Elizabeth Bass—author of Miss You Most of All Wherever Grace is Needed and The Way Back to Happiness—weaves an emotionally rich and layered new novel about a former child star rebuilding her lifeBecca Hudson has come a long way since she was a tween starring in the sitcom Me Minus You but as far as she’s concerned she finally has her act together She’s relocated to Leesburg Virginia owns a successful bakery and has a great set of friends—even a friendly ex husband She ignores “Whatever Happened To?” speculation and the occasional overly obsessed fan and flatly turns down a lucrative offer to appear on a reality show called Celebrities in Peril Child Star Edition She has an uncomfortable relationship with her Hollywood past preferring to think of herself as than a 1990s trivia question Then one day a mysterious man appears and stirs up her past—all of it—in ways she never imagined

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