I was expecting a lot from this book.I felt that the characters were very stereotypical, two dimensional and that the story was predictable Also, I hate the kind of stories where the two leads fall in love in a matter of 24 hours, etcetera with hardly any interaction This is what happens with Sterling and oh right, RavenI guess I shouldn t have expected a lot from this book when the main characters name is so silly. In Her Small Town, Dubbed Dullsville, Sixteen Year Old Raven A Vampire Crazed Goth Girl Is An Outcast But Not For Long The Intriguing And Rud To Be Haunted Mansion On Top Of Benson Hill Has Stood Vacant And Boarded Up For Years That Is, Until Its Mysteriously Strange New Occupants Move In Who Are These Creepy People Especially The Handsome, Dark, And Elusive Alexander Sterling Or Rather, What Are They Could The Town Prattle Actually Ring True Are They Vampires Raven, Who Secretly Covets A Vampire Kiss, Both At The Risk Of Her Own Mortality And Alexander S Loving Trust, Is Dying To Uncover The Truth Ellen Schreiber S Spooky And Stirring Romance Tells The Story Of Two Outsiders Who Fall In Love In A Town Where Conformity Reigns, And Ends With A Shocking Surprise Spoiler s below Ugh, so this is going to be mostly a rant just warning ya.With a title like Vampire Kisses , I, the reader, would assume that a this book has vampires in itb it is a romance novel, with kissingc Whoever our character is, he she is kissing a vampireWhile some of these are true They might even all be true to a point, but not in the way I had expected or wanted Really, we don t even know our guy is a vampire until pretty much the last page You might assume it or think it, but the author does her part to make us think it s just a ruse really Stupid.My brain feels smushy from reading this The main character s name is Raven She is sooo tragically emo, it s sad From her black lipstick to her black fingernails and combat boots, Pretty much everything about her drives me insane Not becuase she is a black wearing goth, no, it s her character She is stupid And the way she is written, it acts like she is better than the normal people She is a goth snob You know the type, you probably don t like the type and if you are that type, just don t act so above everyone else This is your brain This is your brain after reading this a href For Your viewing pleasureThis goes with my Kermit comment This book is way too coincidental.Allow me to discuss the irony, which Vampire Kisses has than enough of and this is still an understatement The main character s Raven parents used to be what she called hippies when she was a kid Now, if her parents were hippies, why would they name her kid Raven Flower loving lava lamp collecting Pink Floyd orange walls pink carpets hippies, would name their child Raven I understand that I may be stereotyping the whole concept of being a hippie here, but that is exactly what the characters, and, indirectly the author herself, are doing anyways stereotyping From hippies to goths to vampires, et cetera.And another thing about her name isn t Raven a goth name How in the world did those two hippies know that they were eventually going to raise a goth kid Coincidental I believe so.On another account, Raven has no character whatsoever apart from being totally shallow and self centered Character development nor thought processes can be found here, which caused the reading experience to further decrease in enjoyment, and increase is disappointment.Now to the part on vampires This gentlemen home schooled boy The author portrays him as a vampire, no doubt about it Okay And Where is the blood sucking The O woe is me, the light is burning me to ashes I may not be a major fan of Stephanie Meyer s Twilight, but at least that did have the thirst of blood pretty much running everywhere.I personally do not recommend this book To anyone Unless you like the cliche kind of thing I really don t know. I really enjoyed this book It was very funny and now I must read the next in this series. Rating Clarification 0 starsSimply terrible, just TERRIBLE.SUPERFICIAL, STEREOTYPICAL, CLICH Plainly and excruciatingly bad, BAD, BAD The facts have no union is like watching a bad TV series, a succession of changing scenes but with no explanations anywhere, and a bunch of systematized ideas and shallowness An assortment of conventionalized and popular elements put together with the apparent intent of being cool and special but obviously failing miserably What a painful, painful read.I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK, I repeat, I do not recommend this book, if you do read it BE WARNED you will never get back the hours you wasted. Vampire Kisses is a really great book I found it to be very original and absolutely hilarious There were parts where I just couldn t stop laughing because Vampire Kisses is a very very funny book.Vampire Kisses was really interesting too I found myself reading and and of it and ended up finishing it because it s just a book that you want to keep reading Vampire Kisses was thoroughly enjoyable and I will forever remember parts of it.I loved all of the characters, they were all really well written and had their typical attributes I really liked Raven, I had quite a soft spot for her as she was caring and different and didn t care what anyone else thought of her.Alexander was a great character too, he was such a cool vampire He wasn t cocky or arrogant or anything like that He was really shy which was quite cute.This book had me laughing all the way through I found the ending to be a sad one though.Overall, I thought this book was excellent I would recommend it to anyone who s a fan of vampires and anyone who just wants a good laugh, or even a light read that won t take long to devour. I love the vampire kisses series because it was the first vampire love novel i read before twilight came out and i am able to relate to this book a howl lot I would recomend people to read this book and the howl series granted it is not as long or as good as twilight but it is worth the read This teenage girl falls in love with this teenage vampire and she tries to deny it for ahilw and she is curious to find out who he is and it has been her life long dream to become a vampire She broke it to this old abandoned house when she was younger and she never did since that night Until one night when she is going home from crashing a party she and her outcast friend almost hit a person This person turned out to be the misteryous teen vampire who just so happened to move into the old abandoned house This house turned out to be his relatives that died she gave it to him He listens to heavy metal music and punk rock and things like that he also watches movies Unlike twilight he does need to sleep yes he does have a real bed but he also has his cauffin hiden behind a secret door cause he wishes he could be a human and the girl wishes she could be a vampire But this is only a breifing of the first book if you want to know i guess you are just going to have to read them and find out about it I hope any and all who read this do go and try to find these books and read them all You can go to www.EllenSchreiber.com and it will bring you right to her main page and you can see the books and how many are out right now so i hope that if you do deside to pick this book up that you like it very much. I must admit that this is a guilty pleasure type of book Its very simple with not much depth to it but is a cute book Though it is not something to read for a life changing experience it is cute and easy to read and follow so give it a try Fall in love with Raven and her Vampire and follow them through all their terrifyingly wonderful adventures Though there is some originality to the book it comes in the form of non original vampire myths and legends garlic, crosses, sunlight etc so just enjoy it for what it is. This was not good It leans very hard into the whole goth girls love vampires thing The writing was abhorrent and the plot was overly simple I m not sure why I liked this book in high school.