This Is An Alternate Cover Edition ForA Man Is Just A Man Is Leah S Story Of Falling In Love With Mr Perfect Leah Falls Fast And Hard, Losing All Sense Of Reasoning Love Can Do That To A Gal, Especially When The Guy Is As Smooth As Nathan Moore A Man Is Just A Man Is About Leah S Journey Of Falling In Love, When She Should Have Been Standing In Love Author S Note I Ve Decided To Provide Two Very Different Endings To This Novella Have You Ever Made A Decision And Wondered Whether Or Not It Was The Right Choice Or Perhaps You Made The Right Choice Because You Knew That The Alternative Would Ve Been Disastrous This Is My Gift To Readers Regardless Of Leah S Final Choice, I Wanted Readers To Be Able To Reflect On The Possibilities

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    Alluring, Thrilling and Loveable This Novella Loving Nate is a must read for 2014 Nate is handsome, charismatic and full of sweet lyrics Leah on the other hand is a beautiful, sassy, confident and loveable woman who any man would desire to have The chemistry between Nate and Leah is refreshing, hypnotic and quite flirtatious The romantic spark and passion is definitely connecting these two The fireworks ignited in Leah s heart has she began to fall deeply in love with Nate however, Nate seems to be Mr Impossible with his disappearing acts Even though disappears when he feels like it, it certainly hasn t stopped Leah from giving Nate her heart and falling into his arms whenever he shows up.Love is surely a priceless gift but when it is given freely and not reciprocated it can cause disappoint and pain to the other party Janice did an excellent job with this storyline from beginning to the end It demonstrates the feelings of disappoint that occurs in a relationship when both people are not on the same level with their emotional attachment but when the romance is hot, it is hot The emotions expressed are so raw and real, it keeps you wrapped up in the story and you feel every bit of what Leah feels It s hard to put this book down because it captivates your mind and stimulates your thoughts and brings you back to reflect on where you ve been in your own relationship LOVE LOVE LOVE

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    This book has ripped me to shreds emotionally that s the first thing I have to say.I say this because I have been Leah for most of my adult life That s why I am so hung up on the conviction that baby girls need their daddies Good men who will instill in their girls a sense of self worth that will not fail them to life s shysters as happened to Leah And myself on than one occasion.I think that s why I took forever to finish this little novella I kept wanting to slap Leah and thereby convicting myself and you know the whole thing about taking the log out of your own eye first.The endings, both of them are heartbreaking to me Ms Ross just doesn t let up or give us a break She dishes it out just as life does and you choose to either make lemonade out of the sorry mess as done in ending 1 or disintegrate into something you don t even recognize or want to know as in ending 2.I have read a number of reviews that said you choose which ending you like, but I don t think it is even a matter of choosing really than it is representing the characters of both types of women who fall prey to these men.Some women are able to rip themselves away and sort to start anew even if it might mean settling for something less fiery and passionate.Others remain addicted to the scoundrel and his mess and become victims who never make it outSo I think what the author does it offer the reader who may be in this situation a realistic glimpse of the likely result of choosing either way, and an opportunity for self reflection.By the way, her writing is superb, but dwelling on why I say this will make this review twice as long and this book already holds the record for the longest review I ve done for a novella.I hope you will grab a copy and enjoy it.

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    Janice Ross is back and this time she s written a love story in the form of a novella This is a story about Leah and Nate who are two ambitious people, career driven, independent, and attractive No one can deny the magnetic chemistry between Nate and Leah which is seen at the very beginning of the story through their frequent curt flirtations With each scene the level of flirtatiousness steps up a notch from mere words, to touching to kissing to well, you get it As things begin to unfold between them, and Leah s heart grows to love Nate, he flips the script and becomes Mr Disappearing Acts so to speak Suddenly he conveniently shows up into Leah s life whenever he desires Each time, Leah puts everything on hold and dives heart first into Nate s arms Janice does a great job at building anticipation with this storyline I was kept on the edge of my seat This story shows that for some people, love can be a game when they re not honest with themselves or others involved, but when you really love someone and they don t love you back with the same 100 percent that you put in, then the scales become unbalanced and someone is bound to get hurt The third wheel that s skillfully woven into this love story, leaves one heart broken, and there may not be anything left to mend it.This novella can easily lend itself to a novel For the alternate ending I chose option one, although I wish it were not left up to me, but the author.

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    Received from author for an honest review This is a short story novella This review is not based on story length but story content as length has very little to do with how much I enjoy a book Wow I was blown away by this little story Told in first person, we re given front row seats to watch love blossom between Leah and Nate.Both are successful and seem to know what they want They fall hard, fast, and unexpectedly for each other Their love takes time to grow, than a few days, than a few weeks or months, and it was beautiful to watch.I loved how they seemed to give their all to each other, but that adoration faded when Nate started disappearing for longer periods of time, appearing in Leah s life when it was convenient for him I felt for Leah each time she put her life on hold, each time she wondered where he was, each time she slipped into despondency.This story offers two alternate endings True, most romances end with an absolute HEA, but this one gives the reader a chance to choose the ending they prefer I won t give them away, you ll have to read to find out, but both endings are thought provoking and completely probable.This is my first story by Ms Ross, and I m than pleased with what she s written.

