FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING NOVEL SHIVER Sixteen Year Old Deirdre Monaghan Is A Painfully Shy But Prodigiously Gifted Musician She S About To Find Out She S Also A Cloverhand One Who Can See Faeries Deirdre Finds Herself Infatuated With A Mysterious Boy Who Enters Her Ordinary Suburban Life, Seemingly Out Of Thin Air Trouble Is, The Enigmatic And Gorgeous Luke Turns Out To Be A Gallowglass A Soulless Faerie Assassin An Equally Hunky And Equally Dangerous Dark Faerie Soldier Named Aodhan Is Also Stalking Deirdre Sworn Enemies, Luke And Aodhan Each Have A Deadly Assignment From The Faerie Queen Namely, Kill Deirdre Before Her Music Captures The Attention Of The Fae And Threatens The Queen S Sovereignty Caught In The Crossfire With Deirdre Is James, Her Wisecracking But Loyal Best Friend Deirdre Had Been Wishing Her Life Weren T So Dull, But Getting Trapped In The Middle Of A Centuries Old Faerie War Isn T Exactly What She Had In Mind Lament Is A Dark Faerie Fantasy That Features Authentic Celtic Faerie Lore, Plus Cover Art And Interior Illustrations By Acclaimed Faerie Artist Julia Jeffrey Vibrant And Potent, YA Readers Searching For Faerie Stories Will Be Happy To Find This Accomplished Debut Novel Publishers Weekly Starred Review This Beautiful And Out Of The Ordinary Debut Novel, With Its Authentic Depiction Of Celtic Faerie Lore And Dangerous Forbidden Love In A Contemporary American Setting, Will Appeal To Readers Of Nancy Werlin S Impossible And Stephenie Meyer S Twilight Series Booklist Starred Review Part Adventure, Part Fantasy, And Wholly Riveting Love Story, Lament Will Delight Nearly All Audiences With Its Skillful Blend Of Magic And Ordinary Life KLIATT Starred Review

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    2nd Read Oct 2018I can t believe I haven t read this in six years ok wow And this reread was almost to the date I m such a huge fan of Maggie Stiefvater and all her books just capture my heart I definitely don t think Lament is her best work though, buuuut, I still love Homicidal stabby faeries are actually my favourite thing And just being drawn into this world of magic and mayhem was entrancing Someone saveeee me I love faerie stories way too much.I also think the key with faerie stories is to know that faeries are mysterious and often irritating and like to play with their food I kind of DID want to slap Luke between 1 and 9 times And I do wish there d been a bit context before Dee s like oh ya he was in my dream And I gotta admit, there is a lot of abelist language that sucks using schizophrenic as an insult But this was like a smol trip back down faerie memory lane and I remember why I m SO addicted to all of the Stiefvater books It is magic 1st Read Oct 2012I say unashamedly too that I love Maggie Stiefvater s writing I also found out her name was pronounced Steve otter Knowing how to pronounce it makes a difference, believe me My first introduction was The Scorpio Races, and I swallowed that book with a blissful gulp Then I found Maggie Stiefvater had written a trilogy about faeries and thyme and music After finishing the first, Lament, I have decided that this author is a faerie writer It s impossible to resist the lure of her writing The style of Lament is beautiful, concise, emotional, with enough teen flairs to keep you down to earth though I do worry that the book will be dated in a ten years or so, with her uses of screw you and puke and such This is writing at a high point of fineness So the writing kept me clutching the book and gobbling the pages not so much the plot But Lament obviously, when you consider the title involves music I am a music lover And I have an infatuation with Irish and Celtic tunes Is this book my style Absolutely I could hear the music all through the book Truly Not only that, but the writing is so sensory I could hear and taste and smell everything The five senses reigned It makes the novel unforgettable With flawless writing, powerful details, legends and myths, and the wonder of music, humour, and ingenious characters, Lament is a novel I will undoubtedly lay on my favourites list.

