This Is The Story Of Paul, A Sopho At A High School Like No Other The Cheerleaders Ride Harleys, The Homecoming Queen Used To Be A Guy Named Daryl She Now Prefers Infinite Darlene And Is Also The Star Quarterback , And The Gay Straight Alliance Was Formed To Help The Straight Kids Learn How To DanceWhen Paul Meets Noah, He Thinks He S Found The One His Heart Is Made For Until He Blows It The School Bookie Says The Odds AreToAgainst Him Getting Noah Back, But Paul S Not Giving Up Without Playing His Love Really Loud His Best Friend Joni Might Be Drifting Away, His Other Best Friend Tony Might Be Dealing With Ultra Religious Parents, And His Ex Boyfriend Kyle Might Not Be Going Away Anytime Soon, But Sometimes Everything Needs To Fall Apart Before It Can Really Fit Together RightThis Is A Happy Meaningful Romantic Comedy About Finding Love, Losing Love, And Doing What It Takes To Get Love Back In A Crazy Wonderful World

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    hm i don t really know what to make of this one see, here s the deal i know this is a hugely popular gay teen fiction book it has been around for a while and everyone loves it LGM , but in light of recent current events, it just makes me nervous.this book takes place in a gay utopia, really a world where there would be no need for the it gets better project and on the one hand, i m sure gay teens would love reading it because it is like an escapist fantasy where everyone is tolerant and heterosexuals actually seem to be the minority and the homecoming queen is the same entity as the quarterback football players in drag, what could an acceptance seeking gay teen want but on the other hand, doesn t this kind of hyperbolic fantasy make teens feel worse because it is totally not like this anywhere i have ever heard of where the boy scouts have been banned from town for not being gaycepting and changed to the joy scouts where the vegetarians win and get the local mcdonalds changed to a veggie d where everyone s parents are cool with their gay kids coming out when they are 8 but not one town over, mind you, just in this weird rainbow gated community doesn t a kid read that, and then go to their real high school and get called a fag, and doesn t it make them feel worse i have no idea.apart from my squeamishness about how this book operates psychologically in a real world context that has lately been dramatic than usual, the book itself is okay it s a fine little story about first real love and loyalty and all the regular ups and downs of high school not particularly illuminating, but it is only 185 pages, so what can you do however, all social climate stuff aside, this got me peeving joni s brought us here because sometimes you just have to dance like a madman in the self help section of your local bookstore this is untrue no dancing, please it is a place of business take that shit outside, capice

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    Or Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Boy Meets BoyI want to live in the world David Levithan has created It s fun, it s fabulous, it s the literary equivalent of unicorn fart Sure, I know there probably doesn t exist a place where all the teenagers gather together to dance away Sunday nights in the local bookstore Where the school s star quarterback is a crossdresser with the improbable name of Infinite Darlene Where the Boy Scouts quit and reform as the Joy Scouts because the Boy Scouts wouldn t accept gay members But it s nice to suspend your disbelief and just enjoy this magical, happy place with it s accepting, encouraging populace where being gay is no unusual than being straight and the love of your life would just walk up to you in the Self Improvement section Hello, Narnia I don t think I stopped smiling AT ALL through the first hundred odd pages of this book I asked for a happy gay romance, and boy, did this story deliver Paul is a great protagonist he is comfortable in his own skin, he is popular and well adjusted, he has an adorable family I just could not get enough of, and the story of his and Noah s budding romance is all sparkles and rainbows without being cheesy in the least I LOVED the fact that Noah brought him flowers on their first date, and I loved that we got to see them hang out with his quirky family This book was like an episode of Glee you know real life s not this easy, but that s kind of the point Despite the sunshine y tone of the book, it manages to address several issues with a fairly large cast of characters who all steal your heart There s Tony, struggling struggling with his sexuality in the midst of his rabidly religious family And Kyle, Paul s ex, who is confused about whether he likes girls or boys, unable to understand that liking both is a possibility And then there s Joni, who s been friends with Paul since forever, but now she s changing, because she s in love with the one boy who can t accept Paul for what he is And Noah, so happy in the beginning, but filled with doubts on the inside, burned before and wary of being burned again This is a story about a bunch of teenagers trying to find their place in the world, and the general tone of levity doesn t distract from the importance of the message So there I was, coasting along on this pink cloud, when I got a rude shock view spoiler Okay, I HATE stories that involve infidelity of any sort One of the reasons why I hate love triangles so much is because they pretty much green light cheating, even if it is only emotional, and that really, really puts me off Paul has a great relationship with Noah why would he ruin that for someone who made him feel bad and dumped his ass This twist almost ruined the entire book for me hide spoiler