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    Sensuous, moving, emotional, Loving Nate is beautifully written Janice Ross use and skill with language is first class.Loving Nate builds really well, the characters are strong and also includes for lovely, heartfelt poetry I felt I was with Leah in every stage of her relationship, experiencing every up and down with her, and at times I just wanted to hug her, cry on her shoulder, and lead her by the hand.Highly recommended

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    Leah thinks she has found the man of her dreams, at least for alittle while Leah has some self esteem issues and Nate is a man you want to slap Nate has not turned in his player card and Leah seems to be blind to the truth Great read but wish it was longer Many times I wanted to scream at Leah and take a hit out on Nate.First time reading this author, but will read again

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    I ought to have been prepared for what this story holds in store I had read the blurb and the author s notes But, starting reading it, I was so drawn in by Ms Ross s effervescent writing with surprising and daring turns of phrase springing up on every single page, that I just lay back forgetting that my seat was a hardback train seat to enjoy a steamy romance with the two characters engaging in funny, witty banter.Leah is gorgeous, self confident and on the road to success And then, on her first day at a new and promising job, she bumps into Nathan Moore as in her boss s boss Nate is the guy a girl can only dream of Perfect in all possible ways He s too good to be true And he isn t Gradually, the story gets darker, and we see Leah s natural light diminishing, as she gives her all to Nate, getting very little in return, or rather everything and then absolutely nothing The course she follows is that of a junkie as long as she gets her Nate fix, instantly transporting her to Nathanland, she s fine when he disappears, the withdrawal symptoms are physically and mentally debilitating Will Leah find the strength to fight back Reclaim her old self This story is expertly written the emotions are incredibly raw, their depiction poignant and they manage to resonate deeply whether you ve been through a similar all consuming relationship or not I don t do drama I write it is what Ms Ross claims in her Twitter bio, and, apparently, it s true A major originality is that she goes as far as to offer two different endings to Leah and Nate s story But I think that s where I have my reservations While they are well written, plausible and totally not clich , reading two very different versions didn t give me an appropriate closure Also, the second ending turns too dark, showing a side of both characters I could do without and it turns out that s the aftertaste I took away with me Initially, I was enthusiastic about having two options to choose from now, I m not sure I want to have such power as a reader.Putting that aside, though, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Loving Nate, and I m glad I was given the opportunity to get to know Ms Ross as a writer I m now a fan, waiting to get my hands on her other work, especially Damaged Girls Iwhich is also mentioned in this novel.This book was offered to me in exchange for an honest review.

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    I want to say that Loving Nate is the story of Leah falling in love with Nathan Moore, but I feel like it is Leah s personal journey than anything else Leah is an independent, ambitious, educated woman who meets Nate on her first day at a new job Nate is the perfect guy and Leah falls for him After all, he is a smooth operator.At its heart, this book is about the process of falling in love To take things a step further, it explores why it s important to have expectations in relationships We are to expect any mate of ours to treat us a certain way And then we have to learn when to let go.Leah is head over heels in love and things in her life start to become affected by her relationship She isolates herself from her friends and loses herself in the process She loves hard, which I think a lot of us do and that s what drew me into the story It was a very realistic story and I know many Leahs Nate is like an angel in disguise On the surface, he has everything together attractive, intelligent, charming but as they say all that glitters isn t gold Soon, he starts disappearing While reading, I was actually wondering why I would even root for the two together, and by the end I didn t This isn t your average romance with the happily ever after It was a real account of relationships Sometimes we have to make hard decisions and Leah needed to make them quickly.This book had me switching from yelling at the characters to tearing up with Leah It was hard to get into at first, but it picked up The drama that unfolded and the emotional turmoil pulled me into it At some points, I did feel that I needed detail but I did enjoy the book overall I especially appreciated the alternate endings I prefer Alternate ending 1 I won t give anything away, but it made me feel good that Leah finally got it Reviewed by Leslie

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    Loving Nate is about a woman s struggle with loving a man but having to deal with his flaws No matter the sex of a person we should have limits as to what we should and shouldn t accept Then there are times all reasoning goes out the window and no matter how big the signs are, we don t always read them and that is the case with Leah This story was about the inner struggles of a woman s to find her inner strengthor does she When Leah first met Nate he knocked her off her feet so hard she didn t know what hit her He was handsome, smooth and educated He was the whole package so how could she let any man who made her feel like a princess go To some it may be easy but to others, not so much Love is not always easy but it should never be blind as it is to some When do we say enough There were clues along the way, big clues like her doubts and fears, not wanting answers to questions that needed to be asked, and the loss of one s inner self as an educated, independent woman along this rocky journey I feel if you want something so desperately then it s not really yours because if it is yours then there should be no desperation.The characters were well written and the story was developed and no matter what way I felt about them they touched me I felt both pity and anger for Leah but there were times I felt as she did Sadly, I only felt disappointment towards Nate Only a great writer can make you feel as the characters do The story was intriguing and riveting, as expected Janice G Ross writes another story that I could not put down Bonus I like that fact that there were two ending so I could decide for myself and I chose ending number one I believe in strong women Great job Janice

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    Author, Janice Ross pins a novella that reminds me to not leap with the deceitful emotions of the heart but follow the mind Protagonist, Leah Daniels is ready to conquer the world She has a new executive level career, lives in a nice condo and she is feeling confident However she is not so confident when she meets, dates and have a revolving relationship with the handsome Nate Moore, her boss, boss Nate has a habit of disappearing for weeks and even a few months after spending the most perfect couple of months with Leah Leah does not question him about these disappearance and accepts him when ever and where ever he reappears The author conjure two endings that allows the readers to select a satisfying end That s a new spin and huge kudos to the author However, hold that thought, It s not a cut and dry choice The author provides one ending that is gentle and forgiving, while you wish the best for one character as sorrow elopes for the other The second ending takes you into unfaithfulness, mixed emotion and anger that erupts I enjoyed reading about a relationship that actually was based from friendship first before the couple immediately dives into sexual encounters My reading pace was moderate throughout the story, the plot kept me interested til the end Characters were satisfying My rating of the book cover is a 4 5 I mean who can resist a handsome man This book sits on my shelf as a Darn Good Read with a rating of 3.5 5 and Ms Janice Ross has made my Authors list.