Imagining Him Was Harmlessuntil It Wasn TRomance Novelist Meghan Townsend S Marriage Is Slipping, And No Amount Of Prayer Seems To Help She Aims To Recapture Her Husband S Waning Attention By Getting In Shape And Finds Escape By Crafting Her Own Fictional Love Story Taking Inspiration For The Hero From A New Friend The Attractive, Spiritual, And Attentive Curtis Jameson She Pours Her Yearnings Onto The Page, And Craves The Kind Of Pulse Pounding Romance Found In Her Book, Racing Hearts InCorona, California, Motorcars Are All The Rage, And Racing Them Is What Meghan S Hero, Russell Keegan, Does Best But When His Competition Vandalizes His Car, The Only Mechanic Available Is A Greasy Woman In A Man S Overalls After A Racing Accident Claimed Her Father S Life, Winifred Became The Sole Breadwinner For Her Family She Is Disdained As A Female Mechanic, But Her Daddy S Trade Is All She Has Left Can She Swallow Her Hatred Of The Races And Take Up Russell S Offer Of Big Bucks To Fix His Car, Or Will She Lose Everything To Mounting Debt Under Meghan S Skillful Pen, These Two Embark On A Thrilling, Adventurous Romance But She Finds That Writing Those Love Scenes With Curtis S Face In Mind Takes Her Heart Places It Shouldn T Go Will She Realize In Time That Real Life Can Be Better Than Fiction About Better Than FictionBetter Than Fiction Is A Unique, Fun Blend Of Christian Women S Fiction And Turn Of The Th Century Historical Romance It Has Given Two Best Writer Buddies An Excuse To Work Together, Laugh Together, Create Together It S Given Them An Opportunity To Spotlight The Colorful Town Of Corona, California In This Lighthearted Romance, While Sharing Their Burden For The Woman Tempted By Infidelity Or Struggling With An Affair Of The Heart

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    Real life was messier than fiction, but that was the beauty of it Love was found in the mundane The every day The flat middle between the exhilarating highs and terrifying lows It was found in socks with holes, in split ends and cellulite, in late work nights and unplugged toasters I ve read books written individually by April Gardner and Michelle Massaro in the past but I have to say that this book combining both of their talents exceeded my expectations What a thoughtfully written and beautifully crafted novel paralleling an author s contemporary life with her fictional characters from the historical romance she s writing The transition from present day Corona, CA to 1916 is seamless The two separate plots are both easy to navigate and the life lessons that the main character learns when she evaluates her life and her book are affirming and encouraging If you enjoy a dual timeline novel though the historical component is a bit different since it s technically a book that the contemporary counterpart is writing , you will thoroughly enjoy this book that will have you marveling at the thrill of a car race in 1916 and contemplating what love and committed marriage really look like Meghan is our contemporary heroine who is trying to write and publish her first novel She deals with all the mundane things of life that we do and equally struggles with being the best mom, wife, friend, and Christian she can be Temptations, misunderstandings, frustration, and life struggles pull her away from her husband as these feelings also fuel her story that she s writing In 1916, Winnie is our historical heroine, working as a mechanic, shunned by society When Russell, a hotshot race car driver, comes into town and needs her help, things become quite complicated between them The Corona of 1916 is easy to fall in love with and the characters from the past are fun to get to know Meghan and her husband Steve s story rolls out a bit at a time, interspersed with the romance and excitement of 1916 Corona, and their story is somewhat somber but still fascinating and heart tugging I received a copy of the book from the publisher via Celebrate Lit Tours and was under no obligation to post a positive review All comments and opinions are solely my own.

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    This was a different form of a time slip novel The main female character Meghan pursues her dream of writing a novel in the present day while the novel she is writing pertains to the 1916 auto race in Corona, California For me it was full of emotions One minute it brought me on a high, the next minute I was wiping tears from my eyes The characters were so real and broken, just like we find ourselves at times I really felt for Meghan but she and her husband Steve were not communicating and so much could have been avoided if they had.I found it interesting that Winifred, the character in the novel Meghan was writing, was a female grease monkey with expert knowledge in the area of repairing auto engines She and Russell kept going back and forth as to what they were going to do regarding his auto and getting it ready to race To add to that Winnie s brother had skipped town with massive gambling debt and she was being harassed and physically hurt because of it The faith element was brought into the forefront of both stories, not as preachy but as in what the characters needed to be reminded of, which hit home with me too.I really enjoyed reading this story It s one that might require a second read in the future just because it was so good.I received an ebook copy of this book from the publisher through Celebrate Lit but was not required to write a review positive or otherwise All opinions are my own.

