In Heroes Die And Blade Of Tyshalle, Matthew Stover Created A New Kind Of Fantasy Novel, And A New Kind Of Hero To Go With It Caine, A Street Thug Turned Superstar, Battling In A Future Where Reality Shows Take Place In Another Dimension, On A World Where Magic Exists And Gods Are Up Close And Personal In That Beautiful, Savage Land, Caine Is An Assassin Without Peer, A Living Legend Born From One Of The Highest Rated Reality Shows Ever Made That Season, Caine Almost Single Handedly Defeated And All But Exterminated The Fiercest Of All Tribes The Black Knives But The Shocking Truth Of What Really Took Place During That Blood Drenched Adventure Has Never Been Revealed Until NowThirty Years Later, Caine Returns To The Scene Of His Greatest Triumph Some Would Say Greatest Crime At The Request Of His Adopted Brother Orbek, The Last Of The True Black Knives But Where Caine Goes, Danger Follows, And He Soon Finds Himself Back In Familiar Territory Fighting For His Life Against Impossible Odds, With The Fate Of Two Worlds Hanging In The BalanceJust The Way Caine Likes It

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    I have nothing bad to say about this novel except that it is a scaled down and streamlined version of the previous two novels Assume you re taking our favorite badass, Caine, and developing a subplot that was teased in the previous novel about the Black Knife Clans, where Caine was made a blood brother to a bunch of orcs, and run with it.We ve got the backstory where he made enemies of them when he was just starting out as as an Actir making huge ratings and long after that, indeed, several years after the events of the previous novel, where he takes on yet another god while being hounded by another that loves him shudder It s quick and it s fun and it has everything we love while reading Caine, including a bit of him from first person, of which we had a taste in the previous, but not a lot That means we can get lied to A lot Which is fine, because we can always fall back on Caine s Laws to know exactly where he stands.Some characters are so well known that they become a force of nature That s where Caine stands for me, too I know I m not alone This novel is a straight character novel, so don t expect huge revelations and twists like in the previous two The scale is much, much reduced, but that doesn t mean it isn t fun It s in the nature of a great action novel with a beloved character we all know well, doing what he does best Kick ass The best part is, for all it s apparent normalcy in a fantasy field that is full of similar feels, it s still better than most I could read this stuff forever It s just that good.

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    Why would I want to join your f_cking clan What you want Who cares Orbek rose grinning You don t choose your clan, Caine Born Black Knife, you re Black Knife Borned Hooked Arrow, you re Hooked Arrow Now say that you are Black Knife, then let s go kill some guards, hey Actor Hari Michaelson on the Home planet, known as Caine on parallel universe Overworld, is sort of retired from violent pursuit, following what can only be described as wholesale slaughter in the first two books in the series Yet he s now coming back to the scene of his very first video adventure, the one that made his an instant star on Home, because one of his former enemies, the Ogrilloi Orbek seems to be in trouble with the local authorities Below, the vertical city spreads in descending rings like a peeled open map of the Inferno.Huh When I called it Hell, I was just, y know, riffing But now I see it with different eyes Welcome back to Hell, a cliff city at the edge of the Boedeken badlands, where once the Black Knifes where the most feared of the cannibalistic ogrilloi tribes preying on the unwary traveler That is, until they came face to face with Caine and became virtually extinct How Caine became a clan member of his once mortal enemies is told in Blade of Tyshalle This new episode takes place three years later view spoiler after Caine slays the local God and severs the ties between Home and Overworld hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars The Caine Hari Michaelson books are some of the best SF Fantasy books that have ever been written Not quite as good as the previous two entries but still incredibly entertaining Highly recommended

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    This is the third book in The Overworld or Acts of Caine series The writing remains good and the story enthralling and all my warning caveats remain in place Come to this book understanding that the language, the situations, the graphic descriptions are all decidedly what might be called R rated.That being said I say again that these are well written and at times even thought provoking reads.I think that so far as pure storytelling, plotting, characterization and just plain quality goes the first is the best at least so far The second novel in the series ratcheted up the adult content just a bit Here we change the story telling paradigm With the story picking up from the point events ended for us in the last book the novel alternates between Caine s present and excerpts from the master cut of Retreat from the Boedecken which is the adventure in which Caine Hari became a star It s also the story of the demise of the Black Knives The ripples of that adventure are reaching into the present It mostly holds up with both stories holding the interest.An aside here, for me anyway will be understood by most anyone who s been in the service Caine is in the habit of always, that is ALWAYS using the most vile language he can the writer can come up with The thing about crudity, obscenity and blasphemy is that it sort of loses it s punch if it s someone s common mode of speaking well, okay the blasphemy still makes me cringe The fact that Caine uses crude words for bodily functions, bodily waste, unusual sex acts and so on has to an extent lost a lot of it s edge It will still offend many readers of course so go into the book knowing it s there Still after while it simply leaves most I think sighing a bit and thinking, yeah yeah get on with it I understand your a bad, bad boy Well, just a side thought.Anyway, good book, well written thought provoking, action filled and holds the interest I plan to get the next.

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    Unfortunately, this installment fails to thrill me as the former installments did I really wanted to like it DNF at 20%.

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    The third book in Stover s Acts of Caine series continues to impress Unlike the first two books, which told complete stories, this one ends in a bit of a cliffhanger which will be resolved in book 4, Caine s Law.The book interweaves two stories One picks up the story of Caine from a couple of years after the events of book 2 Blade of Tyshalle The other tells the tale of an adventure from Caine s past a story that has been referred to several times in the first 2 books The two stories take place in and around the same city, and Stover does a good job of weaving them together.If you like fantasy science fiction literature, I urge you to pick up the first book of the series Heroes Die.

