Not going to bother writing a big long review for this, but I am so glad I broke my rules to buy and read this one There was so much to love about it.The relative absence of external conflict left a refreshing focus on the main characters The conflict grew naturally out of their own understandable hang ups Widowed Tamara Briggs is wary of dating at all after her stock car racing husband died in a crash at Talladega, never mind dating another racer She s also 32, with two kids and the resultant stretch marks, and as much as she s wildly attracted to Elec Monroe, she can t help but wonder what a 25 year old guy sees in her cottage cheese ass.For his part, Elec has been avoiding commitment in his previous relationships, but McCarthy turns this trope on its head You see, as much as he s a monogamist at heart and loves kids, he s sterile, so he s avoided the marrying type, because he doesn t want his heart broken when she leaves for a man who can give her children Naturally, Tamara s children are an attraction for him, a ready made family where he assumed he d never have one at all The commitment focused hero breaking down the widow s reservations was a breath of fresh air.I just had a few issues with the book, both thematically and stylistically It s written in a rather folksy tone, and that makes sense for a book about stock car racing set in Charlotte, but there were times where it went from folksy to just inelegant Swallowing a bucket of spit is a rather strange phrase to show up multiple times I also didn t like how she couldn t leave the dead husband alone Can t she have an HEA with Elec without having to enumerate her first husband s flaws In any case, I loved the book so much, I ve broken rules to buy Hard and Fast to read next I m weak. Finally rereading it Dancing around I will update my review after the reread Aww, well as soon as I get a minute to spare and a computer that works Hot contemporary romance 5 starsElec Monroe is one of the hottest heroes of all times I had a picture of Jude Law in my mind, but Elec was even hotter And he is just great The story is about 32 year old widow Tamara Briggs who lost her husband in a race car accident She has two children and they are of course very important to her However, I loved that she put herself out there anyway and I loved that she wasn t ridden with guilt over it Everyone was very sensible and encouraging of course her husband would have wanted her to be happy.I loved the scenes with the kids I loved how great Elec was with them is there anything hotter than a guy who is great with kids However, Tamara and Elec s relationship is not for kids if you know what I mean I may as well confess I have a major crush on Elec Guys don t get any better than him This was a great book, but he definitely bumped it up to five stars. Independent Single Mother Tamara Briggs Wanted To Find A New, Sexy, No Strings Attached Man Just Not One As Young As NASCAR Driver Elec Monroe But He Sure Does Get Her Heart Racing And After She S Tricked Into A Blind Date With Him, Tamara Gives In To Her Passion Things Screech To A Halt, Though, When He Asks To Meet Her Children Whatever Happened To Wham Bam Thank You Ma Am Suddenly Tamara Has To Decide How Much Risk She S Willing To Take To Experience The Power Of True Love So why couldn t she bring herself to like him Because maybe somewhere deep inside her she still felt the need for speed For excitement. Uhm yes Where do I begin You know those cheap books that are about the typical love sex story between the average looking woman looking for a lifetime commitment and the hottest guy on the planet running from it with all his might Yes Are you into them No Good Then avoid this like Satan avoids holy water.My problems with this book 1 Cheesy2 Painfully boring3 Not funny4 Terrible writing style5 Stupid stupid stupid stupid My reactions while reading Flat Out Sexy hmph yawn wtf omg my eyes started to burn where s the toilet paper Other issues The chick is talking about her dead husband and the dude is trying his best to see what thongs she s wearing Since page 24.Screwing from chapter two Who needs a story anyway Pornography pays very well.Bottom line horrible Two chapters are enough for me.P.S The cover sucks balls. Holly Sh t I know, I know, I shouldn t have said something like that, but words were made for a reason and there are moments you just HAVE to use them, well this is definitely one of them I just can t believe how good this book was I was expecting a great read because all my goodreads friends loved it so much, but I never thought it would be THIS good Contemporary romance is really surprising me and every new day.I was already in love with sport related books but I had no clue car races would be this exhilarating I could not put the book down I have read about hockey football, but never car racing I m happy to share with you how much I loved this book.And the hero in this book is the hottest thing I have ever EVER read about REALLY, they don t come any hotter than this Who could not feel sexy and gorgeous with a guy telling you things like that and in the way he did, sigh If you re looking for a book to cheer you up, this is it and if you have not read it yet you definitely should do so RIGHT THIS SECOND I m starting book 2 right away Here goes another book to my favs shelf. A big shout out to whoever listed this dish as part of the Lisa Klepas Pot Luck Reading Challenge THANK YOU Flat Out Sexy is my first read by Erin McCarthy and I am so, so looking forward to the next installment of the Fast Track series This was a fun, sexy read A great story, nothing heavy or angsty, just a sit back and enjoy the ride good time And that s exactly what I was looking for I m not going to go into plot detail, because the story blurb tells you quite enough without me re hashing it for you, but I will share my thoughts about the characters.Elec is such a great guy Easy going, caring, hard working the perfect non alpha caveman type hero He was patient with Tamara and respected her need for privacy and discretion when it came to their relationship I appreciate that in him, and was glad that he didn t just tolerate it, but truly understood it That spoke volumes about what a thoughtful man he was I thought that Tamara was also awesome A young, widowed, mother of 2 kids, she did a great job caring for them and trying to provide them with the right atmosphere I love how the relationship development took place She didn t just jump right into dating, nor did she suddenly thrust Elec on her kids She respected their memory of their father and took her time easing them into the idea of having another man around That was very real to me, and made me think of her as than just a character written on the page, but a living, breathing, caring mother.As for our secondary characters, there was quite a bit of angst, bitterness, animosity between Suzanne, Tamara s best friend, and Ryder, Suzanne s ex husband Clearly there