Stephenie Meyer holds you spellbound with her incredible New York Times bestselling Twilight Saga Experience the entire series on audio with narrator Ilyana Kadushin and prepare to be amazed by the than 60 hours of listening pleasure Twilight 11 CDs When Isabella Swan moves to the gloomy town of Forks Washington and meets the mysterious alluring Edward Cullen her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn With his porcelain skin golden eyes mesmerizing voice and supernatural gifts Edward is both irresistible and impenetrable Up until now he has managed to keep his true identity hidden but Bella is determined to uncover his dark secret New Moon 12 CDs For Bella Swan there is one thing important than life itself Edward Cullen But being in love with a vampire is even dangerous than Bella ever could have imagined Edward has already rescued Bella from the clutches of one evil vampire but now as their daring relationship threatens all that is near and dear to them they realize their troubles may be just beginning Eclipse 13 CDs As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger In the midst of it all she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf Breaking Dawn 14 CDs Twilight tempted the imagination New Moon made readers thirsty for Eclipse turned the saga into a worldwide phenomenon And now the story that everyone has been waiting for Breaking Dawn the final installment in the 1 bestselling Twilight Saga will take your breath away

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    You see that one little star? It’s there because I can’t give this series a 0 stars if I could I wouldSo I’m finally reviewing The Twilight Saga Ugh honestly I’d rather not because I know this will make me even angry about these books but I had to say my opinion on them So if I sound angry in this review It’s probably because I am So let’s get started shall we?First of all I’d like to say that yes I did love these books the first time I read them 3 years ago I was kind of a fangirl over them but then a couple of reviews opened my eyes and when I re read them I finally realized how bad these books actually are Not only did Stephenie Mayer copy a bunch of other vampire books but she also succeeded at making everything she copied 10 times worse Also I don’t know for you guys but reading these books made me have such bad headaches I mean the writing The writing I don’t know if she didn’t have an editor or something but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW CAN BOOKS THIS BADLY WRITTEN BE PUBLISHED There are so many grammar and syntactical errors that even for me who doesn’t have English as my first language noticed them Not to mention that the dialogues between the characters were atrocious You know what also surprises me though? When I read reviews of people who read tons of books and are really good in English and stuff and they say these books are well written It baffles me I don’t know what they read but it can’t be this Saga if they say it’s well written Now let’s talk about what probably is the worse aspect of the Twilight Saga THE CHARACTERS Bella Swan is probably the character I hate the most of all the books I read I hate her with a fury passion She’s just a mary sue or no rather it’s just Stephenie Mayer who represented herself as Bella Bella has absolutely no personality whatsoever AND she’s an idiot In four books I hardly learned anything about her except what she likes to eat for breakfast and that she “was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Edward Cullen Oh God kill me now And what’s up with all these people loving her like she’s the most amazing human on earth Everyone loves her everyone wants to be her friend BUT WHY? There’s nothing appealing about her at She’s boring stupid arrogant selfish and the only thing she does is complain ALL THE FUCKING TIME It’s the only thing she’s good at “Oh no it’s raining I hate rain my life sucks” “Oh no Edward didn’t look at me today” “OH NOOO WHY IS EVERYONE IN LOVE WITH ME? MY LIFE IS SOOO HARD” Ugh shut upEdward Ok I could understand why some people love him so much but when you really look at him he’s nothing else than a creepy stalker And before thinking that you want a boyfriend like him think about this Would you like a boyfriend that watches you while you sleep that breaks something in you car so you can’t go see your guy friend that controls your every movement won’t let you out of his sight and insults you NO I DON’T THINK SO So Edward and Bella’s relationship was just a big joke for me First of all I don’t even understand why he’d fall in love with a silly little girl like her who doesn’t have anything interesting about herAnd last but not least I’d like to mention some of the things these books teach people 1 How important it is to have a boyfriend how you CAN’T live without having a boyfriend Remember in New Moon when Edward left Bella? And then Mayer decided to skip four I believe it was four I’m not quite sure whole months of Bella’s life What does that tell you? That when your boyfriend leaves you you don’t have a life any So girls make sure you have a boyfriend ok? Cause otherwise 2 JUST KILL YOURSELF Now remember when that dumb girl decided to jump off a cliff? Yeah? Wow what a great message for teens right? 3 PEDOPHILIA I don’t care if Edward looks like a 17 year old boy BECAUSE MENTALLY HE’S STILL A 107 YEAR OLD MAN If he weren’t a vampire he’d be a 107 year old man in love with a 17 year old teenage girl And I don’t think anyone would be interested in reading such a book I’m sure of it Also I won’t even talk of Jacob who in Breaking Dawn imprints Bella and Edward girl who was born not even 10 minutes ago Now I won’t go in details of the other messages that these books contain but just to name a few abuse anti feminism teenage pregnancy selfishness don’t get to attached to your friends cause they’re just a backup group of people who you don’t really like you stand in the way of your mom’s and boyfriend happiness so go away if your boyfriend is mean to you it doesn’t matter just love him even if you fall in love with someone then leave your family for them AND SO ONYou know I find it quite funny when I see some people say “But you don’t have to analyze it too much it’s just for fun” No it’s not I’m not going to pretend that these messages aren’t there that the characters the writing and everything else aren’t bad If you want to do that then go ahead but it’s still thereNow I’m gonna finish this here because the a write the anger I have for Twilight