After discovering Batman’s identity Tim Drake must now endure months of intensive physical training before he can publicly debut as the Caped Crusader’s new partner Given an all new hi tech costume and the encouragement of former Robin Dick Grayson Tim is finally ready to don the identity he was born for Robin But when his parents are kidnapped by the Obeah Man will Batman be able to save them or will tragedy find Tim Drake?Then Robin must survive a final baptism by fire as he travels overseas to learn martial arts from one of the world’s greatest fighters—the deadly Lady Siva Flying solo for the first time he comes across a diabolical plot by Batman’s old enemy King Snake and must prove that he is worthy of the mantle of RobinROBIN REBORN collects in chronological order for the first time ever BATMAN #455 457 DETECTIVE COMICS #618 621 and ROBIN #1 5 Detailing the journey of fan favorite Tim Drake’s transformation into Robin are classic comic creators ALAN GRANT BATMAN SHADOW OF THE BAT CHUCK DIXON NIGHTWING NORM BREYFOGLE BATMAN BEYOND and TOM LYLE STARMAN

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    Collecting Tim Drake's early appearances after his first appearance in Batman A Lonely Place of Dying Tim goes through some personal tragedy in his first Batman arc The Obeah Man and the voodoo element seem like they should be out of their element in a Batman comic but Norm Breyfogle is a master of shadowy creepy Batman pages He remains one of my favorite Batman artists and I really enjoyed this arc Then Robin gets his own miniseries and hits the road to Paris for training There he comes across King Snake and the Ghost Dragons who return to battle Robin several times over the years He also picks up some training from the deadliest fighter on earth Lady Shiva Dixon and Lyle provide some international flair but this does feel a bit dated at times Still I really like the idea of collecting both Tim Drake's appearances in Batman and Detective along with his many miniseries in chronological order It's like going back to the early 90's to read my floppies again

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    Finally I've gotten around to reading the beginnings of Tim Drake my favorite RobinThis was a nice mix of 80s exposition and current dialogueaction mixes Read if you're a fan of Tim

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    Yay it's Tim Look at those smiles I want to say I'm a Tim fan but I've never really read anything or watched anything with Tim playing a substantialsubstantive role I was so happy to give this a go and read his origins and get to know early 90's Batman a bit Or is it really 80's Batman written in the early years of the 1990s? A sample of the dated sexist language in reference to Lady Shiva Honey Killer Bimbos Fairer Sex and Shoot who let the girls in the clubhouse Not to mention the weirdimplied sexual tension between Shiva and Tim Yeah he thought she was coming to take his virginity Awkward So this 80's Batman he's a little different than my late 90's Batman and very different from my current never smiling brooding and dumped at the altar Batman This Batman is still damaged and angry by the murder of his parents but is also kind of nurturing and protective of his ward uick to smile when Tim says he's going to watch a Sherlock Holmes re run on TV uick to apologize for rushing off to track the trail of the MoneySpider first on the computer when Tim finds out about his parents And then uick to jump in and personally deliver the tea set Alfred was bringing to Tim Batman Don't brood too much son For your parents' sake be strong Always remember life has to go on Do you want me to take the day off to be with you? Who is this Batman and what have you done to my angry detached vigilante? Art wasn't too bad I can see that this was probably pretty advanced art for the time The colors are verycolorful All shading is done in black lines and everything else is blocks of colors Batman is drawn with a lot of emotion which I liked In Rite of Passage Part Four Trial By Fire on page 15 Batman's face is contorted in rage and despair and agony He's whipping around beating everyone up and his face is just an insane canvas of emotions I very much did not like the Obeah Man storyline It was weird My Batman storylines rarely leave Gotham city but 23 of this book takes place abroad It felt a little like exoticizing the Caribbean Haiti and I was thrown off guard by Tim's parents being crazy rich business execs I didn't know Tim becomes another Dick and Jason by joining the dead parents Bruce Wayne ward club Poor Tim Tim has a varied and alarming reaction to both Batman's cowl and Robin's costume At first Batman's cape and cowl represent death and monsters Tim has nightmares about Nightwing's mask and Batman's cowl He's afraid and angry and the Robin costume represents that to himTim I hate him I hate him I know why they do it now Why they put on the suits and the masks and go out into the night They want to fill the hole that's burning inside themBruce There's to it than that sonTim I knowBruce Much The suit also represents serious responsibility and hero worship Dick created the Robin symbol and Jason died wearing the costume So Tim is stuck the rest of the Identity Crisis storyline both wanting to put on the suit and not wanting to put on the suit BUT As Tim says Fear It's nothing to be ashamed of Just because you're afraid doesn't mean you can't actAnd Batman is just so supportive He thanks Tim for saving his life and offers him the role of Robin giving him his own new costume so he doesn't have to bear the weight of the OG Robin costume's history To become Batman's true partner someone who can watch his back on the streets Robin goes off alone to train in Paris He gets totally side tracked by an ex DEA agent named Clyde and Lady Shiva to stop a big bad blind and crazy white British colonialist wackjob who's so entitled he buys and moves a Spanish historical landmark water tower clock thingy who would rather murder and destroy all of Hong Kong than see it returned to China later that decade This book also has fun 90's references to the impending European Union too Interesting motive but less than noble when he plans his own escape route to survive the slaughterThere's a lot of great stuff during this last storyline I would give this third of the book about 445 stars all on its own During one of the bad guy takedowns there's an assist by actual bats lol There's a Nazi bio weapon and a Chinese gang leader who flirts with Tim and also Tim finally gets his martial arts training First from Clyde who tries to teach him to fight angry and then Lady Shiva who teaches him to not fight angry Cool training montage moment Clyde tells Tim On the street there're no rules No second chances No warnings Graveyard's full of nice guys And Lady Shiva tells Tim You are nothing You are less than nothing You are a child That is how your opponents must see you They will underestimate your skills because of your age and size That is your advantage But you must never see yourself that wayThe only reason I wouldn't give this storyline a full 5 stars is because there's a weird bit with Tim where he says it's important to do good and he's adverse to murder of course but then he lets the bad guy fall off a skyscraper to his death which was kind of passively murdery Tim We're supposed to be the good guys They're motivated by revenge and hatred We're supposed to be better than thatAlso Tim I won't fight murderers by becoming oneAlso Tim Leaves the bad guy hanging off a building with Lady Shiva Hears his screams as he falls to his death Walks awayThis was a hefty volume I liked some parts better than others but mostly I was super taken by the last story of Tim's solo trip and training Tim goes through some crazy doubting of himself and of Batman Robin But he made it He's now wearing the Robin costume and he's swinging off into the night with a smiling Batman 3

