Linger On The Hill Of CalvaryRub A Finger On The Timber And Press The Nail Into Your HandTaste The Tinge Of Cheap Wine And Feel The Scrape Of A Thorn On Your BrowTouch The Velvet Dirt, Moist With The Blood Of GodAllow The Tools Of Torture To Tell Their StoryListen As They Tell You What God Did To Win Your Heart As a Christian, I never wanted to get to the point where I took Jesus for granted and yet, I started to tune out when we talk about the cross in church This book completely shifted how I view the cross and Jesus PERSONAL sacrifice for me and my sins I sat down to read the first few chapters and had to pull out a pen and highlighter because there was so much to dig into Incredibly blessed by this book and would absolutely recommend it, whether you are a Christian or Atheist or anywhere in between. Before reading this book, all I know is that Jesus died on the cross for me to be saved That s it I took it for granted and never appreciated it I just cannot understand how other people can truly understand the meaning of the cross and how it changed and still changing their lives But after reading this book, now I understand what the cross truly means It is a gift And who am I that God gave His only Son for me to experience freedom, His love and His mercy Reading this book allowed me to see the little things that I don t see before, allowed me to stop and just feel God s love for me and you It is just amazing This book is an eye opener. Max Lucado writes, Much has been said about the gift of the cross itself, but what of the other gifts What of the nails, the crown of thorns What about the garment taken What about the garment given and it continues With that as an introduction, I will say that despite reading many books on Christianity, faith, Christ and so on, I had never looked quite at all of the things surrounding the cross, Jesus crucifixion, and resurrection in the way that Lucado looks at them in this book.With the simple analogy of his father writing some final words to him and his wife, a picture is painted around each one of the things that we read about in the Bible that speaks to much greater meaning and significance than we tend to give them as we read through the passages But the premise made sense to me Knowing that his last deeds would be forever pondered, don t you think he chose them carefully Deliberately I do And I think that any of us can relate to that Would you do any less for something that you knew would far surpass your life So, trace the path of these meaningful symbols in which Lucado writes, God was never sovereign than in the details of the death of his Son It may change the way you look at those things every time you read those passages from here on out and help you marvel that much at what transpired when Christ went to the cross. All of Lucado s books are spiritually enriching I am a priest and Lcado s books always bring God close to me.