All My Life I Had One Dream And That Was To Be In The Movies He Was The Golden Boy Of The Golden Age A Prince Of The Silver Screen Dashing And Debonair, Tony Curtis Arrived On The Scene In A Blaze Of Bright Lights And Celluloid His Good Looks, Smooth Charm, And Natural Talent Earned Him Fame, Women, And Adulation Elvis Copied His Look And The Beatles Put Him On Their Sgt Pepper Album Cover But The Hollywood Life Of His Dreams Brought Both Invincible Highs And Debilitating Lows Now, In His Captivating, No Holds Barred Autobiography, Tony Curtis Shares The Agony And Ecstasy Of A Private Life In The Public EyeNo Simple Tell All, American Prince Chronicles Hollywood During Its Heyday Curtis Revisits His Immense Body Of Work Including The Unforgettable Classics Houdini, Spartacus, And Some Like It Hot And Regales Readers With Stories Of His Associations With Frank Sinatra, Laurence Olivier, Director Billy Wilder, And Film Industry Heavyweight Lew Wasserman, As Well As Paramours Natalie Wood And Marilyn Monroe, Among Others As Forthright As He Is Enthralling, Tony Curtis Offers Intimate Glimpses Into His Succession Of Failed Marriages And The One That Has Endured , His Destructive Drug Addiction, And His Passion As A Painter Written With Humor And Grace, American Prince Is A Testament To The Power Of Living The Life Of One S Dreams

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    having now read the book, I can honestly say that it was a hard book to put down curtis is so brash and bombastic, it s like listening to a favorite uncle regale you with stories from his youth You suspect that they are somewhat embellished for your benefit, but yet you enjoy them just the same.Curtis stories of his early time in Hollywood are a delightful peek into the last days of the studio system HIs story of returning to NY and meeting Walter Matthou sp is probably the funniest thing in the entire bookBoth sweet and sour, Curtis reveals himself to be an engaging individual.Just ask him He d agree.

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    It was hard to like this book because Tony Curtis comes across as such a macho pig egotist He certainly had a tough childhood, but he s way too boastful about his conquests You sorta wonder if he s all talk but not really that much action He hardly ever mentions his children, as if they didn t matter You find out that he had his first daughter only when he describes Janet Leigh s problems having his second, Jamie Lee Anyway, his current wife may feel he s great, as she notes in her intro, but she may be the only one.

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    Tom Emory, Jr Review Tony Curtis never escaped his roots The fame and success were not enough He wanted everyone to love him and bow to him, and his way of demeaning people in his autobiography is indicative of his lack of upbringing, education, refinement and love A suitable subtitle for this work could have been It was everybody else s fault I d recommend this book but as an education piece of what success and overindulgence does to a person who likely doesn t deserve the rewards he gets I ve always liked Tony Curtis but this does take some gloss off his performances It reveals a shallow man with shallower attitudes towards women, success, fame, business and the profession that created him.

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    What this book boils down to is this paraphrase You guys, Tony Curtis may be troubled but he s really, really handsome and he totally slept with Marilyn Monroe Tony CurtisI found Curtis a bit pompous although he did earn back some humility credit toward the end , hypocritical Furious when his wives he had affairs even though he did all the time, at least he was discrete about it and ill focused I spent time learning about his sexual conquests than his brother s childhood death.

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    _American Prince A Memoir_ 2008 by Tony Curtis, Peter Golenbock, Mitch Greenberg Narrator Added 9 23 11I listened to the audio version of this book.It s a tell all book and I enjoyed it very much.There was something very charming about Tony Curtis.He died in 2010 at the age of 85 He had a great career at the beginning but it went downhill as he aged It s sad to think about it He married 5 times and had 6 children altogether Of course, the famous one is Jamie Lee Curtis, whom he had with his first wife, actress Janet Leigh.The audio book is read by Mitch Greenberg He sounds very similar to Tony Curtis in expression I imagine that s intentional I wish Tony Curtis had read it, but Greenberg does a good job.Curtis Wiki page is another GR member s review of this book.Gail writes having now read the book, I can honestly say that it was a hard book to put down curtis is so brash and bombastic, it s like listening to a favorite uncle regale you with stories from his youth You suspect that they are somewhat embellished for your benefit, but yet you enjoy them just the same Curtis stories of his early time in Hollywood are a delightful peek into the last days of the studio system HIs story of returning to NY and meeting Walter Matthou sp is probably the funniest thing in the entire book Both sweet and sour, Curtis reveals himself to be an engaging individual Just ask him He d agree FROM there are parts of the book where I wondered if the anecdotes were really true or not But they were entertaining, nevertheless.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed reading Mr Curtis autobiography I appreciated his candor, and loved all the stories After reading this book, I had a sense of the actor as a person As a long time fan of his many fine performances, I read this book in a day could not put it down However, while the early part of the book gave me a sense of the man and his life, the latter part felt rushed, as if the author wanted to finish the book and was no longer interested in the project, or had nothing to say This was a pity because it was started out so well I would have also liked from the author on his insights into acting, how he honed his craft, and how he created his performances, his process perhaps some insights into the acting of other actors who worked with him It also felt unfinished in the sense of not reaching a conclusion a detailed description of where the author was today might have helped If not for these things, I would have rated the book higher Still, I recommend it as a very good read from an actor who was really good at his craft.

