When Holly S Secrets Backfire, Is The Mess Too Big To Unravel Holly Cramer Has Worked Hard To Keep The Identity Of Her Daughter S Father A Secret, Shamed And Embarrassed By The One Night Stand But When The Police Knock On Her Door Searching For Creed Kershaw, She Realizes His Identity Isn T As Hidden As She Thought The Fact That Creed Is A Person Of Interest In A Recent Drug Related Murder Only Increases Her HumiliationWhen Holly S And Creed S Paths Cross, Holly Is Unsure Whether To Be Terrified Of Him Or Trust Him His Tenderness With Their Daughter Makes Her Want To Believe His Story That He Had Nothing To Do With The Murder Then She Discovers That Creed Has A Connection To Leonard Miller Who Killed Both Her Sister S Fianc And Her Brother In Law, And Kidnapped Her Nephews And Things Only Become ComplicatedWill Creed Lead Them To The Man Who Has Plagued Her Family, Or Become Another Of His Victims

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    Oh, this one was good I love some strong character development, and this story takes us though a hero and heroine who have made some major mistakes with their lives but have to work through them to defeat the daring bad guy who s plagued the sister MCs through this entire trilogy This one s my favorite of the three

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    Twisted Innocence was a great ending to the series I liked how everything wrapped up and the author s note at the end was very good and true I can t believe that I actually ended up liking Creed, but I did and I just wanted things to end up well for him.Recommend this series especially in audio format.

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    I really enjoyed Twisted Innocence It is the third book in a series, however, I had not read the first two books and I followed the storyline just fine The author did a good job of catching me up to what had been going on in the previous books I do think that my reading enjoyment would have been even greater had I read the whole series, but I still liked this book very much.I really liked Holly Cramer She has turned her life around for the sake of her new baby She no longer runs with a wild crowd or parties her days and nights away She is dedicated to this sweet baby girl and to doing the best she can for her I sometimes found myself frustrated with Holly s siblings, because they doubted that she had really changed her ways But, truly, their reluctance to believe that she wasn t going to fall back into her previous behavior makes complete sense These siblings have known her the longest The fact that she has made a permanent change is something hard to believe when they have seen her slip so many times before.There is a continuing story throughout the three books that deals with a powerful drug lord I did not have any trouble following this plot Holly s family and other people close to their family have been brutally targeted and have had many problems because of this man The continuing battle against his evil hold on their city was thrilling.This book flowed very smoothly and was a quick read for me I enjoyed the plot and the characters and definitely recommend it for fans of suspense and romantic suspense.I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, through Litfuse Publicity, in exchange for an honest review.You can read this review on my blog at