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    Part of love is letting a person be who they want to be 3.5 stars Although this is a very short novel not even two hundred pages long it explores different themes worth contemplating, with a huge emphasis on romantic and friendly inclined relationships Paul s high school is like no other Every student feels free to be who they are or want to be gay, lesbian, drag queen, transgender without fear of being targeted by other classmates Though, to make things clear, this is no utopian novel Paul s high school is indeed magnificent his whole town is amazing but not absolutely everyone is open minded His best friend Tony s parents, for instance, are uber religious and forbid him from going near other gay boys This is a love story, a coming of age story, a slice of life revealing how things could be if LGBTQ people were better treated and respected and a collection of truthful moments in the life of a teenage gay boy who may have found the love of his life and lost him forever David Levithan writes like he can feel every single emotion his characters are feeling I m sure he is the type of author to cry along with the people he s writing about when their hearts are breaking If this book had been about a boy meeting a girl, I would have found it clich d The diversity makes is quite interesting The high school is original and the set of characters heart warming Some secondary characters weren t fleshed out enough to make them memorable I m looking at you Joni but they all had a part to play in this story.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    Despite its pretenses it s overall theme of goodness, friendship, this story is kinda, sorta, uh pedestrian A love triangle not in the least bit bizarre, our character is a prancing, megaconfident hyperpositive social Pollyanna These kids seemingly live in a perpetual children s museum their hometown caters to them all, to SUCH a staggering degree as to make you go ick On the seventh day I gave him me Yeah, Paul You and your buddies have a god complex The atmosphere is too sweet, often unbelievably Plus references to Breakfast Club Cliche even in popular movies like Pitch Perfect Yeah These characters definitely DO NOT EXIST Or ever will Or ever did It s always convenient for an adolescent idyll fairy tale hormonal angst to have two dudes go for you at once see Twilight, etc cos, you know, YOU DESERVE IT, girl

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    The I read David Levithan, the less impressed I become Or maybe it s just that i m beginning to read his older works, and they re just not that great This was what i m now starting to label a typical Levithan book Unimpressive, bland plot, okay characters, average writing I nearly didn t finish this because I thought maybe it wouldn t be worth it, and I can honestly admit that I wouldn t have missed anything had I decided to DNF it It s not the worst story in the world, and I did like that this book has a gay protagonist, but it was written in 2003 and you can tell it s so horribly outdated and the audiobook is old as well and it was really irritating because there were a lot of voice changes and background music Overall this book is just meh and it made me question if I should just get rid of my last two Levithan books on my TBR, which are Are We There Yet and How They Met and Other Stories

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    Cute love story about love, friendship, coming out, and heart break.

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    Review will be spoiler ish of the storylineYou know a book is special, when the first thing you do AFTER you close the last page is sighing and whisper, Beautiful That is exactly what I do after I finish reading Levithan s Boy Meets Boy I think this is one of the most beautiful and smartest young adult book dealing with gay themed that I have read Sure, this book has sort of an unrealistic portrayal of LGBT acceptance But that is the beauty of it This is THE Gay Utopia World where the gay kids and the lesbian kids and the drag queens can exist in a high school with the other kids, in a town where P FLAG is as big as draw as the PTA , where the town Boy Scouts changes their name to Joy Scouts simply because Boy Scouts decided gays had no place in their ranks It s a hopeful world, and in the center of it, is the love story between Paul who knows he is gay since he is five years old and Noah, the new senior at the high school It is also a story of friendship and fighting for the right to be who you are, with Paul s friends Joni, Tony, Infinite Darlene, Ted, and Paul s ex, Kyle This book makes me laugh in the beginning, when I read how Paul comes out to his parents Guess, what, I m gay Paul says to his mother Honey Paul leaned a new word that s how his mother reacted But it also made me think, when Tony, Paul s friend who lives at another town, with a very strict religious parents, tells him that he always feels lost because he is pretending to be someone he is not and even if it hurts him, he knows that his parents actually love him But maybe they will someday I don t know All I know is that I can t just run off They think that being gay is going to mess up my whole life I can t prove them right, Paul I have to prove them wrong And I know I can t prove them wrong by changing myself or by denying what I really am The only way for me to prove them wrong is to try to be who I am and show them it s not hurting me to be that way In two years I ll graduate I ll be gone But in the meantime, I have to find a way to make this work It s so heartbreaking the way Tony says it no kids should ever feel that way, it s just wrong but that is one fact that is closer to the world we live in.But this book is also romantic and witty and you need to read how Paul determines to prove to Noah that he loves him, by giving him, let s see flowers and time first day , words and definitions second day , space third day , song fourth day , film fifth day , letters sixth day , and himself seventh day I DARE YOU to find one adult romance who can be as inventive and unique like this book, in declaring one s love to another Those books simply pale in comparison Plus the beautiful paint some music scene that is so beautiful, I can imagine it in my mind and start painting some music as well.This book is one that I can cherish, because it touches not only my brain, but also my heart and my soul Thank you, Mr Levithan.