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    3255 I did like this book I really wanted to get a look into the story of tim drake and I plan on continuing this series but this book can be very lack luster it starts out good then slows down for like 5 issues I almost didn't want to finish it but it picked back up towards the end so that saved it the problem I find with these older books is that they have way too much pointless dialogue also this book takes place outside of Gotham and lacks an intense villain who we would be used to seeing in the batman universe

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    DC has been releasing some bigger trades often collecting two previously released trades into one First with Nightwing and now with Birds of Prey and Robin This volume collects some tales involving Tim Drake from Detective Comics and Batman prior to Tim donning the Robin mantle Then there is the first Robin mini series where he travels to Paris for some training and ends up teaming up with Lady Shiva of all people to stop a madman from releasing a deadly bio weapon on the worldThe stories from Detective and Batman are by Alan Grant with Norm Breyfogle and Steve Mitchell on the art The mini is by Chuck Dixon and Tom Lyle Stylistically the art looks good if definitely from the early 90s and both Grant and Dixon pen some good stories with a lot of emotional heft that never go overboard into melodramaThere is a second new volume already out but here's hoping DC collects as much of this iteration of Robin as possible

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    This collection of stories from 1990 91 tells the story of how Tim Drake became Batman's third sidekick The individual issues are solid to good although most of them skew towards solid and the collection as a whole feels like a necessary and not terribly original set of boxes to check in order to establish Drake as the new RobinUseful reading for Bat Fans to complete Tim Drake's origin story but otherwise just OK 30 stars