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    A special thank you to Zondervan and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Talented Christian and crime writer, Terri Blackstock returns with the thrilling complex suspense Moonlighter trilogy, with an action filled, fast paced thriller, TWISTED INNOCENCE Moonlighters Series 3 , focused on sister, Holly and her baby daughter Of course, the sisters and other familiar characters are back for a novel of mistakes, love, and redemption If you read Blackstock s last book Distortion Moonlighters Series 2 , focused on Juliet, and Truth Stained Lies Moonlighters Series 1 , focused on Cathy you will be familiar with the characters introduced, as we have been anxiously awaiting their fate In previous books we met Juliet, her husband, children, and sisters Holly and Cathy who all team up with PI Michael Hogan Set in Panama City, Florida wild child biker chick like, Holly is trying to settle down Now a mother of beautiful daughter Lily As a single mom, she is working two jobs, trying to make ends meet with the PI business with her sisters, and a cab driver However, as the book opens, the cab driver job becomes dangerous, when she is robbed by two meth druggies and wrecks her cab Her sister Juliet is worried about her and wants her off the streets She decides to get rid of the pink streaks in her hair and cover her tattoos, to be a responsible mother and give up loser boyfriends The worst possible timing the father of her daughter, is back Creed has a past and he happened to be a one night stand something she is not proud of and has not told anyone the identity She does not want her family to know, as she is trying to live life on the straight and narrow, and she does not need the complications or a reminder of her past poor choices.To further complicate things, Michael is in jail on a technicality and the girls are working hard to get him released, before Cathy s wedding blogger sister Cats Curious, from Book 1 And their worst nightmares come to life with Leonard Miller The drug kingpin and murderer responsible for Cathy s husband s death, and Michael s brother, kidnapping, among other horrific acts He is back in town Due to a woman s testimony and the defense attorney s focus, the jury had reasonable doubt about the police department s integrity and found Leonard not guilty After the trial, Michael was convicted of lying under oath He lost his job at the police department since as a convicted felon, he could no longer carry a weapon.Needless to say, Miller went on to kill other as he climbed the ladder of his deadly drug trafficking ring When Michael Hogan later took up arms to save Juliet and her children from Miller s murderous cruelty, he violated probation The hero did not fight the charges and his marriage proposal to Cathy came as they hauled him off to jail Of course, due to all this injustice, Cathy quit practicing law While Cathy and Michael are planning the wedding, they have bigger fears She is praying Michael will be released as they need him to help track down Miller before he kills again He lost his police career trying to save them last time Miller is wanted for drug trafficking, distribution, conspiracy, kidnapping and murder and he would be insane to show his face however, as Michael s mentions, these guys are not so smart Plus Holly has to worry about Creed and now Holly s baby is caught in the crossfire a bomb, a shooting, drug dealers, and lives are on the line as the intensity, tensions, and emotions are high Is Creed connected to Miller Will Creed save the day Many twists and turns keeping you guessing the good guys from the bad For fans of mystery, crime thrillers, suspense, romance, women s and Christian fiction Even through Terri has been around for quite some time as a successful novelist, I only recently discovered her when I started reading this series I was amazed how she seamlessly weaves many genres in one book, using flawed characters, highly charged subjects of drugs and crime and strong Christian faith Well developed characters and excellent writing, grabbing you from beginning to end She demonstrates how all of us experience trials and are led astray, and how God uses the hard times for a bigger plan and purpose God knows where we started and how we got there Highly recommend this series for an engaging and satisfying read and looking forward to reading from Blackstock. As a fellow Floridan, loved the setting Judith D Collins Must Read Books

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    Twisted Innocence is the final book in a trilogy, and the three books do need to be read in order, and I believe in quick succession, because Twisted Innocence builds on and concludes the overall series story arc While I have read the previous two books, it was several months ago, and I had forgotten most of the details As a result, I found the first quarter of Twisted Innocence slow, as though it was trying to tell new readers what had gone before without falling into an excess of backstory that those who did remember the earlier novels would find tedious and unnecessary.Twisted Innocence focuses on Holly Cramer, the once irresponsible younger sister of Cathy, Juliet and Jay She s now a responsible woman a single mother to five week old Lily who is working two jobs to try and earn enough money to cover her bills She is mugged one night, and then finds out that one night stand Creed Kershaw knows he is Lily s father, and is wanted in relation to a drug related murder And it seems Leonard Miller, the man who murdered Cathy s fiance, is back in town There were good parts and bad parts to the story The pace picked up once I got past the first quarter, which made it easier to read The whole subplot about Michael in prison seemed unnecessary, as though he was only there so someone could observe one specific incident the scenes where Cathy was petitioning to have Michael released were particularly tedious.Overall, while Twisted Innocence was a good finish to the series, it would be better if I d read all three books in quick succession, as it didn t work well as a standalone thriller Thankfully, now you can, and for the same price as buying one of the books Zondervan has released a three in one volume, and I d recommend that rather than the single title.Thanks to Zondervan and NetGalley for providing a free ebook for review.

