Burdened By Debt After Her Husband S Death, Lucy Muir Insists On Moving Into The Very Cheap Gull Cottage In The Quaint Seaside Village Of Whitecliff, Despite Multiple Warnings That The House Is Haunted Upon Discovering The Rumors To Be True, The Young Widow Ends Up Forming A Special Companionship With The Ghost Of Handsome Former Sea Captain Daniel Gregg Through The Struggles Of Supporting Her Children, Seeking Out Romance From The Wrong Places, And Working To Publish The Captain S Story As A Book, Blood And Swash, Lucy Finds In Her Secret Relationship With Captain Gregg A Comfort And Blossoming Love She Never Could Have Predicted Originally Published In , Made Into A Movie In , And Later Adapted Into A Television Sitcom In , This Romantic Tale Explores How Love Can Develop Without Boundaries, Both In This Life And Beyond

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    In a land far, far away, there was once a young girl who saw a delightful movie with Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney, that stole her heart and peeked her imagination and set some fairly unrealistic ideas of what love is or at least can be While browsing library shelves this week, what should that young girl, turned older lady, come across but the book from which that lovely movie sprang Couldn t resist It is a lovely little book, a novella than a novel It was exactly the break I needed, having just read several mammoth and weighty books It was serendipity and oddly enough, I could spot every point at which the movie differed from the book and I last saw that movie over 35 years ago At moments like these I wish I had the ability to stream movies so that I could run out somewhere and find this one Still, the sweetness of the book, coupled with the memories that keep playing in my mind, are entirely sufficient to make this a very pleasant interlude Off I go to the next book that must be readbut, I do thank the spirits of the library for plopping this one, unsought, into my hands.

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    Beautiful, sad, romantic story Less than 200 pages, a really quick read In this case, I thought the movie 1947, and one of my favorites did a really great job representing the original story The only thing that was really different is that Lucy had a second child in the book, while in the movie she had only a daughter My guess is that in the movie, it was too much to try to fit in the plotline an explanation of her relationship with her son it was interesting to read it here Side note the edition 1945 I got from the library was a first edition, and the title page said, This book has been designed in a Victory Format Smaller type and margins produce fewer pages which permit a vital saving of paper and labor in the manufacture of a Wartime book I love brushes with history like this

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    As a youngster, I used to watch the television show, The Ghost and Mrs Muir starring Edward Mulhare and Hope Lange along with Charles Nelson Reilly and Reta Shaw as the indomitable Martha I always loved the show and it s whimsical take on a haunted sea side cottage So, when I happened upon this book at my local library, I decided to read it The T.V show was comical and lighthearted than the book I never saw the movie made from the book, starring Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney so I don t know how that compares although now I may see if I can find it on DVD or streaming.The time is 1900 and the book is a sobering telling of the tale of a widowed woman, Lucy Muir, with 2 young children that are living in her husband s family home along with his mother and sisters Lucy feels that she always has to be agreeable around the family and they always see her as poor Lucy She decides she wants to be independent and goes about finding a place to settle with the children She finds Gull Cottage and decides that it s perfect for her and her children s needs Thus begins the tale We learn about Lucy s triumphs and tragedies How the children view their mother and their lives and how a ghost helps to shape Lucy into a person that takes forays out of her comfort zone All in all a good book.

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    It s been years since I saw the movie so my memories of it are a bit hazy However, I do find the novel to be really good I especially love the idea that narrowminded people that don t care about other s can t hear the captain s voice They are shut off spiritually Anyhow, I ve wanted to read the books for years and I m glad to say that the book was just as good as hoped it to me Now I want to re watch the movie

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    What a wonderful, sweet and beautifully sad romance A romance that isn t a romance but really is I loved it I saw the old black and white movie years ago and lapped up the tv series but this source of those two visual medias is far better It is the story of a widow who wants to break out of the family restraints and live life her way She buys a house near the sea and meets it s invisible resident the ghost of Captain Daniel Gregg The Captain helps Lucy Muir to live the life she wants empowers her to say no and is there every step of the way Interfering in laws, a pompous son, a flamboyant daughter and even a love affair are all handled efficiently with the help of the Captain Thoroughly recommended.

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    A perfectly delightful story seasoned with Captain Gregg s salty language just as good as the movie and perhaps even better

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    The Ghost And Mrs Muir is refreshingly unique, surely startlingly original in its day, in beautifully told prose Ireland s Josephine Aimee Campbell Leslie was an eloquent, gifted authoress She acquaints us with Lucy, Anna, Gregg, and Martha endearingly For superb originality and authorship, five stars are easily earned I settle at an appreciative four Despite coming out 71 years ago, even earlier than the goody goody 1950s, it was disappointing that Lucy quavered and seldom stood her ground before anyone, except Gregg She grew and got better but was only unequivocally firm about residing in her seaside house.One shocking attitude was Gregg declaring she could have his money and Lucy wondering if it should go to a relative In the 1940s, didn t friends become family If Gregg liked a cousin less than Lucy, her pets, and children why hesitate The owner of the money wants you to take it Whom are people helping, by professing independence and declining assistance they need Lucy bought the house but Josephine did not clarify if that store was depleted When Lucy and her family struggle again, we wonder about it.On the subject of follow up information, I would have delighted in evolved outcomes generally Anna and Cyril have happy lives with Grandchildren With Cyril secure in his career, Lucy could have taught him something by revealing everything about the famous book It would have been a breeze to share Gregg s protective presence with Anna In lieu of, it should have afforded me tremendous gratification to know she would recount all of that information to her progeny, at least in a personal letter or will We could do without the final paragraph Prior to it, the end was unexpected in its spiritual jubilance It leaves us floating upon that thought with wonderment and a smile.

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    Some of my complaints in reading is that nothing is happening Character Studies are generally not for me Romances too sappy Paranormal too unrealistic So to my surprise I found this book to be a very sweet romantic look at one woman s struggle to mold her life on her terms I was always tense when others, well intentioned or not, tried to force her into doing what was best for her.To my surprise, I even cried at the end of her journey A charming story.

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    Goosebumps at the end I found it so relatable with so much truth in it I loved this book

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    This was such a nostalgic read As a child of the 60 s I remember watching the TV version on the ABC right before dinner And the movie with Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney is a romance classic Such a sweet and classic love story although as a book the characters are a little one dimensional and the writing a tad dated But the descriptive passages of Gull Cottage and the wind swept cliffs balance this out and I dare anyone to read the last page without a tear in their eye