The man was trespassing on her emotionsWomen as independent and career minded as Miranda didn't just bump into a total stranger and fall in love Ridiculous Impossible Totally unthinkable There must have been some other logical explanation for her extraordinary reaction to Ben FrobisherThe computer expert had already made quite an impact on the small English market town and the fact that he'd reduced Miranda to a giddy teenager only fueled her determination to remain detached True she found him incredibly desirable but did he have to invade her dreams every night? Did he have to reveal emotions and needs she had never before experienced?

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    Re Dangerous Interloper PJ does her uber ultra sensitive shy vacillating h in this one and pairs her with a very nice and sweet computer engineer but romantic at heart sorta Alpha HThe h is in her late twenties and works as an estate agent in her father's business She is pretty independent and career oriented or so she says but really she just has high PJ sensitive h standards so no one who lives locally is going to meet themEspecially since the only local guy who seems interested in the h is the husband of the h's father's fiancee's nieceit is a very small community and he is a slime gobbling blobfish pustule who thinks women are only good for one thing and maybe making pot roast But the h is okay with that as long as Gobble Boy leaves her alone She has friends memberships on several local committees about keeping the historic buildings historic and likes to help find ways to channel the local teenager's energy as they seem to want to run wild on the village green and the village elderly people and London weekenders don't like that The h has a cat named William too she claims he only hangs around for the foodz but we don't get William's POV on that and he seems to like her pettings I was kinda upset with no William page time he only gets a few lines and so I had to downgrade accordinglyThe h is also a lady who spends a great deal of time either day dreaming or fretting over her little social gaffes that she thinks everyone notices and for some reason she also has a LOT of inner tirades over ruining historical buildings But as we shall soon see this h uses ranty inner anger moments to hide her fear of unfamiliar or emotionally uncomfortable situationsTheoretically the h focusing on ranty moments about the buildings being renovated into something modern and not appealing is a release for her deep seated unease and powerlessness against Gobble Boy he is the main contractor who messes the buildings upSo the book starts with the h having a ranty moment about a lovely Georgian building being ruined when the h sees Gobble Boy and his crew at work on it Gobble Boy makes a lewd comment so the h hurries herself off and runs smack into the middle of the H Unbeknownst to the h the H she has almost mowed down is the owner of the Georgian building and is intending to move his computer software business to it and get out of London He is actually restoring the building tho and not modernizingAs the h seems very flustered the H asks her what is wrong and the h goes into a huge long winded spiel about new buyers not preserving historic buildings to hide her inner panic over Gobble Boy The H tries to get a word in edgewise but the h rushes off back to the estate agency to have a heated day dream about the man she just collided withThen her father tells her that a client who recently bought property through them will be attending a local tennis club dinner with the h her dad and dad's nice fiancee Guess who shows up for dinner? Yep it is the H and now the h has to have increased inner ranty moments cause she thinks the H knows she is totally day dreaming about him When the H asks her to dance the h has to give ANOTHER lecture on keeping historic buildings historic and then runs off when she feels really melty and trembly all overShe runs to the conservatory where Gobble Boy is waiting to trap her and there are angry words exchanged but the h really needs to carry a big skillet cause it is clear Gobble Boy is intent on gobbling the h up The h manages an escape before she is helplessly ravaged and tied to the railroad tracks but the H offers to be her steady fake date to keep Gobble Boy awayThe h declares herself non interested but really she is obsessing over the H all the time she is so far gone that she has explicit dreams too Even tho outwardly she is snappy at him when he comes to the historic preservation meetings and every gossip in the tiny market town has them paired off Right away her BFF is planning the wedding in a very familiar PJ kinda way and we haven't even had an official H and h alone moment yet except for one roofie kiss in the hall at the tennis club Not to worry tho we get the sneaky H maneuvered dinner date right after the BFF calls Then the h has to inner fret over losing her independent career mojo too This h does a lot of fretting which was probably what kept her so fashionably thin but it got a teensy bit wearying by the endThe H also fired Gobble Boy and Gobble Boy has vowed revenge There is a series of escalating sabotage events but no proof as to who is doing it The h frets about this too because Gobble Boy is known to be vindictive Eventually the h's treacherous inner meltiness overcomes her inner ranty historical building aestheticism and the H and h have a revocation of h unicorn petting rights moment after the h has a verbal mini meltdown over his irresitableness Technically the h had an extremely painful ten second holiday encounter with a guy but for all intents and purposes the h is a mental virgin It is fabulous but the h only leaves a polite thank you note when she sneaks out the next morning Then she has another little inner ranty moment cause she loves the H and he didn't say he loves her back not that she said anything either not even in the very polite thank you note closing did the h even hint that she is overwhelmingly lost on the deep seas of endless love for the H So we really can't take him to task for his lack of using the love word the H practically said everything but love and the h was too busy having inner ranties to notice how he follows her around and hangs on every word in adoring puppy fashion and pretty much does everything but stand on his head to declare his devotion It does seem like this h has a lot of ranty moments but really it is the PJ way of showing off the H's manly male competency in caring for the h He is very interested in keeping buildings historic too and he gets the teenagers learning computer skillz and software writing so that they can write apps for that and make millions to be able to afford local property values after all the London weekenders finish driving property values up Then the big crisis comes Gobble Boy tries to destroy a wall and hurt the H on his Georgian building restoration and the h is in a panic She rushes over and the H is okay but Gobble boy collapsed a wall on himself and is in hospital in big trouble Then the h runs off again to have another ranty moment in her office Her rantiness is now so intense that she is talking to herself the H wanders in just as she is confessing her love out loudThe H's sigh of relief is immense He has been having obsessive dreams about the h too and from the first time he saw her he was a goner In fact he deliberately put himself in the h's path to make her run into him the first time they met but he was at his wit's end cause she wrote a very polite thank you note for the best lurve mojo expression of his lifeIt is all okay now tho cause they are both mad about each other and can afford the local property values So they buy a big estate house and still have enough left over to add a shower in keeping with the house's time period to the properly historically restored bathroom for a truly sparkling PJ HP HEA