When The Supernatural World Spins Out Of Control, When The Police Can T Handle What Goes Bump In The Night, When Monsters Come Screaming Out Of Nightmares And Into The Mean Streets, There S Just One Man To Call Harry Dresden, The Only Professional Wizard In The Chicago Phone Book A Police Consultant And Private Investigator, Dresden Has To Walk The Dangerous Line Between The World Of Night And The Light Of DayNow Harry Dresden Is Investigating A Brutal Mauling At The Lincoln Park Zoo That Has Left A Security Guard Dead And Many Questions Unanswered As An Investigator Of The Supernatural, He Senses That There S To This Case Than A Simple Animal Attack, And As Dresden Searches For Clues To Figure Out Who Is Really Behind The Crime, He Finds Himself Next On The Victim List, And Being Hunted By Creatures That Won T Leave Much Than A Stain If They Catch HimWritten Exclusively For Comics By Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files Welcome To The Jungle Is A Brand New Story That S Sure To Enchant Readers With A Blend Of Gripping Mystery And Fantastic Adventure

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    Story 5 stars Art 5 stars That was really good This is a prequel to the first novel in the Dresden Files series I haven t read any of the novels so I went into this knowing nothing I was pleasantly surprised The story was interesting and engaging The mythology was unique It also had the best art I ve seen in a while This graphic novel is definitely worth picking up if you like fantasy and mythology Now I m excited and looking forward to reading the novels

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    I like the Harry Dresden novels by Jim Butcher So when I saw that Butcher had written a graphic novel, I was interested in seeing how well the images that Butcher created in my head were represented with Adrian Syaf s artistry Don t be put off by the dust jacket image like I was This is the only image that was not created by Syaf and it is way different from the well crafted drawing that accompanies the story.The story, on the other hand, is something you may find Dresden lite Harry is brought to the Lincoln Park Zoo, by his cop pal Murphy, to help explain a murder that the conventional Chicago cops would like to pin on one of the residents of the Ape House The answer would be shocking if we were not already attuned to the supernatural Harry plunges ahead with his usual angst and shtick, almost getting killed, before the mystery is solved There are a few flashbacks all consistent with the novels but no character development and none of the usual characters in evidence aside from the aforementioned two dimensional Murphy, Harry s cat, Mister and Bob.Pleasant enough, but you will not kick yourself for taking a pass on this one.

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    A pretty great prequel to the Dresden Files Harry investigates some murders at the zoo which of course, were NOT animal attacks The story is simplified enough to fit in four issues You do get introductions to Harry and Det Murphy along with the wizarding world of Chicago Jim Butcher wrote this He does a good job of setting up the same vibe found in the books, so if you liked this, you should check out the Dresden Files It s one of my favorite book series.

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    Not as good as the books, but still really fast and fun read Only wish there was Bob in it, but Dresden was hilarious as usual, so I couldn t give it any less than 5 stars.Would recommend to anyone who s fan of the series.

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    Wow This was so fun to read I am a fan of the Dresden Files urban fantasy series, and it s wonderful to get some visuals to go along with the prose Butcher wrote the foreword, and he said he was very happy with the way Harry comes out, that he d always visualized Harry Dresden in this medium, since he grew up as a huge comic book fan I d tend to agree I think the artist did an excellent job of capturing Harry and also Karrin Murphy and Carmichael He captures Harry s physicality as well as his self awareness of both his flaws and strengths It was interesting to see Harry perform his typical spellwork and see him in action with his blasting rod and staff, and get a glimpse of his beloved VW Bug While I watched the tv show, and I liked it, there were a few things they changed that I didn t care for, so this was a better way to visualize Harry outside of my own active imaginations, and truer to the plotlines of the books.The storyline was very good I loved the infusion of folklore and the underlying concept driving the story The villain was really quite formidable and very creepy Harry shows his heroism, even though he is often the underdog in the battle And he definitely faces some serious obstacles, as always I liked the secondary characters like Will Of course, being an animal lover, I enjoyed the fact that this is set in a zoo.Beautiful artwork, and great storytelling What s not to like about this Really glad to see Harry Dresden in the graphic novel medium Will definitely read of these