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    first of all fuck chuck dixon all my homies HATE chuck dixon FUCK THAT BITCH illegally read the robin run even though i have access to the official dcuniverse streaming site because i don't want that motherfucker to get ANY official clout anywayhighly enjoyable set of stories about tim first was him actually donning the robin persona then his adventure with shiva then his parents' fate at the hands of the obeah man product of the time sure but definitely some pretty obvious racism going on in certain aspects of these stories i do take issue with how the whole obeah man thing even happened like the motifs of evil magic and savagery and the treatment of the drakes who honestly deserved it? and it's especially awkward when the author tries to throw in a few safe woke lines about how the us doesn't take care of haiti like yeah but also the us certainly had its fair part in ruining the country and why are you making the bad guyshaitians their use is as a plot device so tim suffers and undergoes character development rather tone deaf the whole shiva arc had some weird stuff as well vaguely sexist but that's unsurprising that part where tim thinks shiva is going to have sex with him???? weird i don't trust chuck dixon writing black people so him writing rawlins and having him die was just inherently suspicious to me and to be entirely honest lonnie siphoning money from corporations to poor peoplei don't think he's wrong nevertheless ualms about the plots aside on the character front this is a great set of stories i'm obsessed with how great tim is for this era of batman like sue me but he out of all the robins wasIN MY OPINIONthe best i think first and foremost this is evident in his grasp of the batman mythos as it exists to an outsider as well as robin dick doesn't understand because he started it jason sweet and smart boy that he was nevertheless focused on different aspects of the cape and damiandamian places importance on the role at least initially due to its value to his family and the parental ties but tim is the one who understands what it means for batman and robin to be symbols and sure he's a product of his time as comic writers needed to fend off criticisms about having preteens and teens fighting crime but all characters are products of their time in some way through tim we see the truth of taking up a mantle in a way that only him and bruce seem to really understand implicitly which of course leads me to my next point tim is the most batman robin and these early days show it smart obviously prone to detective work but importantly his temperment parallels bruce's own tim has enough confidence to get stuff done but certainly doubts himself secretly and recognizes his weaknesses with the goal of strengthening them sprinkled throughout his comics we see tim has a fear of batman not bruce but batman and maybe i'm overinterpreting but his reaction to the idea of the bat itself reminds me of how bruce feels in unstable moments about the persona he's created switching dramatically to the problem of janet and jack drake fanon tends to overexaggerate a bit maybe but maybe not i reject the idea that in canon his parents hate him but they definitely don't give him the attention a child needs it's notable that a nine year old tim could follow batman and robin around the city at night tim canonically states several times that his parents are gone for months at a time and their return date could and has been adjusted whenever this is not healthy parentinglol rich people i think this can contribute dramatically to one's reading of his characterdon't do it vic oh yes especially in his red robin run tim is too comfortable on his own as a young kid which isn't the foundation for healthy future relationships i'll take about this at length whenever i get around to reviewing the red robin comics aka the height of neurotic timmy and personally my boy it's funny when people talk about tim like he can barely fight in canon lady shiva trained him before batman did he's not powerlesslol and sure we can cite this as the writers wanting to make a perfect robin to please the readers after they voted for jason to die but it's still part of his character likeobjectively that makes him and damian the most dangerously trained of the robins no? absolutely not saying that let's say red robin tim would win in a brute force fight against nightwing or red hood because no but he is a bat it's just funny when people act like he isn't physically capable of beating ass but wait there's reader please stop me no girltimmy has emotional issues stemming most likely from his neglect as a child and not helped by bruce i love my kids but also i am immensely emotionally constipated wayne not to mention it gets worse as he gets older but that is for another massive rant about the pre52 relationship between jason and tim that will simply be too tangential to this review but let the record state that i will never not be FUCKING PISSED that pre52 ended with jason and tim hating each other and not working toward a better broship oh god the lost potential the things we could've had but NOOOoOoooOO ok anyway rant for another time and tim gets angry now let's be real all the batkids get angry but dick and tim are probably the ones people are least likely to think of as inherently angry and for dick i think he can have moments of rage but overall his personality simply does not allow for a simmering anger but tim's does it's just hidden very muchlikebruce as compared to the volatile ire of jason and damian but there are some point in these runs where tim is fucking mad as hell and it can border on irrational the interesting part is that he pushes it down or manipulates it into working for him and in that vein there's hints of tim being able to detach from frankly kinda traumatic feelings see parents are kidnapped? let me turn my fear into static and chase down a cybercriminal plot device? sure a chance for overly invested readers me to add an entire dimension to his psychological state? hell yeah do i think too much about this? yeah idc it's my comfort character and i get to pick the interpretation been a bit all over the place with this but let me make two points before i finally stop tim remains the only batkid to be adopted by bruce whose parents weren't either 1 dead or 2 evil people or 3 catherine todd who while neither dead nor evil could not provide sufficiently for jason janet and jack drake could physically provide for tim if a little lacking in the emotional department and he considered them his parents even when he worked with bruce thus tim faces the uniue challenge as he grows up of having two sets of parental units i'm including alfred in with bruce i mention this here because i do not believe tim thinks of bruce as a dad in these stories rightly so as his parents are both alive until detective comics #621 but after janet dies and jack is comatose tim faces a strange dilemma of being uasi orphaned indeed i would say the comics subconsciously back this by paralleling tim's feelings of loss to the elder waynes' deaths it's a fascinating position to place a character in leaving that half baked thought for a review of the next robin run i will finally touch upon my thoughts of the ghosts of dick and jason which also kinda freaky how tim envisions dick's robin as a ghost when nightwing is very much alive truly some of the most tragic panels to me i don't know when dc officially decided to bring jason back but i'm sure it was probably after these stories? so it's not like ghost jason comforting tim was done with the thought of the red hood in mind but stillknowing where the story goes years later is sooo upsetting tim hero worships robin and that is both dick and jason it's a particularly piece of cruel irony that jason returns with such anger over being replaced when baby robin tim knows how important jason was and never wanted to replace him baby tim is so worried all the time about not measuring up to his predecessors about tarnishing jason's legacy in particular due to his death tim is keenly aware of bruce's loss and keenly aware of his own perceived shortcomings it just hurts so bad to see baby timmy thinking about jason and not wanting to let him downgaining strength from the memory of himAND THEN JASON COMES BACK AND NEARLY BEATS HIM TO DEATHANGRY BEYOND BELIEF ABOUT BEING REPLACEDnot even mad at tim the person just mad at The Replacement to him as robinshit is on another level with the tragedy it's genuinely so embarrassing how much i have to say about three short comic book runs so i'm going to stop basically um fuck chuck dixon though it is fucking funny as hell that a homophobe was largely responsible for writing one of the most gay coded bat characters because make no mistaketim can very easily be read as gay in his later runsand i'm gonna talk about it in my opinion though this was definitely not intended tim can also easily be read as trans fuck you chuck dixonedit OMGGGG ok one thing which is the thing i think separates tim most from bruce and he knows it is tim's willingness tolet people die? see king snake while he doesn't kill him technically he certainly lets shiva do it and doesn't really express any regret while some people might think this is out of character i actually take it as part of tim that he is just inherently a little ruthless than he lets on a little pragmatic than he wants to admit i do think that if he didn't idol worship bruce so much and also recognized a little less the symbol of robin as a paradigm of good he would err on the side of jason's morality not as extreme of course but i can easily picture a tim who is completely fine with letting a few evil people exit the mortal coil but of course that would never fit with bruce's ideology and bruce's opinion at this point in tim's life is possibly the most important thing in the world

