Liked it Will share as a book talk this year 3.5 StarsI find this book quite boring at first its pretty dull in the beginning with nothing hugely interesting happened But things start to pick up and i was surprised to find myself enjoying it i think the best part of this book is Scott himself Hes a pretty cool and decent guy And he loves book He has this cool way of thinking and most of the time i love being in his mind which I have to admit, is a rare occasion Freaks And Bullies, Classes And Crushes, This Is High SchoolStarting High School Is Never Easy Seniors Take Your Lunch Money Girls You Ve Known Forever Are Suddenly Beautiful And Unattainable And You Can Never Get Enough Sleep Could There Be A Worse Time For Scott S Mother To Announce She S Pregnant Scott Decides High School Would Be A Lot Less Overwhelming If It Came With A Survival Manual, So He Begins To Write Down Tips For His New Sibling Meanwhile, He S Trying His Best To Capture The Attention Of Julia, The Freshman Goddess In The Process, Scott Manages To Become Involved In Nearly Everything The School Has To Offer So While He Tries To Find His Place In The Confusing World Of High School, Win Julia S Heart, And Keep His Sanity, Scott Will Be Recording All The Details For His Sibling S And Your Enjoyment Read The Companion Novel, Sophos And Other Oxymorons, Coming August , Want to see bookish things from me Check out my youtube channel is a freshman in high school learning to navigate his new surroundings, social status and crush When he gets the news that his mother is pregnant, he decides to begin a notebook to write down advice to his unborn sibling on how to survive the chaos that is high school Although I was not a huge fan of this book, I do think that it would be a hit for the target audience In my opinion it was a bit bland and predictable and I was bored through most of it. This one really engaged my son a read aloud I thought it was a bit hokey, but hey.I m not a 14 year old freshman boy Thank God Found my first read aloud for the school year This book had me cracking up and then tearing up Scott is a smart, funny, and caring freshman who describes his first year in a way that you can t stop reading I think my 8th graders would thoroughly enjoy the story and there are even a few school related terms that I can incorporate while reading out loud LOVE this book This was a very light, fun quick read and I loved it I loved Scott s personality and his humor Loved the writing Definitely glad I picked it up so randomly. I just want to talk to Mouth Have him be my friend for a whole day and see how much he can talk I started this book a couple weeks ago and only read 3 pages I loved the 3 pages but didn t want to continue for some weird reason I then continued reading it ac couple days ago When Scott said All for one and one for all I was like omygod he s the best then his friends were like wut About halfway though the book I got sad because I knew they would separate and they wouldn t be the Three Musketeers BUT then Wesley came Yes I love him Lee was always there but he avoided her, stupid Lee is great Julia OMG The things he did to get where she was and to figure out she either wasn t permanent or didn t make it was hilarious I liked that he ended up with Lee and they became his friends His notes to Sean were perfect I m writing too much.Bye June 19, 2011Super cute Scott was AWESOME And I m just going to say ditto to the stuff I said down there vv because I feel the same way December 15, 2008I d give it 4.5 if I could I m still working on that.It was REALLY REALLY CUTE I REALLY like Scott He was so cute and nerdy, but in a great way Just the kind of guy I would have gone for in high school Of course, it would have been a super secret crush, and he would never have suspected in a million years But whatever The guy was actually a lot like me, except that I was a huge math nerd, not an English nerd And BOY, are math nerds nerdier ANYWAY Book was cute I couldn t believe the lengths Scott was willing to go to in order to spend time with Julia, when he couldn t even TALK to her And, okay, I lied I was like Julia, including dating a bad boy in high school Except for the being gorgeous thing I had bad glasses, bad hair, and bad clothes in high school It s actually painful to think about like Drew Barry in Never Been Kissed Okay, not that bad Wow This is completely off topic The book was very interesting It s one thing to read a book where the protagonist is male when it s written by a WOMAN But it s a complete other thing when the book is actually written by a MAN So I got some very intriguing insights into the mind of a teenage boy, without it being gross He was actually a very respectful teenage boy, which is something I m not used to P His mom and dad were great I loved the whole diary for a fetus thing DI loved the characters of Mouth and Lee Gosh, Mouth would be my best friend, but I d be scared to death of Lee and secretly envious of her green hair I loved Wesley, too He was REALLY FUNNY siphoning gas holy freaking cow Anyway, overall very cute And I think I m going to bump it up to 5 stars, as I loved it Oh, and there are some serious teen issues in the book that Scott handles the best way he knows how Suicide, bullies, judging people those kinds of things It was really good. I love to read YA literature about guys that are written by guys I find it to be entertaining, on the whole, than books about guys written by women This book didn t disappoint in that regard.The gimmick of chronicling the lessons learned in school was not too over the top so as to get annoying Also, the author does a good job of making some surprising characters to be really interesting, and the romance resolution wasn t at all what I thought would have expected It seems like it s going to go against type, and then he throws a wrench, and then it s all up in the air I liked that.I also liked that the author got into the characterization of the parents and Scott s older brother they spiced up the book and I hate to read a book about teenagers that acts as if they exist in a vacuum and they have no meaningful interactions with adults.All in all, a decent book that I was able to rip through in a day If you ve got an extra 6 hours or so, you might try and find a copy of this book and get a laugh or two.