All for One and One for All and All at Once Ménage A Musketeer is an erotic mash up of Alexander Dumas' The Three Musketeers It is a tale of sword and debauchery Lusty Musketeers defend all enjoy all ravage and claim the women – and men – who scheme to control their destinies D'Artagnan would do anything to become a Musketeer but falling in love with the grim and remote Athos wasn't what he’d planned Nor was falling in love with Constance another man's wife and an intimate of the Queen of France For that matter neither was falling in love with a mysterious and enchanting woman known only as Milady Young proud and hotheaded D'Artagnan throws himself into sword battles and erotic adventures with men and women until war with England and treachery from within endangers his life He needs to protect France's interests while searching for Constance his true love who has been kidnapped But Athos haunts his dreams and he cannot let Milady escape them either or it might break the older Musketeer’s heart and lead England conquering France

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