Enjoyed this story about 2 sisters and a rock star. When You Know You Have Met The Love Of Your Life, The Last Thing You Expect Is For Your Sister To Lure Him Away Clare Ronson Is Faced With This Scenario When Her Sister Isabel Marries Singer And Guitarist Ross Tyler To Compound Clare S Jealousy And Bitterness, Ross Hits The Big Time And Becomes A Wealthy Tax Exile, Relocating To France With His Family Clare Cannot Bring Herself To Speak To Isabel Or Ross For The Next Years However, When Tragedy Occurs In Causing Ross To Arrive Back In England At Clare S Doorstep, Clare Must Try To Put The Past Behind Her For Her Sister S Sake I ve not read anything by this author before, nor do I normally read this type of story but I was interested enough by the synopsis to give it a go.The story begins when Clare is still a teenager when she meets Ross who s a singer in a band Clare is totally in love with Ross and eventually brings him home to me her family Her father who s a doctor and very opinionated where his daughters are concerned takes an instant dislike to Ross whom he views a long haired layabout Undaunted Clare is besotted with Ross and introduces him to her older sister Izzy who s back home for a break from medical school after a bad breakup with her boyfriend Once Ross and Izzy meet all bets are off, Izzy is vibrant sexually experienced and this leaves poor Clare out in the cold When Clare finds out about her sister and Ross a family feud begins that lasts for over three decades.This feels so realistic all the drama and jealousy and refusing to talk things out it was so believable The chapters are from the various characters POV Clare and Izzy s mother is desperate for her daughters to reconcile, her fathers animosity towards Ross increases as he blames him for the feud between his daughters, but the successful Ross s band becomes the entrenched Claire becomes with her hatred towards her sister and Ross Christmas s, illness, even death cannot deter Clare from her anger and hatred It s easy to dislike Izzy and Ross, while initially feeling sorry for Clare, but as the story unfolds my opinion changed the longer it went on it was such a waste of their lives. The Donor is the first book by Stevie Turner as I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book completing it in just two days It won t be my last Clare is a teenager, who on a journey home from a music festival meets her first love a inspiring rock musician called Ross Che is completely mesmerised by him and falls head over heels He to seems somewhat smitten by her He promises that at the end of the week he will come to her home and take her to one of his gigs This was in the 1970 s before the age of mobile phones Clare is concerned about how her doctor father will react when he meets Ross who in her father eyes would be seen as nothing than a waste of space. Tierna.Una novela que te enternece a morir ,un amor imposible y una hermandad rota por los sentimientos equivocados.pero tambi n una lecci n de amor incondicional ala familia. mucho de reflexionar y el perdonar AUTHOR STEVIE TURNER of the United Kingdom has penned a novel of love betrayal that grips the reader from the opening lines to the climatic last word I have been a voracious reader for over sixty years THE DONOR by Stevie Turner make no mistake, several books bearing the same title by other Authors breaks from the traditional first person or third person Point of View I immediately fell in love with Ms Turner s writing style and her keen talent for switching between her characters THE DONOR introduces you to Claire Ronson , a 19 year old British girl who secretly attended a three day Rock Band Festival , the British version of America s infamous Woodstock of 1969 Her parents, upper middle class, Donald, a doctor and Marian, a nurse would never have allowed her to attend the festival Having been awake for three days and nights, her food stolen, and penniless, she must make her way twenty miles to the Ferry Boat Station to return to her comfortable home We are then introduced to Ross Tyler , a blond adonis, as Claire sees him He comes to her rescue and offers an apple, which she devours Placing a protective arm around her, he assures her safe passage to the Ferry Boat Station Ross is also penniless, so they hitch a ride with a farmer and make their way to the ferry boat Claire calls her parents collect to pick her up at the dock She tells Ross her parents will give him a lift home Upon one look at Ross, her father does not take a liking to him The next morning, after her parents have left for the hospital, she finds her older sister is home from the University where she is a Medical Student Isabel Izzy informs her she has broken off her long term relationship with her boyfriend, Jeff Claire tells her all about the festival and meeting her soul mate , Ross Ross had invited Claire to a local pub where he, his brother their band will be playing the following Saturday night Claire invites Izzy to tag along What unfolds from there takes the reader through the next three decades The events that occur tears their family apart What I found most unique was how Ms Turner describes the events not just in first or third person, but through each principal character s own thoughts and words Her characters are so well developed you feel as if you know them as real people your friends or neighbors The end will literally blow your mind I LOVED THE DONOR and it is well deserving of FIVE STARS Now I am excited to purchase and read all of Author Stevie Turner s work Fortunately, she has listed them in the first pages of THE DONOR Ms Turner is an extremely talented Author who will no doubt, become an International Best Seller From the word go this book grabbed my attention and kept it to the very end.This was a book I could not put down and I read it in 3 hours.The characters were profoundly flawed and that only added to the realism of the story, the relationships between them all are bittersweet yet heartwarming.It s a story of one family who suffer because of one betrayal then as the story progresses you find that there was betrayal that has happened in the past, it was so well written that I could see myself being one or another of the characters and put myself In their shoes at time I found myself rooting for one character then in the next chapter I was rooting for another and wishing I could grab the and shake them and tell them not to be so prideful and explain to them all they would loose out on.In the second half of the story the main two characters find themselves reunited in the darkest of circumstance and they have to find a way to get through it all together and that leaves them both reeling The final heartbreaking chapters moved me from disbelief to tears some of joy some of sadness, and it s a credit to the author that she was able to convey these emotions with the telling of this fabulous story