Patsy Walker has managed to escape her past her enemies and Hell itself literally but nothing compares to job hunting in New York City Between trying to make rent and dodging bullets Patsy barely has time to deal with her mother's exploitative romance comics about Patsy's past resurfacing much less how they start to interfere with her work and dating life As she goes from living a double life to a triple what the hell is Patsy Walker supposed to do? There'll be friendship and burgers monsters and rent checks and a ghost from the past with uestionable motives Comics' most flexible heroine has been a provisional Avenger a Defender Satan's daughter in law and a dead woman–but she's never been anything like thisCollecting Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat 1 6

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    Oof I've always been a HUGE fan of Hellcat so I was totally stoked when I heard she was getting her own book again Then I read it UghWhile I can totally appreciate what Kate Leth is doing here combining the original Patsy Walker books with Patsy's recent relatively speaking adventures as Hellcat it's just not for meIt's just too darned cutesy Sickeningly saccharine I wouldn't mind so much if this was aimed at kids; I'm a firm believer that there aren't enough comicbooks specifically for kids; but it's not It's aimed at hipster millennials who are too 'hip' to read superhero books unironically Just typing that made this old school comicbook fan feel a little bit sickAnyway this book does what it does well I'm just sad to say that a book about one of my favourite characters isn't for me Buggeration

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    Like Suirrel Girl? You'll probably like Patsy Walker too It has a similar silly sense of humor though I just didn't love it uite as much as I love Suirrel Girl

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    almost too cutesy for me reads like an even saccharine version of suirrel girl which i enjoy don't get me wrong so I was going to drop it but then they intro jessica jones on the last page so they got me they got me

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    Compilation of my reviews of the individual issues with the newest on top 6 Technically done with this volume now What happened to Williams? This art is cute but a little too cute when I started reading I assumed I was looking at childhood Patsy playing not adult Patsy working I liked the story in this one but again I felt like I was reading about kids Also Jen called Patsy babe and my gaydar pinged5 So many strong women I love Jen and I love all the female friendships in this Dumb uestion is this Valkyrie the same Valkyrie that Tessa Thompson is playing in Thor?4 THE TATTOO ARTIST IS SO CUTE I like that we're getting a stronger plot but I also would love to read about the gang just hanging around 3 I don't have it??2 I LOVED this because it was good but also because my two favorite girls are in it and also I cried at seeing how everyone was in Patsy's phone with emoticons but I also was not completely sober read in January 20161 First of all I'd just like to say that I went into an actual comic store to buy this and I didn't burst into flames or get uizzed or anything yes I was worried about both of those things and what actually happened is no one bothered me and the girl at the register complimented my piercings which is one of the easiest ways to get me in your corner So ten points to Ravenclaw for me supporting local businesses hooray This issue is really fun It's not too serious there's no brooding there's not really even a villain It's mainly background info which I needed and an introduction to the characters which I also needed There are references to Wicked and Harry Potter and some other things and there are great little details everywhere Patsy's in a gay bookstore and reading a book called Butts Volume IX there's a ueer female couple in a bar stuff like that I'm slightly biased because cats are my shtick but I loved this I laughed out loud multiple times It's great Plus the writer artist and color artist are all female Hooray ALSO YOU CAN SEND IN PICTURES OF YOUR CATS AND THEY MIGHT PRINT THEM SO I MAY DO THAT ^^ meowEDIT Also look she's hanging out with my homegirls America Chavez and Kate Bishop read in January 2016

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    Cheerfully energetic and candy colored adventures of a well meaning young super heroine trying to establish or maybe reinvent is like it a career and name for herself in a sunny and sanitized version of New York City Patsy's amusing cameo appearance in the earlier She Hulk Volume 1 Law and Disorder led me to check out her own solo title Barring the abruptly odd change in artwork for the final chapter things were otherwise done just right in this lightweight volume Lots of playful dialogue some adorable scenes like Patsy summoning her 'super friend' gal pals for an impromptu dinner after stressful work day and a continual upbeat tone made this one a lot of fun

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    ah this was really something special I really like how the depiction of patsyHellcat changes with her mood From classic heroine to cute chibi and It has a kind of light and positive feeling but isn't too ridiculous The supporting cast is great and very likeable Also great bisexual representation woohoo

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    Look through the reviews you'll see the word cutesy pop up a lot And they're not wrong If you've got a reader who's into Moongirl or maybe those Batgirl comics that were aimed at a younger audience they'll probably like this one But if those are on the younger side you might take a passWhich is too bad because I like the setup I like where it's going I like the whole thing where Patsy Walker's mom based some romance books on her I liked how the moment was handled when a superpowered newbie is being tempted into joining a villain and I like how that resolves itself Just because someone hasn't fought superpower battles doesn't make them a moron But it's three stars for me Fun but not Suirrel Girl fun Okay and let's get into the one stupid fanboy thing that I found confusing in this book I normally don't like to argue about the in comic logic but screw it Why would you Patsy Walker get a tattoo of Hellcat your secret superhero identity? On your shoulder? Winking as if to say Yep I'm her Don't tell kay?That seems like a really terrible idea It's like Clark Kent wearing red and blue around the office all the time or Bruce Wayne wearing those warm winter hats that look like animal heads with the pointed ears Why invite the speculation? Patsy Walker and Hellcat are both conspicuously in the same place at the same time and they both have flowing red hair They're both famous ish Patsy Walker perhaps so than Hellcat I'm starting to think Patsy Walker WANTS to get caught Also it just occurred to me that Luke Cage probably can't get a tattoo right? Because he has impenetrable skin? I haven't been sleeping well Coincidence? Coincidence that I haven't been sleeping well and have been thinking about whether fictional characters should get tattoos? Doubtful

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    Patsy Walker is trying to get her life back together in NYC She's decided to stay away from the big super battles and focus on helping the little guys so to speak She fights and then helps out some people with very minor super powers as she struggles through a bunch of dead end jobs Kate Leth does a wonderful job of incorporating the Patsy Walker romance comics of the Timely comics era They are now comics Patsy's mom wrote about her and her friends when she was a teenager The Good Kate Leth and Brittney Walker take everything that's wrong with Suirrel Girl and gets it write with Hellcat The book is funny cutesy and full of heart with art that is perfect for this kind of bookThe Bad That fill in art for issue 6 was brutally bad It pretty much ruined the issueThe Ugly Brittney Williams draws Howard the Duck like he's Howard the Seagull Get that beak right woman

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    I don't know why but I probably never would have picked this up if I hadn't seen it while browsing through the comics on Prime Reading Now I just wanna spend all my money on things HellcatI seriously loved this The artwork was super great I loved the characters I loved the stories It's just super fun to read and I had such a great time with this It's also kinda adorable I LOVE IT

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    so sick of cutesy comics I get it Disney owns Marvel now but I am not a 12 yr old girl and really do not find drama laden books fun