The Greatest Western Writers Of The 21st CenturyThe Kerrigans risked everything to stake a claim under a big Texas sky Now one brave woman is fighting to keep that home against hard weather harder luck and the West's most dangerous men A Ranch DividedAfter a long hard journey up the Chisholm Trail Kate Kerrigan is in Dodge City facing a mystery of murder A cowboy she hired a man with a notorious past has been accused of killing a prostitute and sentenced to hang Kate still trusts Hank Lowry And when a hired killer comes after her she knows she has struck a nerve Someone has framed Hank for murder in order to cover up a sinister and deadly crime spawned in the musty backrooms of the Kansas boomtown Back in west Texas the Kerrigan ranch is under siege A wagon train full of gravely ill travelers has come on to the parched Kerrigan range being led by a man on a secret mission With Kate's son Quinn manning the home front one wrong step could be fatal when the shooting suddenly starts

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    Again I do enjoy this series and this book and really enjoy the character of Kate In saying that sometimes it feels the book goes into many different directions and is not as great in detail as others It is a series but it does not follow each other for instance what happen with the doctor that was living on the property?