SHE DIDN T UNDERSTAND THAT SHE WAS DEADWhen Shari Cooper Awoke At Home After Being At Her Girlfriend S Birthday Party, Her Family Acted Like She Wasn T There They Didn T Hear A Thing She Said They Wouldn T Even Look At Her Then The Call Came From The Hospital Her Father And Brother Paled Her Mother Started To Cry Shari Didn T Know What Was Wrong Not Until She Followed Them To The Hospital There She Found Herself Lying On A Cold Slab In The Morgue The Police Said That It Was SuicideShari Knew She Had Been Murdered Making A Vow To Herself To Find Her Killer, Shari Embarks On The Strangest Of All Criminal Investigations One In Which She Spies On Her Friends, And Even Enters Their Dreams Where She Comes Face To Face With A Nightmare From Beyond The Grave The Shadow A Thing Horrible Than Death Itself Is The Key To Shari S Death, And The Only Thing That Can Stop Her Murderer From Murdering Again

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    When I was teen, Christopher Pike was the first author I searched for in the book stores If he had a new book out, I would do anything to make sure I had it In fact, years later, I still have those books Remember Me, though, stands out among his books Just the idea of a girl telling her story as a ghost who was murdered I loved it When I think about Pike s books, this is the first one that comes to mind I know they recently re released this book, and I think even though it s an old book, it s still relevant to today s teens Pike is a master when it comes to understanding the kind of social pressures and relationships of teens He doesn t write down to his readers Plus, he s great at getting the adrenaline pumping I always loved his portrayal of different kinds of relationships when I was a teen, and my goal as a writer is to tap into the kind of stories he used to tell.

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    I loved the absolute SHIT out of Christopher Pike books when I was a teenager They were like the next step up from Goosebumps in terms of creepiness and language, but they felt waaaaaay mature because the characters, like, had sex and went to parties with alcohol and all that shit For some incredibly stupid reason, I decided to reread this, a good 20 years ohgod I m so old after I last read a Christopher Pike book Andthis was fucking terrible, you guys Shari, the main character Is basically Jessica Wakefield She s pretty much a stuck up bitch who s constantly talking about how pretty she is compared to other girls Her parents gave her a Ferrari as a high school graduation present Meanwhile, her older brother drives a station wagon She has perfect, California surfer girl hair without being a surfer girl She s super popular Etcetera And then she gets murdered Ordinarily, I would say this is the best damned thing ever because if ever a character deserved to get murdered for being the actual worst, it s Shari But nooooo Shari becomes a ghost, determined to solve her own murder But she s not a ghost who can walk through walls and shit because that would be too fucking easy Instead, she has to climb in windows and up drainpipes and wait for someone to open the door before she can get into rooms or cars or whatever And honestly, the story behind her murder and the climax of the book Is HILARIOUSLY FUCKED UP view spoiler She was murdered by her brother s girlfriend, with whom she was switched at birth Meaning that her murderer was willingly dating her own brother Part of how she discovers this is by accessing other people s dreams Both the brother and the murderer dream in black and white, therefore they re obviously both colour blind, right And then the murderer plans to a seduce and b murder her brother by giving him an insulin overdose they re both insulin dependent diabetics and then give him an air embolism Which Shari manages to stop by putting herself INTO the air bubble IDEK hide spoiler

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    I read this book than half of my life ago, but it still haunts me as one of the best books I ve ever read For a thirteen year old girl interested in the other side , this book was the cat s pajamas I don t remember much about it despite the main character Shari s plea not to forget har har , but I do remember reading it multiple times and feeling a little like I could cry when the book was over I will always have a soft spot for this book, and for Christopher Pike.

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    It s nice to know what Regina George would have done if that bus had killed her.