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    Three years have passed since Hari Michaelson better known to two worlds as Caine defeated his enemies, left the rancid and overpopulated Earth behind and escaped to Overworld to live in peace When his adopted ogrillo brother Orbek goes missing in the Boedecken, Caine is reluctantly pulled back to the site of his first and greatest adventure, the one that won him his name, and he finds that he must finally face the ramifications of the huge events that happened twenty five years earlier.Caine Black Knife is the third novel in the Acts of Caine series With every book in this series, author Matt Stover seems to enjoy changing gears, shifting genres, mixing up casts and generally wrong footing the audience After Blade of Tyshalle, a massive, epic and weighty in terms of both size and theme tome, Stover resists the urge to go bigger and apocalyptic Instead he strips things down, delivering the shortest and most focused novel in the series.Caine Black Knife at heart is a detective story Caine is trying to find out where his friend Orbek has gone and, once that s done, what the hell is going on in the Boedecken Waste Caine is not happy to be back, as his former visit transformed him into a superstar but at the cost of enormous numbers of lives and only by Caine performing some truly heinous acts The novel is divided into chapters that alternate between Caine s investigation in the past and flashbacks to his first adventure in the Boedecken Some familiar faces return or are discussed at length from the first two books but for the most part this is a new and stand alone adventure.Caine is a complex protagonist at the best of times, and in this novel Stover has to show him twice over at different points in his life The contrast between the ruthless and selfish 25 year old Caine and his 50 year old, half crippled, cynical but also reflective and dare we say it guiltier older self is fascinating Caine is driven by his demons and ghosts in this novel, but Stover cleverly avoids undercutting the character development from the previous two books Caine has made his peace with a lot of the problems he had previously and even made something of a new life for himself before he is drawn into Orbek s problems.The shorter page count and tighter focus means action and plot development, but never at the expense of characterisation The cast is much smaller than Blade of Tyshalle, but we still get to meet several Knights of Khryl a bunch of fanatical warriors who somehow manage to be unlike any other bunch of fanatical religious warriors you ve ever met in a fantasy novel and a bunch of Caine s past associates Stover has a gift for fleshing out even briefly appearing characters, with even the staff and patrons of the inn Caine is staying it getting developed and involved in the storyline Also, whilst black, cynical humour has always been part of the series, it feels a bit prominent in this volume which helps alleviate the grimness.This is a pretty dark book if not quite as harrowingly bleak as Blade of Tyshalle but Stover manages to sidestep a lot of the problems associated with modern grimdark fantasy The violence is prominent but never feels gratuitous Apart from Caine, most of the major and important characters in the book are female as in the previous two, for that matter and whilst sexual assault is implied, it is kept firmly off page and treated with seriousness There s a strong undercurrent of tragedy and inevitability running through the book and Stover even subverts his own happy ending for a couple of the characters by pointing out how they died during another adventure years later.If there is a problem with the book, it s that it feels like a stand alone but ends abruptly with numerous plot strands left unresolved Though irritating on release with a four year gap for the next volume , this is not a problem now since the fourth book, Caine s Law, is already available.Caine Black Knife is Stover once again changing the way he writes and even the genre to an extent and still coming up with a gripping, intelligent and original fantasy novel Outstanding The book is available now in the USA and as an ebook only release in the UK.

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    Stover s Heroes Die is an excellent if brutal and rather vulgar book Unfortunately the series takes a downhill turn from there I didn t like Blade of Tyshalle at all.The third book snaps back and forth between the present and the adventure that originally made Caine a superstar Neither one is fully satisfying, although it s an improvement on Blade of Tyshalle Unfortunately it also ends halfway through the story, so you ll be waiting for book 4 to find out how it ends.Only Heroes Die works as a standalone If you haven t read it or the second book, you ll have no clue what s going on My recommendation is to try the excellent Heroes Die and decide if you want to wade into the rest of the series.

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    This really only felt like half a book I ve since started Caine s Law and hopefully I ll see a conclusion to the story started here.

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    Before we get into this book, I d like to note that I am a huge fan of the second book in this series, Blade of Tyshalle It took what is my least favorite part of Heroes Die, the dystopian setting, and turned it into the centrepiece of something much exciting and interesting.So, about 10% into this novel, I thought this book was going to do something similar to the character of Caine I ve never thought that Caine rose too high above typical anti hero, so I was excited to see Caine become fleshed out, and have to reconcile the person that he was back in the time he became a star Actor, to the person he became now And while there were hints of that, it never really developed like I thought it would, and as a result, my interest level in Caine the character stayed about where it was the previous two books So on that count I was a little disappointed.Now, I realize it is tremendously unfair to trash a book for not being what you were expecting And really, the above paragraph isn t why this is a lesser offering in this mostly very good series The reason is that, except for a few scenes that truly show Stover s skill as an author, on those later , the book for me fails to rise above pure pulp like the other books in the series Worse, the pure pulp is not very well paced The current day story line goes through 80% of the book before anything actually happens, the first 4 5ths of the book is Caine going around and talking to people trying to get a gauge on the situation Now, it isn t quite as boring as I just made it sound, but still, not a particularly effective way to write a book The action heavy Retreat from the Boedecken part offsets that a bit, but not quite enough to make me ignore it.That said, the two chapters The Memory of Day and Bad Guy are some of the best in the series thus far Both are from the past tense storyline, and especially combined, really show you where Caine was at as a person in the times he became famous And while the full development he s had since then isn t really shown in the present day line, it can clearly be seen through his actions in the previous two books where Caine has come.In summary, it is a lesser Overworld offering, as it doesn t quite have the depth Blade of Tyshalle did in particular However, for those who enjoyed the first two books there is enough in this to make it worth your while for certain, and the action sequences as usual are superb And for those who haven t read this series, Stover has a lot of talent, and this series starting with Heroes Die is highly recommended.