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    Okay, I admit it, I think I m getting old 1 Why are fictional YA female characters so stupid I don t care how much you are awed by a hot body and perfect blond hair I m not too old to appreciate that, though I prefer brown hair you should not be following around a mysterious guy who openly admits he is dangerous and you think might be trying to kill you Seriously Mysterious is one thing, maybe he s just brooding or misunderstood Potential first degree murder especially your own is completely unacceptable 2 Did the male population suddenly massively outnumber the female population ALL of these girls have two guys fighting over them Completely unrealistic.3 And where do these parents come from Based on the parental units I have read about in YA lately you would think that all parents are emotionally abusive, neglectful, and flat out uninterested in their children s lives 4 And who builds these houses that the families live in Why can these parents, in their bedroom across the hall from their children, not hear teenage boys sneaking in and out at all hours of the night I thought about sneaking a guy into my parents house once and my dad told me to just try it, he had freshly cleaned his shot gunand I was 26 YEARS OLD Maybe I m being unfair In the defense of YA, I have read two books by Stiefvater back to back and both of them angered me so perhaps it s just this author I don t care for and am being jaded by the freshness of the reading The only thing that earned this star crossed lovers tween drama 2 stars is that I liked the concept of the fey, other than that, the summary of this book would read like a MadLibs Socially inept teenage girl insert original, two syllable name here is struggling though high school only her exceptional gift at insert a music, art, or writing skill here and her male best friend insert average, one syllable name here who is insert any word that is a synonym for beautiful The best male friend is of course popular, gorgeous, charming, and completely in love with lead female even though she is insert one of the following oblivious, scared, stupid to this Then, a new bad boy insert a male name that is either foreign or old school comes to town who happens to be insert any mythical character here Lead female and mythical bad boy fall inset overly sappy adjective in love, which sets up a love triangle between lead girl, male bf who, by the way, is perfect for her , and mythical bad boy The story progresses as insert mythical character s people try to kill the lead girl all the while lead girl and mythical bad boy kiss insert adverb here while always finding the non existent tween will power to not go farther ending in a mini battle that is as anti climatic as the love story and lead girl ends up with mythical bad boy but always in his world and on his terms.I need a break from YA and am picking up the 1,500 page autobiography of Harry Truman next It may bore me to tears but at least it will be based on semi realistic assumptions.

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    At first glance, this may seem like just another teen paranormal romance book in the faerie sub category For that reason, it took me weeks after I checked out the book to actually read it But I must confessonce I got started, I was hooked The plot was extremely interesting, the twists on traditional faerie lore quite well planned, and the romance was enjoyable.I can see where people are coming from comparing Luke to Edward Cullen, butwellI didn t like Twilight, and I DID like this book, so read into that what you will Both men seem tormented, but Deirdre is a far active and strong protagonist than Bella, and this in turn makes Luke a appealing character.My only complaint is the abruptness of the endingnot only story wise, but page wise The last page literally ended at the very bottom of the paper, and the author s bio was on the flip side I never realized that having one or two blank pages between the story s end and the author bio made such a difference, but it s like the screen going blank on a movie for a moment before the credits rollit s a moment to pause and realize things are done Without that pause, the book felt like it was just cut off in mid sentence I know this may seem picky, and really, I had no idea it would annoy me, but it did.

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    This review can also be found on Books of my HeartLament or I Fell in Love With a Millennia Old Assassin Sent to Kill Me, is not my favorite work by Stiefvater to be sure That still remains the Raven Boys Series I m possibly just a little to old for this book and can t suspend disbelief enough for a few of the tropes happening But overall if you let a few things just slide it is fun and entertaining read.Deirdre is smart except when it comes to boys and extremely talented, she also has just figured out she is a little different and can sense and see the Fae That has put her in the crosshairs of not one but two assassins Luke is the boy cough 1000 year old love interest cough who seems to get Dee He is beautiful and they make wonderful music together everything seems almost perfect until weird things start happening and Dee thinks that Luke might not be just the boy next door.James now this is the relationship I could have totally got behind This is another case in a book where I think the BFF is totally the better love interest Plus James is easy to like, he isn t trying to kill Dee for one and he is hilarious When did you get so smart He tapped his forehead Brain transplant They put in a whale s I m passing all my classes with my eyes closed now, but I just can t get over this craving for krill He shrugged And I feel sorry for the whale that got my brain Probably swimming around Florida now trying to catch glimpses of girls in bikinis I love the easy banter between James and Dee Of coarse he has loved her forever and she is clueless about it, but he is really the best friend a girl can have when weird stuff starts happening.This is completely guilty of the insta love trope that we see in a lot of YA books and there are some super silly moments when Dee is just a bit over the top when it comes to Luke But it is Maggie Steifvater and so there are just some great lines hidden in the YA angst You re like a song that I heard when I was a little kid but forgot I knew until I heard it again Overall if you let go a few of the eye rollable moments this was a fun read with an interesting villain s and a few unusual developments It also touches on Fae lore which I really love most of the time and tells an interesting tale.Audio NoteI hadn t read Lament before because it wasn t on Audiobook and 75% of my reading is done in that format but wait no because now it has been released in audio as well Carly Robins does a fantastic job perfoming in this She captured the fun Irish accent of Luke well and I enjoyed her portrayal of Dee Steifvater s prose lends itself well to narration and that is the format I ve read all of her books in This might be a little for girls in the 12 15 year range but it was still good listen.