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    Rating 4.5 5Remember Me is the story of Shari, and it all begins the night she falls of a balcony Shari was at a firends house for her birthday party When most of the guests had left the remaining kids decided to call up the dead Everything liked they were actually talking to a spirit when all of a sudden Shari decided to break the connection and walked to the balcony for some fresh air A few minutes later she was found lying at the ground, two floors beneath the balcony Was it murder or suicide Shari wakes up the next morning in her bed not sure of what happened Soon she will figure out she is a ghost Even though it seems like she is not alone in this world between dead and alive she can t leave until she figures out what happened to her.This was a great ghost murder mystery story It had everything I love in those kind of stories The friends who all seemed suspicious It was really hard to figure out how anyone would have killed Shari by their stories As I kept on reading and guessing, I was surprised that after a few revelations things started making sense, terrifying sense There is a big secret that readers will unveil by the end of this book that really shocked me It was a great twist This book was dark and twisted Yet, Shari is a character that, to me at least, seemed very pure and good hearted I felt sad for what happened to her and by the end of this book I really admired her strength.

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    First off, I must say that I did enjoy the book at first. The spoiler actually contains spoilers, you ve been warned view spoiler The ending however, well quite frankly it ruined the whole dang book for me I mean come on Amanda murdered Shari, and attempted to murder Jimmy Yet, when Shari s parents find out that Amanda was their real daughter, they go out and get her the best lawyers to get her off for murdering the girl they believed was their daughter for all those years ARE YOU KIDDING ME Amanda was a psychopathic murderer She didn t need to be brought into their family like everything was all hunky dory, she needed to go to prison I found the ending too unrealistic If I loved someone as my child for their entire life, only to find out that they weren t my child, and my real child killed them Over nothing, I might add There s no way in Hades that I would welcome them home with open arms Not a chance There are some instances where blood relations should mean less, and this was one of those times hide spoiler

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    Remember Me puts the normal back into para normal with its main character, an average girl murdered and left seeking revenge This book has its good and bad points but overall I really enjoyed it.

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    Remember Me. ohhh, a very good bookIt starts off with Shari Cooper the main character retelling her life from the other side She starts off to the night before she went to her friend Beth s party Little did she know that it would be her last night She was shoved off the balcony that night and she s determined to find her killer from the other side as she teams up with Peter her long dead friend who died in a motorcycle accident, shows up at her funeral and offers to help her crossover.When the killer was revealed, I couldn t have thought that it would be her The twists were excellent and the story was hard to predict Who could have known that Amanda was the real sister of Jimmy and that her and Shari were swapped when they were little I really love this book It shows a lot of good values and some universal truths that we could all live by And you just have to love Garret and his witty moves and remarks.Witty characters, unpredictable events a total page turner What could you ask for Overall, this story is AMAZING Always,keilynn, D.N.

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    Do you remember what the supernatural used to be like before the world of Vampires and Werewolves and even Zombies took over our world of modern day literature Ghosts were the scary thing, things going bump in the night, spirits being summoned out of Ouija Boards and seances occuring In Christopher Pike s Remember Me, it brought back some good memories of a time when scary stories just had ghosts and a simple storyline nothing as according to the cover, at the time released this book was scary as it stated on the cover and when I read it the other day, it was corny and along similar lines of books that Ive read rather than giving off a scary aura.The novel revolves around the death of Shari, who at a party with people who are supposed to be her friends , she is found dead fallen off a balcony Was she pushed or did she jump Prior to her death, Shari and her friends were performing a seance which resulted in Jeff s brother Peter s spirit being awoken Now Shari and Peter are on a mission to find out the truth about Shari and who exactly killed her as one things for sure Shari did not jump , watch out for a number of twists as three suspects stand out than the others and read as we find out the cause of her death and why she had to be the one to die.

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    It was meh Okay Honestly, it was my least favorite Christopher Pike book I have read I usually enjoy his books but this one did nothing for me The plot dragged, I felt there was way too much filler materiel and conversations about a whole lot of nothing None of the characters were likable nor was I able to relate in any way Frankly Shari annoyed me and that is hard to not like the protagonist Even if it is a I like to hate type of feeling I need to feel SOMETHING But this was dull While it wasn t badly written, I felt no drive I was literally just reading to read and say I did.