, Colorado Alexandra Solarin Is Summoned Home To Her Family S Ancestral Rocky Mountain Hideaway For Her Mother S Birthday Thirty Years Ago, Her Parents, Cat Velis And Alexander Solarin, Believed That They Had Scattered The Pieces Of The Montglane Service Around The World, Burying With Them The Secrets Of The Power That Comes With Possessing It But Alexandra Arrives To Find That Her Mother Is Missing And That A Series Of Strategically Placed Clues, Followed Swiftly By The Unexpected Arrival Of A Mysterious Assortment Of House Guests, Indicates That Something Sinister Is Afoot When She Inadvertently Discovers From Her Aunt, The Chess Grandmaster Lily Rad, That The Most Powerful Piece Of Charlemagne S Service Has Suddenly Resurfaced And The Game Has Begun Again, Alexandra Is Swept Into A Journey That Takes Her From Colorado To The Russian Wilderness And At Last Into The Heart Of Her Own Hometown Washington, DC, Albania Thirty Years After The French Revolution, When The Chess Service Was Unearthed, All Of Europe Hovers On The Brink Of The War Of Greek Independence Ali Pasha, The Most Powerful Ruler In The Ottoman Empire, Has Angered The Sultan And Is About To Be Attacked By Turkish Forces Now He Sends The Only Person He Can Rely Upon His Young Daughter, Haidee On A Dangerous Mission To Smuggle A Valuable Relic Out Of Albania, Through The Mountains And Over The Sea, To The Hands Of The One Man Who Might Be Able To Save ItHaidee S Journey From Albania To Morocco To Rome To Greece, And Into The Very Heart Of The Game, Will Result In Revelations About The Powerful Chess Set And Its History That Will Lead At Last To The Spot Where The Service Was First Created Than One Thousand Years Before BaghdadBlending Exquisite Prose And Captivating History With Nonstop Suspense, Neville Again Weaves In This Sequel To The Eight An Unforgettable Story Of Peril, Action, And Intrigue

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    Almost as good as the first one Definitely a good follow up I love the Neville s style and the way in which the world is turned upside down The books are similar to most historical adventure fiction, full of suspense and thrills Neville builds amazing characters, and she takes you to fantastic places I loved the start of this all being about the game of chess If you like mystery and intricate details, this is a good book to read but definitely read The Eight first it s a two book series I wish she wrote About Me For those new to me or my reviews here s the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads, and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you ll also find TV Film reviews, the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I ve visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the who what when where and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me, but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creators.

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    I really, really wanted to love this book Really I liked it okay but the love just wasn t there It s a sequel to one of my favorite books ever The Eight and I had high hopes, but also reservations about whether the author could capture the magic of The Eight Unfortunately, she did not I can t even tell you what it is about The Eight that gives it that extra spark or that extra bonfire whatever it is that makes it one of the coolest books ever But The Eight has it, while The Fire does not.It s a good book We get a glimpse at some of our old favorite characters from the original book Cat Velis, Alexander Solarin, Ladislaus Nim, Charlot, Tallirand But mostly the book is about Cat and Alexander s daughter Alexandra and her friends Its fun and adventurous, but nothing like the original If someone can tell me why the two are so different, when they appear, on the surface, so much the same I d appreciate it But for now, I ll just wait my usual 2 3 years to forget the details, then enjoy The Eight all over again.

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    koliko god da to ne elim, moram knjizi dati trojku Sva je nekakonedovr ena Likovi su povr no odra eni, radnja je uglavnom predvidljiva a kraj je jednostavnomeh Da nema nekoliko svijetlih momenata, ne bi dobila ni to.

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    Ok. I really really really loved reading Katherine Neville s book The Eight several years ago I still think it s a great little book So I was super excited to hear that she wrote a sequel It was all down hill from there I struggled through the opening chapters full of obscure middle eastern names and theories but I hung in there because I thought it would pay off in the end Every corner that the story turned I thought I would finally get to the good part But every time the bad guy was going to get them, somehow it all just fizzled out Every single climax in the book just seemed to fizzle out And isn t there a rule about how many oops. I forgot my phone was bugged scenarios you can have in one book or Ooops. I forgot to check for listening devices before I told you all my secrets in this totally public place I don t know. maybe I just didn t get it I ve never been good at chess, but it seemed like her other book was a lot exciting This seemed to be a lot of crazy people sitting around talking about crazy things and drawing completely crazy conclusions totally out of thin air Yah. there was waaaaaay too much talking At least there was some nice hot steamy bathroom boat sex gag gag gag

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    I am very disappointed to say that I had to give up on this book about halfway through See below to read what I had to say when I began it It s not awful, but it was way too easy to put it down and pick up other books Oh, well I wrote earlier I ve been waiting for this sequel to THE EIGHT for ever Hooray Okay, sure, I admit that in countless ways THE EIGHT was preposterous and silly I loved it Which makes me as frightened to read THE FIRE as I am eager what if it s not as fun and absorbing Her other books weren t But maybe it will be Plus, I got hold of an ARC Frabjous day

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    au, jedva izdr ah do krajaza to sam joj zbiberio sjedni jedan monstruozno dosadno ba cijelu knjigu se odvija neka priprema, strka za ne to, nekog vraga, stalno se eka da ve po ne radnja koja ima vezu s Monglanskom garniturom i tako do emo do kraja i ni ta, ba ni ta, neki apsolutno bezvezni zavr etak s kvazi filozofijom.sve li i na odvratne beskona ne trke i proganjanja u ameri kim filmovima konji, ko ije, automobili, amci i ino to oni veselo izmi ljaju , a udrobljeno likova za 3 knjigei ne, ni na kraju nemam pojma ko je koga u njojveze ovo s odli nim prethodnikom Osmica nema, jednostavno zaboravite da postoji, valjda je izdava u i g i zatrebalo para

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    Parte de este libro me ha encantado y parte la he aborrecido La primera parte me gust demasiado y eso quiz s ha hecho que mis expectativas estuvieran muy altas A n as la trama de Alexandra me atrap desde el principio y por suerte los cap tulos que hac an referencia al pasado son minor a.

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    Uch I didn t even finish the book, which is rare for me This was just so painful and tedious to read, I couldn t stand it There were parts where it seemed like Neville just took her historical research and put it into the mouths of the characters and I use that term loosely verbatim The whole book felt like an attempt to cash in on the DaVinci Code craze for powerful hidden conspiracies uncovered by deciphering clues novels I am dreading going back and taking another look at The Eight, to which this was the sequel I loved that book I read it in college and I wonder if this one was really that different.

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    A base da hist ria at interessante, mas com tanta rainha branca e preta, duplica es e pe es, torna se ma ador.

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