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    After putting down this book, the first thing I thought was Man, that was incredible The second thing I thought was WHY MUST THE SEQUEL COME OUT NEXT YEAR AND NOT RIGHT NOW And yes, I thought this in all capital letters But Lament itself is an incredible book The writing is excellent though I saw a few things I d change and, like, two typos overall, but that s me being way too critical The characters are amazing I was so used to reading about heroines who play dumb or have no idea about this or that going on, and I was surprised, then overjoyed, to find that Deirdre was smart and clever and offered a refreshing point of view God, I don t even know what to point out as outstanding, because every page brought on something great I honestly couldn t put it down except once last night because it was midnight and I was forced to go to bed There s romance and magic and humor and action This is one book I highly recommend.

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    What I liked about Lament the writing was lyrical, the characters were real, the heroine wasn t a spineless dishrag, and the love interest was an assassin Okay, so I have a thing for assassins The faeries were portrayed as feral and dangerous, which is how they re supposed to be, in my humble opinion And the ending The ending killed me, in a good way The author certainly didn t take the easy way out, forcing a sappy, Happily Ever After onto the characters when logic clearly dictated otherwise The ending is real and bittersweet, and what I respect most about this author s work I , very much looking forward to the sequel, Ballad, when it comes out.

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    Lamentnoun 1 a passionate expression of grief 2 a song, piece of music, or poem expressing grief or regret.I pre ordered Lament when I first heard about it a couple months ago You can imagine my surprise when I received an email confirmation that the book was on the way a little less than a month early Needless to say when it showed up on my doorstep Friday, I did a little happy dance right there in front of my neighbors.And The Story Siren even got a shout out in the novel Okay, not exactly a shout out, but on page 102 and I quote You re like a siren, leading me into dangerous places How cool is that Deirdre Monaghan is a very gifted harp player, one of the best in the nation But she is much than an exceptional harp player, she is also a cloverhand one who can see faeries The realization of this unlikely talent all happens when she meets the mysterious and dreamy Luke Dillon.They they fey, have noticed Dierdre as well and their attention can only spell out disaster The Faerie Queen has sent an assassin to kill Deirdre and it s only a matter of time before They succeed Unsure what exactly Luke is, could he be one of Them, Dierdre battles with her desire to find the truth and her desire of Luke.Lament is Maggie Stiefvater s debut novel The characters are exceptional They are my favorite aspect of the novel Deirdre s character develops throughout the story and she is the embodiment of the perfect female heroine, unsure, imperfect, smart and real Luke s role as the tragic hero is perfectly written I relished in the satire and witty comments of Deirdre s best friend James, he may just be my favorite character along with Deirdre s tell it like it is grandmother The villains, while not prominent in the entire novel still stood out within the story, and left a lasting impression.Although the fey are somewhat common in literature, I loved Stiefvater s take I also enjoyed the musical element that was displayed throughout the novel, it added so much to the novel The plot itself was paced well and was thoroughly engaging I had a very hard time putting this book down, even when I really needed to Lament has a little bit of everything suspense, romance, intrigue, and action The bittersweet ending will leave you yearning for Watch out Melissa Marr and Holly Black, there is a new faerie Queen in town

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    I adore and admire Maggie Stiefvater s writing I think I post this in almost every review of her books, but the way she uses words inspires me to improve my own writing By now, my blatant bias for her work should be apparent Despite Lament s shortcomings when compared to her series starting with Shiver, I still enjoyed it.Deirdre Monaghan is the average above average sixteen year old A gifted musician, she goes through the everyday notions of practicing for performances and satisfying her callous mother until she meets the mysterious Luke Dillon while throwing up in the girl s bathroom As unappealing as that first date may seem, things get even stranger when Deirdre discovers that Luke is a faerie assassin Yet, she cannot stymie her growing attraction to him Is their love for one another enough to keep them together, or will it be the factor that costs them their lives Yes, Twilight comparisons abound However, there is no competition to which one is the better book Maggie Stiefvater s writing is at least tenfold of Stephenie Meyer s, or at least what Meyer displayed in her Twilight series Additionally, the characters in Stiefvater s novel are stronger and deeper than those in Meyer s.This being Stiefvater s first young adult novel, I was duly impressed by the dialogue as well as the general way the characters were written It did not send shivers racing through my bones as The Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy did, but it was definitely worth the read.Want to read of my reviews Follow me here.

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    horrible i ve read several faerie books and this one was the worst the main character just learns of the world of the fey so nonchalantly that it seems completely unbelievable and ridiculous the references that her family was involved with the fey and now isnt is preposterous as the mom and aunt who is or isnt a villain dont get what s going on and the relationship between the 2 protagonists, that they are in love after a few encounters is just sad this was a horrendous book where the plot takes several leaps of faith without explaining where the notions come from just failing to enhance the plot a terrible read.