are unresolved issues in that relationship and I can t wait to read their book and find out exactly what that said issues are Then we also have the whole Ty Nikki Imogen thing brewing Nikki, while I m certain she does have brain cells than a grain of sand, though not many, seems like such a sweet girl But I just get the feeling that sweet isn t enough for Ty, and I m wondering hoping that Imogen might have a chance at winning his heart.Wow I m glad I chose this book as part of my meal plan and am truly excited to read of this series. This is the discussion that took place with my husband and I about the cover of this book MECheck out the guys package on the front cover of this book HUBBYIts a cup MEI dont give a sh t if its a rat stuck down there, he looks hot HUBBYIts a cup Sam MEJealous muchHUBBYNo comment So, this book was so much than what I anticipated Yes, it was a quick read but WHOA, what an impact it made Elec Monroe, was the sweetest, kindest guy that I have come across in a book for a long while He didn t lie, cheat or make Tamara feel bad about anything And then there was the sex This man was sex on legs I was looking for the ice bucket half the time.Tamara was a little bit annoying She was paranoid about her and Elecs age difference When in reality, it was bugger all 6 years in nothing Now if we were talking 15 20 then maybe I wold have grossed out She worried to much about what her kids thought and what everyone else thought and didn t listen to herself saying that she wanted this man.I tend to agree with alot of the other reviews, in which I dont usually go for the dead husband with kids angle Sort of gets in the way of everything But these issues were worked in ti this story beautifully and I dont think it would have been the same without them.Imogen was worked into the story well and has set me up for another fantastic story that I cant wait to get my hands on. 2.5 stars I LOVED IT It seems like ages since I had planned to read this book, but for some unknown reason, I kept postponing it And by the time I finished reading this, I was mentally kicking myself for not picking it up sooner Oh boy, this book was soooooooo cute The story was incredibly sweet yet mind blowingly sexy on so many levels I was effortlessly pulled into this story from the very start, and very pleased to completely lose myself in there until the end.Reading Flat Out Sexy reminded me why I love reading Erin McCarthy s books She delivers this wonderful love story, full of sweet treats, delicious sexiness, quirky humor, endearing characters, and the perfect amount of drama Exactly what I want I can wholeheartedly say that I loved everything about this book It really hit the spot for me in every way The way Elec and Tamara s feelings toward each other continued to grow stronger and deeper bit by bit every day made my heart swell with joy I loved how Elec took care of Tamara and her children It was a big YES to me.Meet Tamara Briggs and Elec Monroe in this older woman younger man romance story.Tamara was a thirty two year old widow with two kids Since her race driver husband was killed in a crash during a race, she had no intention of dating anyone with a dangerous job again, especially another race car driver.Elec was a twenty five year old rookie driver He met Tamara at the party and felt utterly drawn to her from the moment their eyes met He d never felt like this with anyone before She d occupied his thoughts since then and all he d wanted to do was be with her.Tamara felt an instant attraction toward Elec as well, and the chemistry between them was so obvious and too hot to resist But there were many reasons she shouldn t and couldn t date this man, like the hatred between her father in law and Elec s father, or their age difference, or even her responsibility to protect her kids if things didn t work out between them But most of all, she was afraid of getting romantically involved with a driver again Elec understood why Tamara turned down a date with him, but since he was a resolute man, he would prove himself for her to trust him and that seeing him was definitely a risk worth taking.I fell hard for the hero, Elec swoon Yes, Elec swoon again Gosh, I want this man All of him I love it when the hero takes the heroine seriously, tries every way to win her heart, never gives up on her, and wants the world to know that she is his woman And Elec did everything exactly what I said Aww he is such a sweetheart I love this kind of man sexy, sweet, determined, understanding, and tender hearted Elec thought that if a woman was a good mother, it said wonderful things about her as a human being It said she was caring, compassionate, loyal, strong All things he wanted in a woman he would give his heart to. Tamara could be funny at times, and of course, in a cute way She s a great mother, a loyal friend, and a lovely daughter in law She s charming, witty, and adorable The thing I admired the most about her was that she loved her kids dearly that she put them as her first priorityNo The bed will dry us off And what it doesn t dry on you, I ll lick dry Oh My Goodness Did that mean she was supposed to lick him in kind Because while it sounded shocking, she thought she could get into a thorough exploration of that hard body. Aside from this couple, there were also other interesting and colorful supporting characters that I look forward to reading of their stories.All in all, this was a very lovely contemporary romance story with plenty of humor and steamy moments and also a touch of drama thrown in for good measure But most of all, it was than enough sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth I couldn t be happier 5 stars Contemporary Romance EroticaI LOVED this book I picked this up after reading so many rave reviews on and Goodreads, and I was not disappointed Erin McCarthy s Flat Out Sexy is one of the best contemporary romances I ve read in a long, long while It s a very touching, sweet, funny, entertaining, sexy love story with lots of humor and heart and characters to care and cheer for The hero, 26 year old race car driver Elec Monroe, is an absolute dream that any woman would fall head over heels for He s sweet, caring, thoughtful, sentimental, charming, attentive, funny, flirtatious, a considerate lover, and just flat out sexy check out the book jacket Tamara Briggs the 32 year old widower with two kids who Elec falls for is a down to earth and realistic heroine that all women can relate to and root for McCarthy writes great dialogue and very witty banter There are quite a few laugh out loud moments, like when Tamara and her best friend Suzanne engage in girl talk, and touching moments between Elec and Tamara s kids The chemistry between Elec and Tamara is intense and the sex is steamy H O T I loved this book so much and hated for it to end and am looking forward to the next in the series, Hard and Fast, coming out in May 09 A VERY FUN, SWEET, ROMANTIC, AND SEXY READ Big 5 stars