book and shipped it all the way out to a hot, dry, sandy Middle Eastern land which shall remain nameless because my boyfriend is maniacally protective of OPSEC, even when the OP is concluded and he s been home for several months thankfully without PTSDso far I won t even tell you which branch of the military he s in, except to say that it s the branch of the military that nobody ever remembers when discussing branches of the military, and to tell you that its official motto rhymes, appropriately, with someone forgot us Yes, those guys Yes, they do deploy For a really long time.All of this has nothing to do with John Hodgman s second hilarious book of false facts, except that it is noteworthy that this book, of all the books I sent him over nearly a year and I sent a lot , was the only one to return home with him The rest stayed behind in the base library for other service members to enjoy, but my boyfriend loved this book too much to part with it, or even to loan it to his shipmatesI meanairplane tank humvee helicopter troop predatorydrone ship mates There Covered my tracks OPSEC is preserved once again, God bless America As I had already read Hodgman s first hilarious book, The Areas of My Expertise, and thoroughly enjoyed it, I decided I had to read this one for myself, once I was able to pry it from Boyfriend s hands More Information Than You Require lives up admirably to the initial offering, bringing yet subtle, intelligent humor in the form of strange false facts that are so odd they just might be plausible Hodgman is clearly a very smart fellow, as only a highly observant, fertile mind could observe the native weirdness of actual history, politics, and modern culture and concoct so many factoids that feel so dead on The book is a brainy skewering of the real world by means of examination of an unreal world, skillfully crafted for you by John Hodgman, one of the funniest guys ever.I recommend it to people who appreciate nerdy, smart humor, and I also recommend Hodgman s podcast, Judge John Hodgman, for a weekly dose of hilarious smarts.Enjoy

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    A REVIEW, comprising two LISTS one True and one False , of John Hodgman s More Information than You Require.List the first 1 It has nothing but kind things to say about modern day troubador and Internet sensation Jonathan Coulton.2 Pages 296 299 are actually made from pressed prosciutto in hardback domestic bacon was used for the paperback edition, and the audiobook contains merely a bacon scented backscratcher.3 Every copy of said hardback edition comes packaged with a hollowed out boar s tusk, filled with the bright red husks of the cochineal beetle, which may be used in lieu of blood for signing official contracts with Satan or his emissaries.4 Hodgman himself will read it to you happily in its entirety, if you should run across him in your local supermarket or organic electronics store and ask him politely using the secret code word on Page 316.5 Hodgman s photograph is a hologram, one layer of which contains a steganographic copy of the entire book encoded as a moir pattern on Hodgman s suit, including the author photograph, one layer of which contains a moir encoded copy of the entire book this recursive encoding causes a warping of space and time that has swallowed up several chain bookstores and at least one independent but not Powell s.List the 2nd 1 It is wildly funny, with at least one chuckle on every page.2 It uses frequent EMPHASIS in the form of CAPITALIZATION and italics.3 It is a direct continuation of The Areas of My Expertise, with ongoing pagination and numbering of figures and tables.4 It has heavily influenced the format of this review.5 The determination of which list is TRUE and which FALSE has been left as an EXERCISE for the READER.THAT IS ALL

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    You may remember that fairly recently comedian and minor TV personality John Hodgman wrote a parody of reference books called The Areas of My Expertise, which I reviewed Hodgman s dry wit and ability to generate random and sublimely absurd claims made that book funny enough, so when he released his follow up More Information Than You Require I grabbed it up.In just about every way, More Information is of the same Indeed, Hodgman even continues the page numbering from his prior book and claims that volumes will follow, and that some day you will be able to combine them into some kind of Voltron like omnibus full of jokes about hobos, mole men, and U.S presidents with hooks for hands The problem is, I feel like I ve seen a lot of this before, and the freshness and absurdity of the first book is pretty worn off As any carnival freak show owner who has spent too much time in one town will tell you, things get less absurd with repeat viewings Hodgman even seems to be going back to the same well that watered his previous books For example, instead of a list of 700 hobo names like in the first book, More Information the author includes an exhaustive list of mole men names, making use of pretty much the same kind of shtick.That s not to say that the book isn t funny in places Hodgman s dry wit still hits hard on occasion, and I did laugh out loud than a few times Most of the jokes are hidden in the footnotes of the text, as well as 365 little dated inserts that he includes so that when you re done with the book you can use it as a fact a day daily calendar.The problem is that this is all starting to feel a little well worn I also grew to hate Hodgman s habit of switching to all capital letters SEEMINGLY AT RANDOM throughout the BOOK, which was funny once or twice, but generally JUST BROKE UP THE FLOW and was ANNOYING I d like to see him tackle something in a little different style rather than than what seems to me to be stream of consciousness and joke making that just throws everything against the walls to see what sticks.