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    I have always thought that Tony Curtis was one of the most beautiful males ever created This was a great insight into the man behind the pretty face He took a lot of things in stride such as always being thought of as gay, he was not I loved the parts when he first broke into Hollywood Running around town, free and easy A typical golden boy , he seemed to really love the ladies and presented himself as a true gentleman Hated that he cheated on his wife constantly, but was all kinds of upset when he discovered that she was being unfaithful.

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    A bombastic, narcissist, womanizer and highly entertaining, Curtis was a terrible son, brother, husband, and father I enjoyed parts of this, reading about old Hollywood actors, but I wanted to spank him He would have loved it

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    Many years ago I read a ghost written autobiography of Shelley Winters, in which she claimed Tony Curtis was her first cousin, and that he was instrumental in her breaking into Hollywood She even included a long Hollywood story about being with him at a party and accidentally getting into a producer s home office while looking for a bathroom and finding a portrait of Hitler on the wall Uh huh Sure Interestingly enough, in his own memoir Curtis makes no such claim of kinship with Ms Winters he apparently never met her until they worked together on a film, found her difficult to work with, and disliked her most profoundly No partying, nor even an attempt to seduce her and that says a lot.The first half of this book was interesting, the rags to riches story of a New York inner city boy who, like Danny Wilde in the Persuaders, made good In fact, they used some of Curtis personal photos for the montage at the beginning of that series Like many actors of the time, Curtis had a family history of mental illness his father suffered from depression, his mother was extreme and violent, his much younger brother was schizophrenic, and he himself dealt with bouts of black depression Movies were an escape and what better escape than to act in those movies, and be someone else for the weeks of filming After he made good, however, things started to slide There are plenty of Hollywood moments of the type that sound wish fulfillment than reality, such as his budding romance with Marylin Monroe and Natalie Wood both of whom were deceased at the time of writing, and therefore could niether confirm nor deny His much mentioned sensitivity was all on his own side as so often happens he was sensitive to his own needs, his own problems, but used people particularly women in the most cavalier manner No wonder he went through so many marriages in his world, it was okay to engage in one night stands while he was married, because they didn t mean anything Meaningless sex with a stranger is apparently acceptable, as long as you re discreet However when he discovers that one of his many wives is playing the field in his absence, he is upset because after all, he wasn t going to be cuckolded and stand idly by Ah, yes The good old double standard Hardly surprising that he ran out of friends and jobs by the late 70s In dealing with the reasons behind his cocaine addiction at Betty Ford, he apparently never adressed his inability to keep his fly zipped and his trouser snake under control As a kid, I fell hard for Curtis when watching The Persuaders Of course in those days we always had a black and white TV, usually second hand Not until the new millenium did I see it in colour, on DVD and you could have knocked me over with a piece of spaghetti when I learned he had blue eyes On BW TV they showed up dark, and I had assumed since Roger Moore was blonde they had found a dark foil to play Wilde Not only that, but in that series Curtis hair colour varied not just from one episode to the next, but often from one shot to the next This memoir took a bit of the shine off my childhood memories of that series, but that s what happens when you grow up.One thing I did notice, which made me aware that this memoir was ghost written the preponderance of British turns of phrase that jarred with his quintessentially profane New Yorker style One moment he d be calling someone an MF, and the next he d speak of something being spot on or of chatting up a girl instead of being right on or flirting , much natural for a New Yorker of his age.

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    When I first saw Ray Liotta I thought of Tony Curtis I haven t read a book on Liotta yet so I can t compare the two except in looks The dark hair, light eyes and pouty lip seem to have become a look Anyways, who cares Looks are looks and substance is a bit deeper I always thought of Curtis as a fop Not much substance but pretty to look at This book shows the detail behind the actor in his own words It s actually a good study in a not so self aware person who wants people to like them but won t take responsibility when it comes to their own crappy behaviors and decisions His life has dimension but his morals are corrupt And he has seemingly no self awareness of why others expect certain things from him and get mad when he lets them down I enjoyed this book Once I read it and looked back over it I found Curtis an often lucky man who was a womanizer And I don t mean that in a cruel way He s like one of those stupid young boys that can t commit to one job and bounces around The book though really is a great story, the story of an improbable actor who was able to succeed and experienced many positive experiences without really dedicating himself to any.