NOTE Original review magically deleted by nefarious internet forces The sixth installment of the Holmes series, and the third collection of short stories, tells of Holmes survival from his apparent fate in The Adventure of the Final Problem Doyle s writing style has noticably improved since the prior short story collection, and the plot ideas, which had grown quite stale, are generallycreative although there is still a heavy reliance on someone s past comes back to haunt them The Adventure of the Empty House 3 5 explains Holmes return but not much of a mystery to solveThe Adventure of the Norwood Builder 3 5 surprising twist to this murderThe Adventure of the Dancing Men 4 5 past comes back to haunt someone, but the code is fun and makes the old plottolerableThe Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist 4 5 So look out for those beauties oh yeahThe Adventure of the Priory School 4 5 longer Holmes story with lots of work for Holmes and Watson to doThe Adventure of Black Peter 3 5 what s that you say Someone s past has come back to haunt them The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton 4 5 Holmes and Watson on the other side of the law Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Six Napoleons 4 5 Not hard to figure out but fun neverthelessThe Adventure Of The Three Students 4 5 Holmes and Watson back to schoolThe Adventure of the Golden Pince Nez 3 5 Someone s past comes back toaw, you know the rest The Adventure of the Missing Three Quarter 3 5 sigh would you believe it Someone s past comes back to haunt themAdventure of the Abbey Grange 4 5 Case solved Or is it The Adventure of the Second Stain 4 5 there must have been a second stain, over there on the grassy knoll This is a great collection of thirteen Sherlock Holmes detective stories These occur after Sherlock supposibley dies in the last collection The author was under a lot of pressure to revive Sherlock Holmes and masterfully does in this volume.Enjoy and Be Blessed.Diamond The Return of Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes, 6 , Arthur Conan Doyle The Return of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of 13 Sherlock Holmes stories, originally published in 1903 1904, by Arthur Conan Doyle Missing, presumed dead, for three years, Sherlock Holmes returns triumphantly to his dear companion Dr Watson And not before time London has never been inneed of his extraordinary services a murderous individual with an air gun stalks the city Among thirteen further brilliant tales of mystery, detection and deduction, Sherlock Holmes investigates the problem of the Norwood Builder, deciphers the message of the Dancing Men, and cracks the case of the Six Napoleons.The Adventure of the Empty House the return of Holmes The Adventure of the Norwood BuilderThe Adventure of the Dancing MenThe Adventure of the Solitary CyclistThe Adventure of the Priory SchoolThe Adventure of Black PeterThe Adventure of Charles Augustus MilvertonThe Adventure of the Six NapoleonsThe Adventure of the Three StudentsThe Adventure of the Golden Pince NezThe Adventure of the Missing Three QuarterThe Adventure of the Abbey GrangeThe Adventure of the Second Stain 2011 1903 1904 . It would probably have been better if I had spaced these out instead of reading one right after the other That bit at the crater, had me shaking my head at Preston and Child Must be a kind of complement or loving homage. Quality varies among the different short stories, but overall a pleasure to read. June 29, 2019Collecting 13 Sherlock Holmes tales which originally appeared in The Strand magazine from Oct 1903 to Jan 1905, and published in book form in 1905, this is the third of Doyle s five story collections featuring Holmes, the second one being the one I recently reviewed, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Indeed, the lead story here, The Adventure of the Empty House, is essentially a sequel to the last story in the previous collection, The Adventure of the Final Problem In all of these collections, the arrangement of the stories is apparently in the order they were written The former story is one of two here that I d already read the other is The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton, which is one of my favorite stories in the Holmes canon, though hard to discuss without a spoiler It was adapted for the PBS MysteryTV series, starring Jeremy Brett, as The Master Blackmailer I can recommend that version, but it does flesh out the original with significant added material From what I ve read so far, I would say that stylistically, the stories here are typical of the Holmes corpus which is to say, very readable, flowing well, with appropriate levels of description and character development, posing challenging intellectual puzzles that call forth satisfying displays of deduction, often with atmospheric and Gothic touches, and with inherent emotional impact and sometimes thought provoking situations Holmes character dominates the book, and he s definitely one of the genre s most individual and memorable sleuths One reviewer did mention a a heavy reliance on someone s past comes back to haunt them and I d agree that this is a theme that crops up in several Holmes stories, here and elsewhere While waiting for a common read in one of my groups, I read five of the stories here