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    I am sooooo excited to get down to my local bookstore and pick this up Hodgman s last book is brilliant and I am such a big fan of his intellect and wit Can t wait.Update Finished the book Great stuff, but on this second time around not in reading this particular book, but in me indulging in Hodgman s brilliance , I think I would prefer watching Hodgman perform this book rather than me slogging through this read.

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    Slightly funnier than the first one, The Areas of My Expertise An Almanac of Complete World Knowledge Compiled with Instructive Annotation and Arranged in Useful Order I especially enjoy the political jokes Just as the first one was too heavy on fake hobo trivia, this one is too heavy on molemen Um hm, yeah.

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    Alright, so I pretty much love John Hodgman I love his imperiousness, his cocksure tendency to hold forth on all matter of esoteric subjects, his blustery blending of pure balderdash with true trivia that almost certainly leaves people thinking true things he s said were made up of whole cloth, and vice versa.I saw some other reviews of this book, and they lamented the tediousness of it A lot of them had read the first of the books in this trilogy, and really, I can t imagine his schtick changes much So I m sympathetic But this is the first one that I read all the way through I may have read the first one a long time ago, or at least part of it , and I really liked it That is, until the end For some odd reason the last full quarter of the book repeated the blandest of the tropes, On this day in year blah blah blah happened and I kept finding myself thinking Good god, this still Not something you should find yourself thinking in a comedy book.But I would give this book 3.5 stars Also, as this was the audiobook, the first half of it featured John Hodgman riffing with Jonathan Coulton, whose bed I once drunkenly slept in one New Year s Day with my friend Alice and her then boyfriend They got to stay in his magnificent townhouse in Cobble Hill in exchange for taking care of the family s pet rat because they were all in the same a cappella troupe as Coulton at Yale, albeit separated by a decade s time you know Ivy League rituals so esoteric Also his house s motif was squid themed.

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    Generally quite funny The guide to our American presidents and the daily almanac entries were perhaps the funniest, but Hodgman really breaks out as a terrific essayist in his consideration of alien abductions, his only explanation for how his wife could have ever ended up with him Eloquent, warped, and funny, this chapter really struck a chord with me Wonderful return return Perhaps my only real complaint is that in most parts of the book, the writing seems to follow the same formula as works by other Daily Show alumni Colbert s book, America the Book, etc Start with a seemingly serious paragraph and add a twist at the end with some absurd punchline, keeping a deadpan tone throughout Of course, it s effective in isolation, but feels a bit tedious if you ve read previous books from the same clique return return That s really a minor quibble, though Bravo to Hodgman for this If I gave extra stars for copious and humorous footnotes, this would easily warrant a 5.

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    When I heard that John Hodgman was coming out with a new book, I was excited to read it I probably should have listened to the rest of the interview to know exactly what I was getting myself into Hodgman is at his funniest when sharing anecdotes or quirky stories but unfortunately that s only a small fraction of this book This is an encyclopedia of fictitious facts While some of the facts are witty most are just ridiculous like Hodgman jotted down whatever came to mind I m sorry but do we really need a president by president list of who had has a hook for a hand I guess this book just wasn t for me My husband, on the other hand, laughed out loud constantly while reading it So I guess the bottom line is know what this book is and whether it s something you ll enjoy before you start.

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    When reading a Hodgman book, you know exactly what you re getting into a hilarious faux almanac cooked up with a wealth of tweaked facts and imitation classed up English I will say, however, this time around I got a little weary of the fact for a day on each page I get the gag, some of them were really good, but being a traditionalist and kind of an asshole at times I get a little burnt out on the let me find a good stopping place on this page to read the little tidbit in the corner routine Also, the mole man list in this book just doesn t stand up to hobo name list from his first Still, having gotten my gripes out, I still giggled like a schoolgirl that just heard the word titmouse when I read this book The man is just plain funny, and in the end, isn t that what you re paying for

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    I enjoyed this book much than its predecessor, The Areas of My Expertise, which I found amusing but got tired of fairly quickly I was concerned the same thing would happen with More Information Than You Require as it is a continuation, starting on page 237 where the first book left off However, although I could have skipped over the parts dealing with mole men or What to Expect While Serving on A Jury , I really enjoyed the stories which could actually have been about John Hodgman s life Stories such as his encounter with a Charlie Chaplin impersonator and his trip to Portugal were funny and touching I guess what I should do is stop reading his fake compendiums of knowledge, and wait until he publishes a fake autobiography instead.