When Steve Rogers was restored to his natural age he chose one of his closest and most trusted allies to take up his shield Sam Wilson formerly the Avenger known as the Falcon But Sam isn't Steve — and after recent events he's on the outs with both his old friend and SHIELD What could have sent the high flying new Cap's approval rating plummeting so dramatically? Things get slithery when the vile Sons of the Serpent make the scene and you'll howl at the glorious return of fan favorite Cap Wolf — well Fal Cap Wolf But what other horrors await in the dungeon of Doctor Malus? And who will be the All New All Different Falcon? The headline making Sam Wilson is a Captain America for today Collecting Captain America Sam Wilson 1 6

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    I have a kinda lovehate thing going on for this book On the one hand I really LOVE the idea of Sam Wilson taking over as the new Captain America I mean we all know it's only temporary because Marvel always returns characters to the status uo eventually but I'd actually be cool with Sam taking on the role permanently I've always liked Sam as the Falcon and I actually like the aspect that seems to be putting off a lot of Cap fans the fact that he's pretty vocal about his left of centre politicsI also loved that Sam view spoilergets turned into his own version of Cap Wolf hide spoiler

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    Hurrah Rick Remender’s finally left Captain America So is Nick Spencer’s series better? Nah unfortunately it’s the same shit uality with a different writer Sam Wilson is Captain America though hopefully not for much longer and is looking for some random granny’s grandson who’s been taken by the Sons of the Serpent Wow really that was the best they could come up with? Meanwhile the Serpents have become a business consulting company Serpent Solutions in a clumsy critiue of the 1% Boredom ensues for the entirety of the book and then it’s over The stupidity begins right from the get go Why the hell is a character who’s known for flying taking a commercial plane? It makes no sense especially as the experience is a miserable one for him and everyone else who’s ever flown in America After enough bullhonky he jumps out and flies away – like he should’ve done from the beginning The weak utterly unengaging story rambles on with the only bright spot being the return of Cap Wolf Sam is transformed into a wolf a random call back but I’ll take it Misty Knight does nothing in this book besides strike some Foxy Brown esue poses for no reason and there’s some drivel about Cap’s approval ratings Who Fucking Cares Spencer’s writing style is maddening He overwrites like crazy and nearly every page is crammed with worthless extraneous exposition Diamondback’s backstory was pointless just criticism of America’s terrible healthcare system I get it as was so much of the Serpent Solutions crap which was also anti 1% shit I agree fuck those rich bastards but why do we need to read so much tedious waffle about stocks and contracts? Too much of that nonsense added nothing to the book anyway making it slow and clunky to read with no flow to it I found myself sighing every time I turned the page to be confronted with another page overloaded with dialogue and captions none of which were worth the effort of reading Spencer’s writing style made me want to bash my head against a wall than once Sam just isn’t an interesting character He wasn’t interesting as Cap when Remender wrote him he’s eually uninteresting with Spencer writing him No he’s Not My Captain America but is he anyone’s? The dude is so plain and dull even as Cap Wolf That’s it I can’t read any Sam Wilson as Captain America comics they’re just the worst

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    Sam Wilson formerly Captain America's sidekick Falcon has donned the name of Captain America Because of a few I'll advised choices Sam finds himself without the support of SHIELD and with the general public angry at him He's a super hero on a budget nowI've given Sam Wilson a few tries as Captain America and I'm just not a fan Something about him is lacking in the role The storyline in this issue wasn't overly compelling as it takes a shallow yet realistic look at political issues the country is facing and how corporations are able to get away with a lot because of their role in the economy It's weird seeing a supervillain rant about corporate profit structure and the nature of business in such a detailed sense I don't imagine younger readers would have any appreciation for this but perhaps the politics would go over their heads and therefore lead them to simply see kicks and punches The storyline isn't one I'm particularly interested in either though The title says it best Sam Wilson is Not My Captain America25 out of 5 stars

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    Take everything stupid from Mark Gruenwald's Cap run in the 80's and combine it with everything that's wrong with modern politics and you have Captain America Sam Wilson This thing was so awful where do I even start? Daniel Acuna provides some of his worst work I've seen It's sketchy looks unfinished and cartoony Misty Knight is fighting Hydra in something from Frederick's from Hollywood I'm shocked something this misogynistic even made it through the editors I guess girls really don't read comics Cap Wolf? Really? Cap Wolf is consistently mentioned on the dumbest thing to happen in comics list and Spencer decides to bring it back Viper has been turned into Donald Trump You know all that bickering partisan politics you hate watching on the news Well now we've added it to Capt Ameriga Ugh