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    I loved the concept of this book, and we are gifted with actually two books in one The two authors have melded this into one book, and although we are flipping between 1916 and present day, and I never felt lost A strong point in both of these stories is that often our thoughts impressions are not fact Lessons are learned, and conclusions are made, and we are there to the very end.Looking forward to by these new to me authors I received this book through Celebrate Lit, and was not required to give a positive review.

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    What a wonderful story I love the insertion of the historical story within the story They both tugged at my heart, though for different reasons.Meg broke my heart for the pain she endured as her husband pushed her away Flirting with him, treating him to his favorite everything Nothing seemed to help He continued to work later and later, and then there were the phone calls she overheard parts of.As she attempted to make things right by finally losing weight she had gained, the new friend she found in her trainer and the advice from her best friend it doesn t hurt to look had her modeling her hero after her new trainer and her daughter s Sunday School teacher How miserable it is for us when we seek to have the people in our lives fill the needs that only God can fill When we look to anyone to give us our sense of value or to protect us from everything, or any other desire, we set them up to fail Only God can be everything we need all the time This message was brought home so clearly and beautifully.While there was a subtle admonition to married women not to seek solace in friendships with other men, this was not a preachy story, nor did it sound like it was written to push this point Quite the opposite It was fascinating, filled with emotional turmoil, deep sadness, hope, and powerful spiritual lessons.Racing Hearts, Meg s novel, was such a fantastic story itself Going back to 1916, Corona, California, it tells the story of Winnie and Russell and the Corona Road Race It s kind of crazy that I had never even heard of that, having grown up on the other side of the foothills from Corona There was so much to love about this story The woman mechanic who is Russell s only hope for getting his Bearcat repaired for the race The unknown Jefe who was sending his thugs to collect the debt left by Winnie s absent brother.Whether you prefer contemporary or historical Christian fiction, Better than Fiction is a must read Read my full review at Among the ReadsI was given a copy of this book I was not required to give a favorable review nor was any money received for this review All comments and opinions are my own.

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    I have really enjoyed this book and how two authors worked together to write stories that intertwined with ease Meghan has a dream to become an author and get published She tirelessly works on her manuscript in her spare time Meghan becomes disappointed that her husband Steve doesn t seem to be supporting her I could easily see how Meghan started to feel lonely in her marriage The enemy finds anyway he can to put doubt in your mind and cause you to start questioning trust I liked how the author introduced Curtis in the story who became someone Meghan started to find interesting I knew danger was waiting around the corner as Meghan seemed to be drawn to him The other part of the story is set in 1916 and lets us have a front row seat in Corona, California Winnie works hard at her family s mechanic shop It was very uncommon to see a woman as a mechanic in those days, but she sure could do circles around anyone when it came to fixing cars Russell needs someone like Winnie to help him get his car ready for the race They don t exactly get off to a good start Winnie is strong willed and doesn t back down from threats Someone is trying to sabotage her shop and cause bodily harm to her I did like the slow pace of their relationship as we discover the loss Winnie and her family has suffered.The authors have done such a great job of tying both stories together that I had a hard time not jumping ahead to see what happens The concept of a person writing a story and we see the characters come to life is worth praise Meghan sets her story in 1916, and we get to join her as she writes about Winnie and Russell Both women are similar in the fact that they have low self esteem and always seem to think nothing good will ever happen to them They both want someone to love them and notice them They both work hard at their dreams but lack the ability to believe in themselves.The lessons in the story are powerful as we see a marriage start to crumble and temptation seep in Instead of communicating with her husband, Meghan jumps to conclusions I didn t like where she was headed emotionally , but liked getting to see her turn to God for help Winnie finds herself in danger and Russell could be the answer to her prayers.I won t say what happens to these two couples, but I will say that both authors give us a look into trusting God, believing in yourself and being reminded that the grass isn t always greener on the other side Communication is key in any relationship and it will be a lesson both women will experience I thought the book was very well written and hope the authors team up again and write a book together.I received a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit The review is my own opinion.

