Pat Kenzie Riceve Da Una Nota Psichiatra L Incarico Di Proteggere Il Figlio Perseguitato Da Minacce E Messaggi Anonimi Sembra Un Caso Di Facile Soluzione L Inizio Di Un Incubo Una Serie Di Terrificanti Omicidi, Apparentemente Senza Legame, Lo Riporta Di Prepotenza Nel Passato, Agli Anni Dell Adolescenza, Vissuti Nel Quartiere Degradato Di Dorchester A Boston Le Vittime, Su Cui L Assassino Ha Infierito Orribilmente, Crocifiggendole E Mutilandole, Sono Tutte Persone Che Pat Kenzie Ha Conosciuto Nel Corso Di Una Frenetica Caccia All Uomo, Condotta Anche Con L Aiuto Di Angie Gennaro E Del Fedele Bubba Rogowski, Pat Si Rende Conto Che Il Prossimo Bersaglio Potrebbe Essere Lui

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    Darkness, I said, take my hand Take Me away from this place and Darkness did.It s pretty good for a series when the second book of it is even better than the first A Drink Before the War This book is that I got really attached to the characters of Angie and Kenzie in the first book and this book cemented that fictional bond You live in these books when you read them Not that it s always a good thing, this book crept even my non feeling ass out.Kenzie and Angie take a simple case where a psychiatrist thinks she has made a mob family angry Now she feels that her son is being targeted so she wants my heroes to follow up with the mob guys to see if they will play nice.I really wasn t in the mood to play cute with a bunch of cut rate psychopaths who d seen The Godfather too many times and thought they were respectable So they start following her son around just to make sure that no bad guys are lurking in the shadows Then once they realize the guy is just a sex fiend and is not being stalked they go to mommy and relay what they find.Then shit starts to hit the fan Bodies start piling up Come to find out there is a serial killer that is back to hunting.Or as Angie so delicately puts it, The waste management of some formerly animate tissues People that Kenzie loves are starting to be targeted In the first book you are introduced to his memories of his abusive father, we learn about who his father is in this book He wasn t just abusive he was bat shit crazy The investigation into the killings also led to a prison where we get introduced to a character who reminded me of this guy Then we have Angie, she is divorcing Phil who used her as a punching bag for twelve years and we get to see a different side of Phil than we saw in the first book I hate you Dennis Lehane, but not many authors can take a character that you absolutely hate and turn him into someone human and that you care about.So what s up with Bubba our psycho friend of Kensie and Angie s..he is pretty much up to what he normally does So he finally works up his nerve and gets up from the bar and comes over to the table to try out whatever pathetic pickup line he d use, and then, then your certifiable mutant friend comes out of nowhere and drags him out of the restaurant by his hair In full view of thirty people, he banged the man s face off a hydrant several times Bubba, you naughty boy I m trying to forget what ever happened in one part of this book Bubba, cause you the man and all So if you are in for a read that you need to buckle your seat belt for cuz it s going to be a bumpy ride Pick up this book It s frigging awesomeness PS I know this review does not make a whole lot of sense I tend to do that on my favorites.fangirling gets in the way.