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    Any book that makes me cry deserves at least 4 stars Boy Meets Boy managed to squeeze tears out of me on several occasions It doesn t mean, however, that this is one of those downer novels where someone dies or suffers horrible decease or misfortunes Quite the opposite, this book is actually upbeat and lighthearted, and my tears were tears of pride and relief mostly.The setting of the novel is unusual In fact, I am dying to borrow from Tony Kushner and call Boy Meets Boy a gay fantasia A town where all action takes place is fantastical, the level of acceptance of all kinds of sexuality is unprecedented Our main character Paul is the most well adjusted gay teen you will ever meet He never had any trouble coming out at the age of 5, he is popular, in fact, a transvestite quarterback is popular in Paul s wonder school too In short, Paul s life is free of all homosexuality related problems and anxieties we all are accustomed to reading about However it doesn t mean Paul is perfect he falls in love, botches his relationship, gets involved with his ex, is concerned about his relationships with his friends, both gay and straight basically he has all your normal teen problems This is a book about how he deals with them.Boy Meets Boy is a wonderful, heartfelt, sweet love story, story about friendships and acceptance, a celebration of individuality and difference This book is rightfully regarded as a pioneer gay teen novel And, most importantly, it is a delight to read.

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    When I first read this book, I fell in lovein love with the main character and with the writer David Levithan nailed what I d been looking for for some time a type of book that should be written many times over for alot of different kids Here is the review I wrote June, 2004I just read an incredible book Its called Boy meets Boy by David Levithan I loved it on so many levels the main one being its normalcy Through my book travels, I read alot of teen angst, where the main character is dealing with tragedy in some form, or struggling to find his placebut in Boy meets Boy, the main character in this book, Paul, is someone that I would want to be my friend Someone I like and want to see again, get to know and see him grow and develope And so, of course, I will read Levithans next work eagerly Paul comes from a secure, happy two parent family, he s fifteen and loves his parents They worry about him, understand him, yet support him with little fanfare and alot of pride The fact that Paul is gay is almost beside the point which in my opinion is the point This is a story about friends who deal with struggles of love, trust, relationships and simple suburban life that is for once gasp not denigrated, but celebrated I loved this book and highly recommend it.Okay, I wrote that short review back in June and re reading it I see that it fails to do justice to the book I was literally crying when I finished it From sadness No not at all Sometimes a scene is so poignant that you get choked up The last scene was powerful and beautiful that I had to hold it to myself a little longer This is the magic that David Levithan creates This book is about a gay teenager that is happy, is NORMAL, and is a precious adorable soul I like his ethics, his take on life, his matter of fact acceptance that he is gay, like he s blond or blue eyed I love his parents who accepted it from day one possibly when his kindergarten teacher made a notation that Paul was probably gay There is nothing unusual about his family why would there be they are loving parents that have expectations for Paul and his brother like any other family This book is not about the gay experience yet is wholly involved with the relationships between Paul, his new love interest and his old boyfriend, not to mention a host of other funny sometimes wacky characters Teen issues are teen issuesdoes it matter whether or not they are gay Kids need to see themselves within the context of normalcy David has done this.

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    At the beginning I couldn t see the town in the book being real I liked the town, it seemed awesome, just not realistic I was very much like Tony in that sense The first time I met you, I honestly couldn t believe that someone like you could exist, or even a town like yours could entirely exist But as I got to the middle, a little after I read that quote, I realized two things First, Paul is the exception not the rule He s grown up in this amazing home with a really supportive family and great friends , and it s because of all of that that he is who he is Paul is the character we wish we could be, the fortunate one whose life has been easy and to whom the world just seems to open up for Whereas, Tony is the character most like us The one who has to deal with problems that seem way to complex for anyone to have to deal with because he doesn t have a choice The second thing I realized is that the town described in the book is not the whole town it s Paul s town The people of the town that are mentioned are those who Paul associates with They make up his town, his world even Sure, there might be people at his school who are homophobic and others who are just plain mean, but they don t matter to Paul because their not his world Like in the last chapter when all of his friends delay the Dowager dance in favor of hanging out together in the clearing In this space, in this moment, we are who we want to be And really, if you had friends like that why would anyone else matter to you, why would you bother with anyone else