Vince Luca Is Just Like Any Other High School Guy His Best Friend, Alex, Is Trying To Score Vicariously Through Him His Brother Is A Giant Pain And His Father Keeps Bugging Him To Get Motivated There Is Just One Thing That Really Sets Him Apart For Other Kids His Father Happens To Be The Head Of A Powerful Crime Organization Needless To Say, While Vince S Family S Connections Can Be Handy For Certain Things Like When Teachers Are Afraid To Give Him A Bad Grade , They Can Put A Serious Crimp In His Dating Life How Is He Supposed To Explain To A Girl What His Father Does For A Living But When Vince Meets A Girl Who Finally Seems To Be Worth The Trouble, Her Family Turns Out To Be The Biggest Problem Of All Because Her Father Is An FBI Agent The One Who Wants To Put His Father Away For Good

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    what if the son of the mob boss fell for the daughter of the FBI agent investigating his father and bugging his house it is a cute conceit a romeo and juliet tale with fewer suicides i thought the opening scene, where our young hero is at the beach, at night, with a different girl, and finds a severely beaten man trapped in the trunk of his car as he is reaching for his romance blanket was the best scene in the book tip if you have a capital f family, don t let them borrow your car.i have nothing useful to tell you about this book, and i am only reviewing it because of my mental housekeeping once it is reviewed , i feel like i can put it behind me i feel a sense of restoration right now, there is so much jumble as i plow through these teen fiction books like one of those death race 2000 cars teen paranormal romance 50 points teen survival story 70 points blammo i am carradine but i don t really have much time for reflection, not for books i was only just eh about so i fall behind and my anxiety grows.this book was cute and amusing, but if i were machine gun joe viterbo, i would probably give it a pass to get to run over peak or shackleton s stowaway, which are to my tastemaybe that is my problem whenever someone asks me for just something funny at work, i get the panic sweats for some reason, that is my fucking blind spot and part of it is that humor is so subjective, so than any other human reaction want a sad book someone dies in this one most people find that sad want something romantic these characters fall in love done deal funny ummm garrison keillor funny david sedaris funny martin amis funny douglas adams funny it is a nightmare question, especially when they preface it with i need a book for a friend who is very depressed in the hospital just lost someone close to them no pressure, right hence, the panic sweats none of this is very useful to someone considering reading this book, and i apologize but it makes me feel better to have released my own shortcomings into the wild 500 points.

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    Vince Luca wants nothing to do with his Family s businessThis isn t my usual sort of book, but it was my 8th grader s Required Reading over the summer vacation, and I was low on stuff to read, soHonestly, I wasn t expecting to like it, but this turned out to be a pretty fun and funny story about the high school aged son of a mob boss, who falls in love like with an FBI agent s daughter.The same FBI agent assigned to watch his father.I hate to call a story about the mob cute, but in this case, I m having a hard time thinking of a way to describe it I guess what I m trying to say is that the subject matter lends itself toward being a bit dark, but, overall, this is a very lighthearted book.Vince has been trying to separate himself from what his father does for a living for quite a while In fact, ever since he found out what the Vending Machine business was actually all about, he s been determined to live a clean life That means not taking advantage of the stolen cars, credit cards, and high priced hookers That last one was a gift from his brother for ruining Vince s datebecause he used his little brother s trunk for body storage At the same time, he still loves his family, which makes it hard to disconnect entirely from that life I was kind of surprised that Vince acted like a real boy when it came to sex and things of that nature No, he wasn t a horny douchebag, but he also wasn t saving himself for true love or some such nonsense While there aren t any sex scenes in thisit isn t because Vince wouldn t have liked it He seemed like an average teenager who was desperately trying to figure out how to be a nice guy, and lose his V card.You know, get his Happily Ever AfterShockingly, it was good enough that I might pick up the next book.