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    Basic Plot When bodies begin piling up at a zoo, it s up to Harry Dresden to figure out what supernatural beastie is responsible and stop it before things get worse.Graphic novels are definitely a different medium than traditional novels When I first heard that these books were coming out I was worried that they wouldn t capture the characters and their attitudes effectively This book definitely has the Harry Dresden sarcasm I know and love, though Harry looks considerably less scruffy than I imagined the hair wasn t nearly scruffy enough, but he did have chin stubble, so that s something , but all the narrative flavor is still there, and I enjoyed it immensely Butcher actually did write this himself and it shows His introductory letter explains that the art made him very happy, particularly the depiction of Harry, so I guess I shouldn t complain too much about the way Harry looks The art was very solid overall, with the animals of the zoo looking particularly good The story takes place right before the events of Storm Front, so Harry is still fairly new to the PI Consulting Wizard gig Overall, it moved quickly as a comic should and let the images and words work together to tell the tale It was a good book and a way to get Dresden in between novels, and a little Dresden is never a bad thing to me.

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    I m not sure if this would really have been all that great if I wasn t such a huge fan of the Dresden Files But I am So it was.

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    First read 28 December, 2009 Re read 28 January, 2012 The 28s are just a coincidence Re read 31 October, 2013 the last few years, I like to celebrate Halloween with some Harry D Happy birthday, pal.A 4 star read in terms of graphic novels, although very simple and streamlined in comparison to any of the regular Dresden novels A fun, quick read.Turns out Butcher was inspired to write Harry in part by his love of comic books and characters like Peter Parker It makes sense This is a nice addition to the Dresden series The story is pretty good, and Ardian Syaf s artistic style is very detailed The art is better in terms of realistic detail than for the supernatural elements The regular humans, animals, and surroundings are very well done There s a lot to appeal to both male and female readers here or should I say, those interested in men and those interested in women Harry is handsome than I d pictured him Butcher notes that he looks very much as he pictures him But the women aren t overdone pinup types, which is a nice change of pace Zoo worker Will Wilhemina is a good addition to the Dresden cast of characters I wonder why Butcher didn t name her something else, since he already has a character called Will There are other unisex names Oh, well.

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    Review originally posted at BooksOfMyHeart.net.This graphic novel is a prequel to The Dresden File series It is set just before the events of Storm Front, book one Here, Harry is called in to help CPD Sergeant Murphy investigate a strange murder at the zoo It appears that gorilla killed a man, but the gorilla is in its enclosure What gorilla will lock itself back into an enclosure after killing a man It just doesn t make sense.This was a fun story I always love to see Harry Dresden in action In addition, we get some time with Murphy and Carmichael Oh and I can t forget Bob, the Skull and Mister, the cat There s also a really sweet girl zoo keeper who goes by Will, because she doesn t want to go my Willamena.I don t want to go too much into the story, because I don t want to give anything away However, I can talk about the artwork, which is very well done It has dark drawings that fit well with The Dresden Files series According to the Forward, written by Butcher, the characters are pretty much what he sees in his head when he writes He also includes a bit about the process of writing for a comic versus a novel, which I found very interesting.The one thing I thought was really funny and I ve never noticed with previous graphic novels, or if I did that with others, I didn t notice it at the time , I read the pages with James Marsters in my head He is just Harry Dresden for me.The next book is Storm Front in graphic novel I might grab that too, but I m not sure when I do enjoy comics as a general rule, but most of what I ve read are from authors that I ve read as novels Kelley Armstrong, Patricia Briggs and Laurell K Hamilton , but I ve also read Jennifer Jones Alias and one of the many Deadpool books I want to get into the Marvel Universe that I love so much Maybe even try some DC Comics too.See some examples of the artwork below Click on the images to see a larger version.

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    It was very cool to get this episode of the Dresden Files in graphic novel comic form The art was fantastic, really bringing Harry and Murphy and Bob and Mister to life.I m also glad that Butcher wrote the story himself The voice was right So often a graphic interpretation loses the author s special touch.And of course, this cool little story of the wizard named Harry makes me want to pick up the next Dresden Files novel.Nicely done, Jim.