Dr Brooke Campbell has a surprise for her fiancé Tess Sinclair While Tess has been preoccupied with moving them into a new home Brooke has been planning a surprise wedding Nervousness and excitement are in the air as Brooke and Tess look forward to new beginnings But merging families has a unique way of bringing back old memories Brooke and Tess will need to confront issues from their past old insecurities and long held feelings of loss At the same time they must endeavor to foster a sense of security in Tess’s twins Dani and Davey as they commit to their life together Personality conflicts old misunderstandings rebellious nine year olds and personal insecurities remind Brooke and Tess that love is a fragile entity Moving forward in their life together will require them both to remember that families come with a special label—Handle with Care

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