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    Another great book by Terri Blackstock This book again confirmed why she is one of my favourite Christian suspense writers The book was so fast paced I flew through it This is book 3 of the Moonlighters series and what a great conclusion In this book we get to know the youngest sister, Holly, as she struggles through accepting decisions she made in the past, and to realise it is only in the past, as well as getting to know Creed, the father of Holly s baby Leonard Miller is also back and Cathy, Micheal and Max is committed to find him and get justice for Joe s murder.What I loved about this book, except for the suspense which was page turning and not predictable at all, was the way the author showed another character trade of God, which is also probably the most important one and difficult one to grasp God s grace and forgiveness to us as sinners I loved how Holly grew from the first book to the woman she is now in book 3 I also realised how we often are fast to judge people on past knowledge through Cathy and Julie s reaction to something that happened.Highly recommend it to anyone who loves Christian suspense.

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    Na drie delen even genoeg aan christelijke woorden.

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    3.5 StarsI had heard good things about this author and so jumped at the chance to review her newest, Twisted Innocence I liked that even though this is the third book in the series and it would definitely be beneficial to read the first two books, I still followed the story just fine not having read them It also had some romance, lots of family involved in the story which I always like , and some decent suspense I also liked seeing the different storylines come together as various characters found that their situations intersected.There were a few things that I didn t like in the story, unfortunately, since I really wanted to love this one Holly does some things very uncharacteristically of a mother and, I felt, for her character Then there were other pieces that didn t quite work for me The love between two of the characters was much too fast and I also felt unlikely under the situation.Let me also talk about what I did like I liked the characters I loved how close Holly and her sisters and brothers were They had each others backs for the most part and had a lot to deal with between their past and current situations There s a scene where one of the sisters who is raising her three children on her own and watching her sister s four or five week old baby and just about has a meltdown It was completely crazy, but so realistic and it cracked me up You see how great these women really are and the good men as well through some pretty tense situations The story got fairly intense towards the end, as you would expect Lot s going on there too It also had a great message about change and wiping the slate clean in reference to starting over and letting go of past mistakes.If you ve read Blackstock s other books or enjoy reading Christian suspense then I d give this series a try I wanted to connect with the story, but still enjoyed reading it.Content Some violence, as would be expected for the genre, but not overly graphic and I would consider this clean.Source I would like to thank Zondervan for my complimentary review copy through Litfuse for this tour, which did not affect my review in any way.

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    This book was ace pure ace I started it last night and finished it this morning I finished it whilst eating my breakfast, I just had to see what happened at the end.I ve not read the books in this series previous to this, did it matter nope, not one bit I will go back over them though and see as I loved this book so very much.Holly seemed to have been a bit wayward, but since she had a one night stand with Creed Kershaw, a man that she was introduced to one night, drunk, and totally out of character, slept with him She comes from a religious background, its not something she would uphold, and the consequences to this is, she finds herself pregnant.She s tried hard, and succeeded in keeping the Father of her child a secret.untilI am deliberately leaving out some bits and I don t want to give out any spoilers other that what you read via the blurb.Her path crosses with Creed again, under very unusual circumstances and she is forced to spend some time with the Father of her child, during this time, she sees a tender side to him when he is fathering and caring for their daughter..but its HER child.This is one awesome read, when I got passed 20% I just couldn t leave the book laying there, I had to pick it up AGAIN and continue to read just one chapter..just one .one ..THE ENDAll you avid readers will know where I am coming from, when you have a good book in your hand you just can t put it down Now can you I would like to thank the author Terri Blackstock for keeping me entertained and for Zondervan Fiction for allowing me my copy of this book for review via Net Galley

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    I hate to say it but this book was my least favorite in this series The other two seemed suspenseful and intriguing This book does include the same characters from the previous stories, so I recommend reading them in order Holly s character frustrated me at times but I liked Terri s portrayal of her life and situation raising a baby and being a cap driver The most surprising person in this story was Creed who confused me at first and really completed the story line Terri could have twisted the relationships up a bit but instead I think she made life realistic and I liked it I loved reading about all of the previous people and their continuing stories I just didn t connect with this book much and for me it wasn t so much a page turner I know so many people will love it though as I have the previous two Terri Blackstock is a great writer and I can t wait to read Four stars I received this book from Litfuse for free in exchange for an honest review.