In a survival situation life really does hang in the balance one wrong decision could spell the difference between life and death No one knows this better than Les Stroud who has survived everywhere from the sun scorched sands of the Kalahari to the snake infested jungles of the Will to Live is a compilation of history’s most intriguing survival stories by one of the world’s foremost experts and includes the tales of Chris McCandless subject of Into the Wild Yossi Ghinsberg who survived alone in the for twenty one days Douglas Mawson the Antarctic “superman” who survived three hellish months at the bottom of the planet and Nando Parrado who was trapped for two months high in the Andes after a plane crash killed his friends and familyWith over sixteen weeks on the Globe and Mail bestseller list Survive is the ultimate insider’s guide to survival Les Stroud has survived it all and now he shares his field tested expertise in this no nonsense look at the real world of survivalBeyond Survivorman offers us a rare glimpse of some of the world’s most remote places and a chance to meet fascinating groups of people like the Sea Gypsies in Malaysia and the San Bushmen in Africa allowing us to learn how they live how they survive and what lessons they can teach us

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