You won't find a top programmer web developer or web designer who doesn't use version control Because it helps you produce better results and makes collaboration easyGit is one of those version control systems but not just any Top projects like the Linux Kernel Ruby On Rails or jQuery use Git as their version control system of choice Around the world in teams large and small Git is an essential part of the tool chainLearn Version Control with Git is a beginner friendly step by step course The book doesn't require a deep technical background Instead it's aimed at beginners of version control andor programming designers and project managersBasic topics from installing Git to a Command Line 101 are covered not expected While learning all the key features such as Branching and Merging the book will also explain advanced topics as well as tools and services Accompanying charts graphics make it easy to understand even complex facts and workflowsVersion control is an essential tool if you want to be successful in today's web software world This book will help you master it with ease

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