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    Posted at Shelf Inflicted This second book in the Kenzie Gennaro series is even better than the first It retains some of the humor of the first, but is considerably darker and violent Bubba, the one man army who cares for no one but Patrick and Angie, has a much significant role which involves a fire hydrant and a bowling alley Angie s abusive ex husband, Phil, has quit drinking and starts to show his decent side to a point where I actually began to like the guy Patrick now has a steady girlfriend, his friendship with Angie deepens, and we learn about his abusive father Angie and Patrick are hired by a psychiatrist who received a picture of her son in the mail from a stranger and now believes her son is in danger The psychiatrist mentions a mysterious student who shares Patrick s last name and is a girlfriend of someone in the Irish mafia This case is not so simple There are lots of twists and turns, pictures, mysterious and gruesome deaths, the mafia, a convict serving life in prison, a college professor with a secret life, vicious and depraved serial killers, and atrocities from the past tainting the present So, after reading this book I had a crazy ass dream that made me bolt out of bed at 3 00 in the morning, feeling shaky and nauseated Even after I was fully awake, I swear I could hear people bowling In the dream I was walking into my office at work I saw someone s head dangling from the suspended ceiling, then I saw an arm hanging off a filing cabinet and a leg in the blue recycle barrel in my office In the conference room were fingers, toes, and male parts arranged in various shapes on the table I ran screaming down the hall and into this big dude who looked like Bubba He was looking for my boss I told him that my boss was in a meeting all day He didn t believe me and wanted me to take him to my office When I refused, he yanked my arm hard, pushed me ahead of him and wanted to know why there was blood all over my shirt When we got to my office, he went to my desk and found a bloody stiletto I screamed at him, telling him I had no idea how any of this happened He said he had to make a few phone calls and made me sit in the conference room While I was waiting, I picked up two small jars of paint, one gold and one silver, and proceeded to paint the male parts, fingers and toes that were arranged so perfectly on the table OK, so I m recovered now I am hoping the next one won t disturb my sleep.

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    Dennis Lehane image from The PIs Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are drawn into a malestron of violence and danger after a shrink passes along a dark tale of stalking and murder reported by a patient When the patient s son is threatened the game is afoot It takes a few twists and turns that lead to killer clowns, crimes of the deep past and years of revenge and psychotic control and planning Ultra violence permeates Dark and evil with a taste for cruelty almost kills the team and many around them A hefty body count and considerable reflection result Why are we in this life A good read, tough on the sensibilities Although it retains his humorous touch, this is a darker read than Lehane s first EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s personal, Twitter and FB pagesOther books by Lehane I have read reviewedKenzie and Gennaro A Drink Before the War 1 Sacred 3 Gone, Baby Gone 4 Prayers for Rain 5 Moonlight Mile 6The Coughlin series The Given Day 1 Live By Night 2 Live By Night 3

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    Just when things are going great for both of them, Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are hired by a psychiatrist to find out who s stalking her son Meanwhile, Patrick runs into a troubled girl from the neighborhood But what do these two things have to do with an imprisioned psychopath who wants to speak with Patrick One of these days, I m going to learn my lesson and have Kemper and Nancy pick out all my books for me Kenzie and Gennaro are rapidly climbing my detective hierarchy.Things have changed since the last outing Angie is finally divorcing her alcoholic, wife beating husband Phil and Patrick s in a relationship with a doctor named Grace and acting as a father for her two year old, Mae Then things start going pear shaped when it appears a pair of serial killers is at work.Much like Lawrence Block s marvelous Matthew Scudder series, the things that makes Kenzie and Gennaro stand out are the well realized setting and the characters The Boston of Lehane s tales is as rich a setting as Block s New York and I wouldn t be surprised if they existed in the same space time continuum Lehane s cast is really growing on me Kenzie and Gennaro are both three dimensional, multi facetted characters that I have no trouble believing in The supporting cast, namely cops Devin and Oscar and one Bubba Rogowski, are memorable in their own right I even caught myself giving a shit about Phil, Angie s douche bag ex The characters have developed quite a bit since the first book I m almost afraid to see what wringer Lehane is going to run them through in subsequent books Patrick and Angie are a lot scratched and dented than they were when the series started and I m only two books in.The villains were suitably vile but not cartoonishly so, not even for serial killers I had no idea who the mastermind was until Patrick did, though the mystery wasn t easily solveable One of the killers reminded me a lot of James Motely from one of the Matthew Scudder books.I guess that s about all I can say As much as I liked the first book, A Drink Before the War, this one was even better It s an easy five stars.

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    Scary serial killer stuff Private detectives Kenzie and Genaro are likable, the killers are weird and memorable although I must confess I m weary of serial killers , and the Boston atmosphere is very authentic Second in a series.

