In The Summer Of , Victoria Leonard S World Changed Forever When Caitlin Somers Chose Her As A Friend Dazzling, Reckless Caitlin Welcomed Vix Into The Heart Of Her Sprawling, Eccentric Family, Opening Doors To A World Of Unimaginable Privilege, Sweeping Her Away To Vacations On Martha S Vineyard, A Magical, Wind Blown Island Where Two Friends Became Summer SistersNow, Years Later, Vix Is Working In New York City Caitlin Is Getting Married On The Vineyard And The Early Magic Of Their Long, Complicated Friendship Has Faded But Caitlin Has Begged Vix To Come To Her Wedding, To Be Her Maid Of Honor And Vix Knows That She Will Go For The Friend Whose Casual Betrayals She Remembers All Too Well Because Vix Wants To Understand What Happened During That Last Shattering Summer And, After All These Years, She Needs To Know Why Her Best Friend Her Summer Sister Still Has The Power To Break Her Heart Caitlin Somers chose me as her summer sister because I was smart but quiet She knew I wouldn t ask a million questions and get in the wayVix is surprised when beautiful and popular Caitlin Somers asks her to spend the summer with her and her family at Martha s Vineyard the year they were both in 6th grade How could she refuse What follows is a sweeping narrative of the bond these summer sisters share throughout years of adventures, side by side and separated, both good and bad that will link them together for a lifetime.You can t ask for a perfect summer read than this Judy Blume, who introduced me to the Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Freckle Juice, now graces us with this addictive coming of age story told from multiple POVs that swept me in and held me until the very last page.It has everything you want in a summer book adventure, conflict, sexual tension, humor, heartache, celebration My emotions were all over the place Plus, it has that certain quality that reminds you of your childhood your own personal evolution and that is comforting and feels like home.A lot of ground is covered in this book 1977 1996 , so some of the transitions are a bit abrupt however the story is so absorbing that Blume can be forgiven for that Four sunlit stars for this timeless tale of seasoned friendship. 3.5 starsI LOVED Judy Blume books when I was growing up One of my favorite memories is reading her books over and over This is my first adult Judy Blume book I honestly wasn t sure if I would read any of her newer books I m not sure why Maybe I just wanted to keep her associated with books from my youth But I happened to come across this one when visiting my mother Someone had dropped off some books for her to look through I thought I would read a few pages just to see how it was and ended up reading it all.I enjoyed reading about Vix and Caitlyn s friendship as it developed over the years Like most friendships theirs is not without its struggles and hasn t always been easy, in the past or the present It reminded me of summer trips to the lake and hanging out with friends that I was only able to see during summer vacations I miss those days A nice light read It was a welcome change after some of the really emotional books I have been reading A good summer read.or in the winter when want to think about summer The Judy Blume from my youth will always be my favorite but all in all this was a very enjoyable read This story has so many elements that should make it an easy success The senitmentality of childhood summers, first love, finding and defining family, a rags to riches tale, your first best friend, lost love, betrayal But it just failed so hard None of the characters were believable all were flat caricatures The Saintly Martyred Poor Girl who worships Spoiled Socialite Girl, then lives with New York Jew and Southern Belle The fathers are Emasculated Pushover and Hippy Mellow Younger guys are Hunky Morons or Good Guy Who You Don t Know Exists or Sex crazed Asshole Yuck I hated everyone, and while that can sometimes be a brilliant ploy by a writer to make a social or political statement Fitzgerald comes to mind , I think Blume wants readers to connect with AT LEAST Victoria, who narrates the majority of the book.The framework is another beef of mine Throughout the book, Victoria s narrative is interrupted by brief third person narrations of her friends and family Nothing profound is revealed it s actually insulting to be told by the characters things that were fairly obvious from context It s also a cheat If you can t develop your characters through the central narrative, then you failed either give them some weight to earn their special voice, or just let them go.I really wanted to like this book, and it has a couple of moments The first couple of summers really do have some honesty they nail the sometimes awkward and sexually charged friendships of early adolescence Summer Sisters has all the notes to make a beautiful symphony of a novel But in the hands of an unskilled musician, it just ends up being a discordant echo of greatness. I read this book every summer, mostly because it does such a great job of capturing the essence of the season I actually prefer to read it when it s still a little cold outside so I can be transported to warmer weather, but for the past few years it s been so hard to find time to get it in Anyway, if you define a favorite book as one you want to read again and again, this is definitely one of my favorites I guess I m not really surprised Are You There, God It s Me, Margaret had the same hold over me when I was younger I just love how fast paced and frank Judy Blume s writing style is it s so different from what you get with most chick lit At times, it gets to be a little bit too much, but for the most part, I think it creates a powerful story.