This book started off really great, honestly But then towards the end, with about 50 pages left, then 25, I was kind of like Is that it I was convinced she would fall in love with her new friend, since that seemed to be the direction it was going but nope Not that I mind but now I kind of just don t see the point of her character other than Lissa s character development The point being, this book kind of justleft me hanging Like I don t know if it was a choice or if it s length of the novel, but nothing really happened For me, I don t mind that the whole novel was just about Lissa s self discovery and her learning to overcome the power of a bad friend in fact, I really really liked that aspect, I related to Lissa somewhat But I think because this is a book, the author could have done so muchwithin the story She didnt really do the characters justice and the journey that Lissa goes through could have been mucheventful which would have made a good opportunity to createemotional and dramatic reactions from the main character, instead of having her lying in bed and not doing much of anything I dont know, it was nice but could have been much better. If I d read Kissing Kate in high school, it probably would have been one of my favorite books Reading it then would have shown me that it was okay to question, okay to feel what I was feeling In that sense, Kissing Kate is a good first coming out to yourself book Yet reading it as an adult, I can see the things that could be construed as flaws Overall, it s a good read I think Adult Lissa would look back at this time in her life, and be like. Kate Was Lissa S Best Friend They Ve Shared Everything For Four Years Then One Night At A Drunken Party, Kate Leaned In To Kiss Lissa, And Lissa Kissed Her Back And Now Kate Is Pretending Lissa Doesn T Exist Confused And Alone, Lissa S Left Questioning Everything She Thought She Knew About Herself, And About Life But With The Help Of A Free Spirit New Friend, Lissa S Beginning To Find The Strength To Realize That Sometimes Falling In Love With The Wrong Person Is The Only Way To Find Your Footing This book frustrated the shit out of me I was all about it at first Lissa and her supposedly best friend since elementary school Kate go to a party where Kate gets a bit tipsy and kisses Lissa Things went a little PG 13 and now for some reason Kate is ignoring Lissa It s hard to review because the book then goes off on some weird deep end randomly delves into the topic of Lucid Dreaming , won t go there It s also hard to review because there is barely any character definition of Kate aside of how perfect and blonde she is , Kate makes several attempts to apologize to Lissa for what I don t know, Lissa wanted to kiss Kate tooLissa somehow gets defiant every apology and it just gets old Then the books just ends Literally No wrap up, no amends, no nothing I turned to the last page and thought there had been a mistake If I wasn t on an e reader I would have thought pages had been torn out You never really find out of Lissa is gay probably or if she just had feelings for Kate I feel like the author just gave up because she didn t even know what was going on. I almost didn t want to write a review about this book because I didn t really enjoy it Still, I m trying to keep up with all of the books that I ve read this year I think that I ve only missed a couple of reviews so here it goes.I Didn t Like It.Kissing Kate is the story of two best friends, Kate and Lissa One night at a party, a very tipsy Kate approaches Lissa and kisses her In fact there s quite a bit of kissing going on and minor touching When Kate s boyfriend and a couple of guys approach she pushes Lissa away and acts like nothing happened.And she continues to act like nothing happened at school the next day.This pretense carries over for weeks The Kate and Lissa twosome now no longer talks because of this white elephant in the room During this time Lissa realizes her attraction and love for Kate She believes that Kate feels the same way but refuses to acknowledge it.So why didn t I like it By no means was it because of the plot Nope I think the plot is quite believable and realistic for high school experiences I didn t like it because I couldn t care about the characters They weren t three dimensional, they weren t people I would picture in high school I wanted to do a character intervention, shake them up a bit, and tell them you have a good story here, do something with it. I wasn t going to rate this but I got 10 pages in and couldn t stand the writing style or the whiny main character, so I m giving this 1 star anyway Kissing KateLauren MyraclePenguin Group, 2003, 198 pages, 7.99Friendship, Homosexuality, Lesbians, Identity978 0 14 240869 8One summer night at a party, Kate, a drunk 16 year old, kisses her best friend Lissa After awkward weeks of avoiding each other Kate tries to reconnect with Lissa and pretend like nothing has happened and just be friends Lissa tells Kate she wasn t drunk and isn t sure how she feels about Kate or herself Kate tries to talk Lissa out of being a lesbian, but Lissa s new friend Ariel has shown support and openness to her challenge in deciding who she is.This book would definitely be useful and applicable for a student to read as a free choice book however, I do not think I would teach it to the whole class The topic of Lissa questioning her sexual identity turns out to not be the only prominent theme in the book Lissa also learns to question friendships, values, and what is really important to her. This review is also posted on my blog view spoiler Well That was adorable and much easier to read than probably anything else I ve gotten through this year It was a good portrayal of someone just discovering their sexual identity, I thought.I did feel like the first half was just stuffed with boring filler and unimportant doings, but that may have just been me I also felt like Lissa was TERRIBLY ANNOYING during that first half, and I found it very hard to like her or care about what happened That, and the fact that the rest of the book, while being good, never jumped out at me as anything spectacular, earned it a four star rating instead of five.With that said it all seemed fairly realistic, down to the stigma that comes with being gay, especially in the south I also highly enjoyed all the subplots, and Lissa s character development especially how she finally stuck up for herself against Kate by the end and a friendship with Ariel Each one came to a satisfying and hopeful conclusion, and left me feeling light and fluffy after I put the book down And and how Ariel reacted to Lissa coming out to her And how she pointed out Lissa may not even be a full lesbian, and may instead be bisexual, or JUST attracted to Kate and no one else Other sexualities being considered What is this It s like I found a shiny Pokemon But really, as I said, this book didn t do heart wrenching things to me, but it definitely left me feeling as if I were floating in the clouds, as good fluffy books tend to do So while it s not earth shatteringly good, it s definitely worth a read, and I ll recommend it to anyone interested in GLBTQA fiction It s such a fast read, too, and very cute, and very worth it hide spoiler I picked up this book hoping for a teen girl struggling to figure out her sexuality Instead, I get a book about lucid dreaming, which I have no interest in There is barely any mention of her questioning her sexuality. This book had many great moments, but upon reflection, I am not sure if I really liked it I was certainly hooked on it, and read most of it in one sitting, but I felt like I was just expecting it to get better, and I m not sure it ever did I felt that Lissa s emotions were incredibly genuine and well depicted, and her struggle with Kate seemed very real Yet, at the same time, I was annoyed with the various subplots that I felt skewed the focus of the story There were quite a few cliche moments, as well I really enjoyed how the story between Lissa and Kate unfolded, but the rest of the story wasn t as interesting The ending bothered me it seemed to me that little was actually resolved Overall, it was certainly enjoyable, but could have been better It s worth a read.