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    If you and your partner aren t civilians and you re not cops, then what are you I shrugged Two idiots who aren t half as tough as we thought we were In media res is a cute little story telling trick where the writer starts in the middle or with the aftermath of the action and then drops hints and clues about what occurs in what you re about to read It works really well if it s some kind series where you already know the characters I m a complete sucker for this tactic, and Lehane uses it beautifully in this one.In the first few pages, Patrick Kenzie tells us that he s been through hell He s coping with some serious physical injuries, the detective agency he runs with his best friend, Angie Gennaro, is closed, and he ominously describes her as gone Which of course, leaves you immediately worried about what that maniac Lehane did to the two characters he introduced just one book ago It gives you a nasty feeling of dread as you read the rest of the book and what unfolds is probably worse than what you start fearing when you read Patrick s introduction.Leading up to that, Patrick and Angie take a case from a female psychiatrist who had a session with a women who claimed to be in abusive relationship with a psycho Irish mob hitman that the two detectives know from their childhood in their blue collar Boston neighborhood The woman disappeared without a trace and the doctor has started receiving threatening phone calls and candid pictures of her college aged son so she s worried that the hitman thinks she was told something incriminating and wants to shut her up There s also the odd coincidence that the patient told the doctor that her last name was Kenzie, but Patrick isn t aware of any relatives who match that description Having to try and get a sadistic mob hitman to leave someone alone is bad enough, but things quickly take an even darker turn that involves a brutal murder and a serial killer who has been in prison for years Patrick and Angie are usually than capable of taking care of themselves, but even with the help of the police, the FBI and their pet sociopath Bubba Rogowski, they ll soon be overwhelmed by the horrific violence targeted at them.One of Lehane s favorite themes is that violence can be passed along from one generation to the next, and he delves deeply into the legacy of violence idea here It s also amazing how quickly he dropped some of the standard PI novel conventions from the first book to this one PA are still tough professionals, but there s much less smart ass banter and a darker, grittier, realistic feel to this one While there s a bit of a Hannibal Lector thing going on with the incarcerated serial killer manipulating people, Lehane didn t let it get out of hand and become distracting He keeps the focus on Patrick and Angela and delivers a taunt and terrifying thriller in this one This is not for the squeamish but it never feels gratuitous.

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    A psychiatrist is worried that someone is stalking her teenage son and is in danger So she asks Kenzie and Gennaro to look out for her son Also one her client is an abusive relationship, who disappears and poor doctor started getting threatening calls One of the shocking thing about the disappeared client was her surname, which was Krnzie Once Patrick and Angie start investigations, things gets messier, nastier and bloodier with each passing day.While Kenzie and Gennaro were brave in the first book, we get to see a different side of them here A weaker side and human They re scared of losing their loved ones and their own sanity was on the stake They did fight till the very end but they didn t come unscathed this time They lost a piece of their soul somewhere fighting this unknown killer I don t know if they ll be same ever again.This book has some great supporting cast Bubba, the psychopath who won t blink an eye while killing you if he think that you re a danger to Kenzie and Gennaro The police duo of Devin and Oscar, always there to help our PIs And then there was Phil, a childhood friend of Kenzie He also was Gennaro s husband of twelve years We saw little of him in first book An alcoholic and he had a strained relationship with Kenzie We see some heart to heart talk of these childhood friends and it was heart warming.This book was full of murders, gory details, brutality and a lot darker than first one But also better than a Drink before the War A true delight for crime fiction lovers.