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    WowI love Sam This was so damn boring I get the idea behind it I actually love internal thoughts from heroes Sam is especially interesting and a lot of his opinions side with mine so I always enjoy that HOWEVER one big issue is this too much dialog can be a bad thing Things don't need to be explained for everything you did or will do You can just show it or let the art do it's part but WAY too much dialog can drive anyone crazy Then we got a lot of goofy stuff here like the return of wolf capit's not funny It's not entertaining It's just stupid It's a waste of an issue and I facepalm throughout this entire portion I love goofy fun stuff but not when it's dumb and filler Overall the art is all over the place too Sometimes love it sometimes the faces look distorted and odd I'll be going with a 15 2 on this one It's not very entertaining and I won't be reading past this unless it somehow gets way better

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    Captain America's usually one of the 'safe' heroes You know what you're going to get with Cap He'll punch some bad guys maybe get a sidekick or two and then save the day But now Cap's not Cap Instead he's the Falcon But now there's a new Falcon too My head hurtsBuilding off of the 8 month gap between Secret Wars and All New All Different Marvel Sam has managed to annoy Steve Rogers and the general public by getting opinionated something Steve has never done before to my knowledge So now he's working without SHIELD's backing without any cash and operating out of an old apartment with Misty Knight and D Man as his back up as he takes on the Sons of the Serpent and a symbiote crazed scientist tooIt's definitely not the Captain America you're used to and that's a good thing Everything is unpredictable and new and it works really well There's a great balance between humour and politics even to the point where an uneducated on US politics Englishman although Trump is bad I know that much after listening to him once can understand what's going on and it's almost lighthearted in parts The artwork helps with Daniel Acuna's painted style in the first three issues whose style is a little darker and cramped than I've seen before but it opens up and becomes a lot brighter and optimistic when Paul Renaud and Joe Bennett take the reins for the second three'Not My Captain America' is probably a good title for this book Sam's his own Cap and he's not out to impress anyone That said this book IS impressive and deserves a look

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    3 5 stars Loving the idea of Sam Wilson as a lefty Cap until is going to last sooner or later Steve Rogers always come back as Cap and loved a lot Acuna's art and all the references to old Captain America stories D Man Diamondback and Cap Wolf but the second part of the volume was just not so good and in the end Sam seemed really out of character meh The cover referencetribute to Grifis Phemt from Kentaro Miura's Berserk series was a real blast

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    Ok this was just weird I really liked the first part was loving the art the story was interesting loved the Armadillo cameo then everything changes and every character in the book goes anthropomorphic? What the hell? The book ends with Cap getting a new sidekick guess who

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    Overall this was a pretty fun book Sam Wilson — the new Captain America — suares off against Hydra anti immigration terrorists an eeeeevil genetic modification corporation SHIELD the media capitalism corporate fascism and his old friend the original Captain America and now depowered and aged Steve RogersWriter Nick Spencer certainly doesn’t shy away from using political fodder and this new volume of Captain America has a bit of of the moment commentary on Trump his policies and the current state of affairs in America It’s occasionally clumsy satire but for the most part it’s OK and doesn’t take itself too seriously to the point that one plot point in particular threatens to derail the story and jump the shark Given that Sam Wilson was formerly a hero known as the Falcon there’s a lot of animal stuff encircling the narrative falcons snakes wolves and the like It all goes a bit overboard at the midpoint but if you can cope with the silly ridiculousness of it all it’s amusing enough The highlight for me was Spencer’s decision to pair up Sam and Misty Knight as crime fighting vigilantes After some of his decisions as Captain America put Sam at odds with the government he’s uite an outsider and doing the vigilante gig out of pocket Having Misty as a partner in his operations is cool beans and she gets some moments to shine and kick butt which is always welcomeWhile there’s plenty of current day political buzzwords bandied about in these pages it’s not a particularly deep or meaningful exploration American affairs It is kind of fun though and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes even if I’m exactly not thrilled about the forthcoming and much ballyhooed Nazi Cap story arc this is all building toward

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    Recently I've been lamenting Marvel's lack of Lefty politics that it had embraced under Stan Lee's reign Finally I've been rewarded with the book that brings it back in a great story with wonderful art mostly by fav artist Acuna I've read several books by Nick Spencer but none had prepared me for this extremely well told tale I had no idea Spencer was capable of such heights I'm not a hard core Captain America fan Loved the Kirby runs And I've read bit here and there I think this book can stand toe to toe with the best of them I really loved this book This is one of the best Marvel books I've read in some time Highly recommended