A great book from a now favorite author of mine I very much enjoyed the story and I found I looked forward to the journal entries A dark but fun story, exactly what you expect from a book about a witch I also found the subtle humor added a nice element I highly recommend Witch In The Woods. I LOVE THIS BOOK The story took such a turn it kept me on the edge of my seat I enjoyed following along with Victor through his long and creepy journey I am so glad to read that she is writing the sequel Cant wait for the next book When Twenty Year Old, Professional Witch Hunter, Victor Steep Is Summoned To Handle A Case He Travels To The Town Of Beth S Hollow To Find Residing In The Vast Woods Surrounding The Town, A Witch With A Deadly ObsessionIn The Woods, Victor Meets A Mysterious And Beautiful Young Lady Named Clearly, And Her Kind, But Cursed Brother Fabian Promising Clearly That He Will Look For A Cure For Her Brother, Victor Soon Questions If He Can Keep That Promise, For Killing The Malicious Witch He Was Hired To Hunt, Became Complicated Than Expected In Order To Defeat The Witch, Victor Now Must Find A Book That Has Been Missing For Nearly Twenty Years, Or Risk The Fate Of Clearly, Fabian, And The Entire Town Of Beth S Hollow Not To Mention, If He Should Fail, Losing The Possession Of His Very Own Skull To The Witch S Disturbing Collection A brilliant book A enthralling tale, I know I will be reading it again and again for years to come I hear a sequel is in the works, and I very much look forward to it. Simply a delightful read Very enjoyable indeed, this young author shows serious promise and I can t wait for the next book in the series I really enjoyed this book, it had a good story and lots of suspense, my only problem was trying to put the book down Good job This is a good book Easy read, but catches your attention An interesting supernatural adventure. This was a great book that was easy to pick up, and hard to put down, I enjoyed how at first it seemed as if it would have been a farely easy job to get rid of the witch, but that changed very quickly I very much enjoyed Witch in the Woods The story never lagged and the characters were fun and believable It has a creepy but fun plot that keeps the reader wanting and is spookily suspenseful with a few laugh out loud moments I highly recomend Witch in the Woods, not only to teens and young adults,but to anyone who enjoys curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and a great spooky story. What a great book from an obviously young author Miss Bunker has a refreshing take on a popular subject, and presents her plot and characters with none of the jaded awareness of an older writer We ll done, keep up the good work