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    Tell me, what are all time favorites made of Perhaps we all have a different definition for them, but mine I read so much that a great, even amazing book can get sidelined if it doesn t leave a mark on me On the contrary, a flawed one can earn its stripes if the emotions it makes me feel are unforgettable I d say that if there were one lesson to be learnt from this experience, is that Darkness, Take My Hand will linger Oh, yes, it will a fucked up male lead I grew to adore and for whom I care so much it hurts multi layered, morally ambiguous, sarcastic, wounded, loyal he s everything I want in my favorite characters EVERYTHING a kickass heroine I want to hug, because, really, Angie, you rock a frightening and captivating suspense in an investigation where nobody is innocent and everyone can be guilty See, I m not easily frightened A clown, a doll and I m hiding under the blankets, but a serial killer Nope Darkness, Take My Hand, though It was chilling Just a thing DON T FUCK WITH MY FEARS Like, really there was an expected twist that scared me to death Secondary characters I m not supposed to like but I do anyway, because of reasons, I guess Yeah, I saw this gif and I thought Oh, Bubba You psycho How in the world can I like you hides in shame a writing whose ability to express both depth and sarcasm blew me away a ending that made my jaw drop on the floor But unfortunately I guessed who the mastermind was around 50% It didn t prevent me from enjoying the book, not really, but it did annihilate a great part of the intended shock factor, and for a moment there I thought that it would cost it its fifth star But the fact is, Darkness, Take My Hand deserves its 5 stars nonetheless, because of the impact this book had on me Here I am, staring at the wall, disturbed in my own core feelings, and I know that I would never forget this book See you, friends I m going to hug myself now. For of my reviews, please visit

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    In this book Patrick has started a relationship with Grace, a young doctor with a daughter, and Angie has divorced Phil But their life will soon be turned upside down A psychiatrist hires Angie and Patrick to watch over her son who she is scared is a target by the Irish mafia But they never imagine what the case will do to their life This book grabbed a hold of me from the beginning and kept its hold until the end The first book was good, this book was awesome The story was tragic, disturbing and thrilling It s strange when I m really into a book, then I don t know what to write, but when a book is bad, then I have a lot to write A part of me is still so taken with the story that I m having trouble leaving Kenzie Gennaro s world behind and move on to another book But I thought I would wait a bit with Sacred and finish of the other books I have started but it is hard