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    magining him was harmless until it wasn t.Romance novelist Meghan Townsend s marriage is slipping, and no amount of prayer seems to help She aims to recapture her husband s waning attention by getting in shape and finds escape by crafting her own fictional love story Taking inspiration for the hero from a new friend the attractive, spiritual, and attentive Curtis Jameson she pours her yearnings onto the page, and craves the kind of pulse pounding romance found in her book, Racing Hearts In 1916 Corona, California, motorcars are all the rage, and racing them is what Meghan s hero, Russell Keegan, does best But when his competition vandalizes his car, the only mechanic available is a greasy woman in a man s overalls.After a racing accident claimed her father s life, Winifred became the sole breadwinner for her family She is disdained as a female mechanic, but her daddy s trade is all she has left Can she swallow her hatred of the races and take up Russell s offer of big bucks to fix his car, or will she lose everything to mounting debt Under Meghan s skillful pen, these two embark on a thrilling, adventurous romance But she finds that writing those love scenes with Curtis s face in mind takes her heart places it shouldn t go Will she realize in time that real life can be better than fiction Click here to get your copy My Thoughts This is a wonderful novel What could be better than two story lines in one novel This book hits the mark, it s well written, keeps the reader s attention and makes the reader think deeper than the story line The characters in this novel are down to earth people dealing with the same day to day problems that the reader has The cross over between 1916 and present day works well and is very easy to follow It gives the reader anticipation as to what will happen next This is a wonderful story that illustrates how we need not to take something we have for granted, and to be open and honest in our relationships This is a wonderful, well written novel that I will recommend highly.

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    What a clever idea for a romance novel I like how the authors deftly wove the current story with the historical one While the obstacles to romance are different in the stories, overcoming the obstacles follow similar paths and the two plot progressions work well together.And I liked both heroines I could really identify with Winifred s necessity to delve into a man s profession when her family s welfare was at stake I really felt for Meghan with her husband becoming distant and unresponsive The combination of feeling called to write a novel and also using it to express her romantic longings was very reasonable.I always like to learn something when I read a novel and in this one it was about car racing in Corona, California I like a strong Christian message in a novel and was happy to find this one included one.I recommend this Christian romance novel It has a well crafted plot, engaging characters, and an informative historical location I ll be looking for from this author duo.I received a complimentary digital copy of this book through Celebrate Lit My comments are an independent and honest review.

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    So, I really enjoyed the originality of Better than Fiction The historical fiction was really transporting, complex characters, convincing backdrop It was so interesting getting inside of the contemporary fiction with our author however, and see her own marital struggles and how life influenced her writing Not only did we get a really unique heroine and enjoyable historical, but we got to see a snippet of the writing process for an author as well The faith thread was so clear, and the reality of a temptation no one is above in marriage is shown realistically Satan loves to divide and isolate because we go looking places we shouldn t to fill that gap Sometimes I feel in our culture today it s easy to get that Hallmark movie stardust in the eyes and come back disappointed when marriage doesn t seem to fit our ideal The beautiful covenant that marriage is, and the reality of facing struggles together was really beautifully laid out in this book The way the authors switched from our author s life to her writings was very seamless, and caused no confusion I think the elements presented just flowed together so well If you re looking for a historical or contemporary fiction, this one is for you I received a complimentary copy of this book, and all opinions given are entirely my own.

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    Absolutely loved this story The mash up of contemporary historical through an author s viewpoint brought a new perspective to Better Than Fiction I loved both stories, but Meghan and Steve s story really hit hard.I ve been in Meghan s place before I know all too well how dangerous that slope can be, and I found myself begging her to take a second look at what she has before she lost it forever.Both stories have a timeless and relevant theme that any reader can learn from It s hard to believe this book was written by two different authors Their styles work together so seamlessly it feels like the same voice.The complexity of Winnie s background and the historical detail of her story would drop in during critical moments of Meghan s story, creating a deeper tension for both plots.I requested a copy of this book from Celebrate Lit I was not required to leave a positive review All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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    Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it Proverbs 4 23 NIV This story within a story finds us learning all about the struggles of car racing in Corona, CA in 1916 I certainly can imagine how incredibly dangerous it must have been to travel at such high rates of speed without all the safety features we have in the cars of today Winifred Fred , after losing her father in a racing accident has taken up where he left off and has become a mechanic, preferably not for race cars Russel is a race car driver with a damaged car Can they work together to get the Stutz ready for the big Corona race Meghan is having a great time writing this story, but her life is not turning out quite as wonderful as the life of her characters Lack of communication with her husband, Steve, has found them struggling in their relationship Will the realization that giving God control, instead of expecting Him to ride shotgun, help her stay away from actions she can t erase Can their life really be better than the fictional story she is writing I received a copy of this book through CelebrateLit The impressions and opinions are my own and were not solicited.