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    4 Romeo y Julieta entre policias y ladrones STARS Moral of the story if you re considering breaking a law, break all of them Empec a leer este libro con la err nea idea de que era una parodia Sorpresivamente creo que es una de las novelas de mafia mas realistas que hay Es una historia divertida, con una trama ligera y poco drama Que engancha y se le muy r pido Completamente diferente al resto de novelas de mafia que he le do La historia trata sobre Vincent un adolescente pr ncipe de la mafia, que odia serlo Odia todo al respecto, no le interesa tener nada que ver con el mundo criminal en el que esta metido su pap y hermano El no es el t pico italiano guap simo y hot, de echo la historia comienza con el tratando de tener una cita normal Tampoco es muy listo o popular, es un chico com n y corriente que tiene que vivir con la carga de ser parte de la mafia Mis partes favorita Que su hermano utilizara su pagina de internet para realizar apuestas, el c digo de las apuestas era demasiado divertido Cuando la chava que le gusta le pega los piojos.En conclusi n Para mi esta es una de esas novelas juveniles que aun valen la pena.

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    I really enjoyed the creative plot and humor, but the romance quickly took over and became just as generic and melodramatic as any other YA novel, sort of destroying its originality.

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    This book is great and it s a good time waster Vince Luca is the son of a leader of a gang and he meets this girl named Kendra that he really likes After later Vince finds out about Kendra s Dad The Dad is an FBI that wants to put Anthony Luca Vince s dad away so now Vince is trying to keep away his family life from Kendra so the Dad doesn t put away Vince s dad.

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    Awesome and amazing The seqeual is great too

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    Vince Luca s dad runs the mob and this puts a major crimp in Vince s love life when he falls for Kendra, whose dad is FBI and constatnly wiretapping the Luca family Vince tries to dodge having Kendra meet his family while wondering who in cyberspace is constantly visiting his webpage and pushing it into 2nd place with all of the hits, even though the cat names, sales and ads are really odd who is doing all this work and giving Vince a great grade in school As his romance heats up with Kendra, Vince vows to stay out of the family business but gets sucked into helping some of his father s employees by lending them money This does not sit well with his father, but he decides to let Vince handle things Vince s relations begin to get very muddled, but Ray, a close friend of his father s always listens and dispenses good advice It is only when Kendra confronts Vince in tears and doesn t want to see him any because she has seen pictures of him being a loan shark that Vince loses it Who knew about Vince and Kendra, anyway Lots of laughs but good suspense and plots, reluctant readers will love this book too

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    If your looking for a humorous read that reaches out and grabs you, then son of the mob is for you.Vince Luca is just an average teenager, not counting the fact that his dad is one of the biggest mobsters in New York City Unlike most, Vince wanted nothing to do with the vending machine business , that is until he finds himself in a quarrel with two of his father nitwitted clients Now he has to juggle his fathers business, which he didn t want in the first place, a school website invested in toga parties , and to make things worse, Vince starts dating a girl who just so happens to be the daughter of the F.B.I agent who s been trying to take his father down for years Now all Vince wants to do is make it all right without sending his entire family to jail Korman takes you to Vince s front door in this fast paced novel as you unfold secrets of deceit, betrayal, and the hit of century that not even his own father knows about If you liked water world, then this book is for you.

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    I really didn t care for this one Shallow, surface level drek, populated by paper thin characters that rely on thick coats stereotypical paint to give them any semblance of life.The characters are only part of the problem The story has less depth than a drained kiddy pool, though to be fair it isn t written to challenge, but to entertain It reads easy and quick, which is a mercy, and will appeal to young readers Which is the intended audience, I think Korman writes this as My First Little Mob Story , but peppers in innuendos that seem forced and out of place in the rest of the almost saccharine story The love story is awkward and unrealistic Not that these two individuals, the daughter of an FBI agent and the son of a crime kingpin, couldn t get together It s that the choices made are absurd, belie what little characterization that was set up, and just smack of this is what I want to happen, therefore character A needs to make this choice no matter how poorly that choice fits character A.It just didn t work for me, but as always your mileage may vary.

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