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    Eviscerate them, Patrick Kill them all I can t say that I went into this book series knowing what I was going to be reading I also can t say that it was what I would expect it to be Thought provoking, beautiful writing is a high point in this series, and I m ashamed to admit I was shocked that that was the case From page one of book one, I have been enad with the depth of these stories and the amazing writing that pulls you in whether you want to be sucked in or not.but maybe my largest praise goes to how Lehane gets base emotions out of me that rarely are touched in crime thriller novels Protectiveness, heart break.fear I felt something clench in the center of my chest and then just as suddenly unclench and fill with a gust of chilled air which seemed to hollow out my insides like the flick of a spade Yeah, I ll admit it This book, no matter what I tell people, scared the living shit out of me And, the funny thing is, Anna warned me See, this story was centered around a serial killer NowI don t know about you, but I am obsessed with this plot in books and was ecstatic to find out that the second story was not only an investigation.but a stalker serial killer type storyummm yes please It s no secret I am in love with these intense, pulse pounding books And I thought I had it handled.but I was wrong He can t kill us both No one s that good If he gets to you before me she leaned back a bit so her eyes could meet mine I ll paint this house with his blood Every last inch of it Anna said that this one got deep in your head, that she had nightmares where someone was following herand I thought, eh, I don t think it s that creepy But, keep in mind, I was reading in such small increments during the week damn my week day curse and in the daytime that I had no clue none And just as I told her this, my perception changed I got into bed and something miraculous happened I actually had time to read But with the lights off, the tv flickering in the background, and a stalker watching through the window in the book, but hey, I swear it was me I SWEAR.even though the blinds were drawn , my world was obliterated patrick,don tforgettolockup My breath hitched as I read, every flicker of the tv was a shock to my system, and I couldn t help looking over the side of the bed and into the closet repeatedly And it s so simple SO, SO simple And the worst thing in the world is when you are finally scared again by a book for me lol It s like all these stories you ve repressed into the recesses of your memory come back in a massive montage of horror, cruising past your periphery at the speed of light I keep seeing all these books popping up in my head that I had long since forgotten and I wanted to keep it that way It s all in my subconscious I just find it so odd how the brain works Mine is fucked up than most, though, mind you I guess my impulse had something to do with growing older, with looking back and seeing very few innocent violences committed against the young, in knowing that every tiny pain scars and chips away at what is pure and infinitely breakable in a child.Or maybe I was just in a bad mood It s so funny that once you draw out that base fear, all your worst terrors come to lifeall of a sudden you can t breathe and you can t sleep and the covers have to be covering every inch of your body and you can t lay on your side or let your hand go past the side ledge of the bed or oh yeah, that s just me lol The human mind is a crazy thing And that s the ability of an amazing author They have the ability to write a story that slips under you skin, seeps deep into your pores, to make their story the one that stays in your mind long after you ve finished reading for the day or s a lingering touch you can t seem to shake and that s just how I felt I, inexplicably, couldn t shake the feeling that I d been touched by something wholly evil and vile It ll eat us eventually, Angie said The violence I always thought we were stronger than it You were wrong It infests you after a while You talking about me or you Both of us But that s enough about how bat shit crazy I am.I wana talk about the characters, now But I m guna do it in reverse, I think Bubba is first up I don t know if it s because a couple of my friends are in love with him so it brought out all the best thoughts of him or if I d have came to the same conclusion myself, but, no matter the cause, he cracks me up Being the object of another s hate is relative If the person who hates you is an advertising exec whose Infiniti you cut off in traffic, you re probably not going to worry much If Bubba hates you, though, putting a couple of continents between the two of you is not a bad idea. Loyal Check Friendly Check well, only to Angie and Patrick Crazy Check Check Need a deadly piece of artillery He can help you Need to take someone out He d love to So, all in all, I d say Bubba is pretty badass.and crazy, don t forget crazy Well, I was sick of their violence and their hate and my own codes of decency, which may have cost people their lives in the last month Sick to fucking death of it all And then Angie Ahhh Angie I certainly loved her way in this one, I have to admit and I even loved the developments of Phil, too But I can t linger on him Now, while I did love Angie in this one, I still can t see why Patrick is head over heels for her or so the story boasts from time to time I m still waiting on that, really Why I mean, near the end, I saw it, but all throughout the book and last book Nah But what they do have, that I believe, is a beautiful friendship, and that s what this story is about love, loyalty, and keeping those you cherish most close Doing everything in your power to keep them safe And I love that for now When I was a boy, I loved my father, and he just kept hurting me He wouldn t stop No matter how much I wept, no matter how much I pleaded, no matter how hard I tried to figure out what he wanted, what I could do to be worthy of his love instead of victim of his rage Drum roll please Patrick Ahhhh Patrick He finally got me in this one Allllll the feels From his tortured glimpses into his terribly sad past, the abuse from the hand of his father, and his desperation to keep all those he loves safe, Patrick touched me deeply I even got some broken voice parts.umm favorite And I loved in the beginning, that is that he was in another relationship in this one I think it helped keep him happy, sane It was an adorable touch you ll see why and added to the intensity near the end in ways than one But, and you ll find this out as well, what happens when you have people you love There are targets to take out Just sayin Yeah yeahI know Broken record I don t think I ve ever felt anything like this.When I tried to speak, my voice was shaky and hoarse and the words were strangled in my throat My eyes felt wet and my heart felt as if it were bleeding So, anywho, those are my crazy thoughts I truly wish I could go back in time and slap myself why in the ever loving you know what did I start this one on a Monday I m notorious for ruining the best books because I read them during the week when they deserve time and attention.and I basically spit on them by saying, yeah, you re not good enough for a weekend read But that s not it I just could t wait to start book two These people get under your skin, and even if you get a teensy bit bored, you never realize how great they truly are until you re separated But I just couldn t wait, and I payed dearly for it It s a blessing and a curse, being so obsessed with books Luckily, though, I got my head out of my ass for the last 40% and finished all at once So, what I m saying is, read itbut give it the time it deserves I didn tbut I m dumb like that How do you live with yourself, Patrick For of my reviews, please visit Oh dear, oh dear I do so love a serial killer thriller with a tortured male leadAnd this was spectaculaaaarrr Eeps Review to come