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    I'm so thankful that Robin finally got his own book series Granted it's a mini and it's not Dick Grayson; but this has been long overdue

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    The first volume of this collected Robin series covers a period shortly after Bruce Wayne decides to accept the young man as his partner in crime fighting Tim Drake is a scion of a wealthy young family who is uniue among the inner levels of the Batfamily for having a relatively normal well adjust life free of tragedy But all of that is about to changeWhen horrific tragedy strikes Tim uestions a great deal of things in his life as he wonders what it means to be a crime fighter and if personal tragedy is a necessary part of the struggle Some of this is the obvious spiral of a young man dealing with intense grief But even here it is useful and something that while horrible the boy turns to the good Shortly after this he must train to be capable he is already judged than worthy by Batman Nightwing and Alfred of fighting crime at Batman's side without getting killed But even here things are not as simple as they seem and Tim is about to undergo his first foray as Robing in a trial by fire in which the untold lives are at stakeI think that Tim is my favorite of the Robins He is not the agile pro that Dick Grayson is or the powerhouse that Jason Todd is He is capable with training but his greatest asset even so than with Batman is his brain He is intelligent and thinks things through in a way that makes him the obvious choice for leader in any situation when not around Batman that is who is his leader The art won't impress folks by today's standards and tastes It's not bad art at all but the palette chosen and the manner of illustration is just not to my mind in line with current aesthetic tastes Nonetheless it is good art and at times very detailed and beautifulThe story is a tight one that while it opens up and goes a bit all over the place still makes sense It's an action oriented mystery worthy of the student of the world's greatest detectiveOnly thing I wish we'd gotten info on were Lady Shiva's motives for wanting to corrupt Tim What's her deal? I wonder if future collected volumes of this former series will illuminate this for us Maybe she wanted revenge on Batman? Or maybe she just wanted a talented partner of her own? Who knows

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    Four stars to the first half of this collecting issues of Detective that introduce Tim Drake and his transformation into the new Robin Norm Breyfogle's art is sharp and moody as ever and it was a nice refresher to see the much human Batman I remember from the '80s written here by Alan Grant He has doubts he makes mistakes and he has expressions on his cowl than just grim determination and anger The second half collecting the first few issues of the stand alone Robin comic scores lower as the writing gets weaker relying on too many racial and national stereotypes the sultry and inscrutable Asian the angry Black man the rapacious English aristocrat Chuck Dixon's weaknesses are made up for to some degree by Tom Lyle's art but too often one can see that '90s Liefeld style in the character designs I don't imagine I'll be picking up volume 2 which features that same creative team of Dixon and Lyle