I guessed the main outlines of the solution in both The Adventure of the Norwood Builder and The Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist, but it was still fun to see Holmes demonstrate and prove it, and both stories held some definite surprises nonetheless Similarly, The Adventure of the Priory School was another story where I d seen the PBS adaptation, so again I knew the basic solution but the story differed from the adaptation in some particulars, and I d forgotten others, so it wasn t a spoiled read on that account The Adventure of the Dancing Men allowed Holmes to demonstrate his code breaking skills to advantage Finally, The Adventure of Black Peter, provided one of Holmes grislier murder cases, with the demise of a generally despised retired sea captain, his body found pinned to a wall with one of his own harpoons Will readlater Aug 24, 2019Yesterday, I finished reading the final six of these stories and I m increasingly suspecting I ve read this collection, and at least some of the other later Holmes collections as well, as a kid, since I had the experience not for the first time, in reading these books of recognizing a passage of dialogue I d read before I definitely recall that my reading of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, back in the mists of childhood, set me to hunting up and reading every Sherlock Holmes book I could find Only the titles of the first collection and the four novels stayed in my memory but given my tendency to forget title information for books I read in those days, it s quite likely I read all, or at least much , of the canon at that age than I specifically remembered However, I d forgotten all of the other details of that missing person story, The Adventure of the Missing Three Quarter the title comes from the terminology of the British sport of cricket a world as new to Holmes as to me , so it and all of the other stories were as good as new reads I d seen a TV adaptation of The Adventure of the Golden Pince Nez, on Mysteryyears ago, which has two of Doyle smemorable characters, and I recalled those two individuals, but not the details of the mystery and its solution My favorite story in this batch was The Adventure of the Abbey Grange, which is also one of Holmes grislier murder cases though its grisliness wasn t the reason I liked it That one is marred in one place by a character s use of white man as a complimentary term synonymous with man of personal integrity, which is obviously racist but Doyle is simply reproducing there the kind of speech that a character with these characteristics and background might well have used in that era The same usage rears its head, for instance, in John Buchan s The 39 Steps, which dates from the same period One story in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes actually makes a very good statement about racial issues and is refreshingly free of the usual British racism of that day to avoid a spoiler, I won t identify the story, but it probably reflects the author s own attitudesreliably than a casual comment put in the mouth of a character who appears once.In reading The Adventure of the Six Napoleons, I deduced the basic premise behind the solution almost immediately, but again it was still fun watching Holmes work it out and fill in the details The other mysteries weredifficult to resolve until the denouement, though in a couple of cases I d formed a basic theory along the way which was correct as far as it went The Adventure of the Second Stain takes Holmes and Watson, once again, into the world of high stakes international espionage My main take away from The Adventure of the Three Students is that it reflects a mind set of English and probably American as well college students in an era that still saw academic cheating as something beneath an honorable person and indeed, still felt that a person could be honorable, and that this would actually be a good thing Attitudes have changed today, and not for the better but having read this soon after being present for the signing, at the start of another school year, of the Bluefield College Honor Code by the incoming freshmen, I m glad that I m serving an institution that chooses to go against the grain in that respect Like The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, which I reviewed earlier, I read this collection this time, at least as part of the omnibus volume The Original Illustrated Sherlock Holmes, which reproduces all of the illustrations of the stories done by Sidney Paget when they were first published in The Strand These enhance the read, IMO kids aren t the only readers who can enjoy illustrations we adults do, too I know now why this collection of 13 short stories is called The Return. In the last story of Memoirs entitled The Final Problem, Watson says that Holmes has retired and will no longer publish new stories Now in real life, between that story which was published in 1893 and 1903, the period called by Sherlock fans as The Great Hiatus, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle only wrote his third novel, The Hound of the Baskervilles said to be his greatest novel So, while writing the first story of the collection, Doyle was in full hope that the interest in his characters, Holmes and Watson, would be revived I actually rested for few days in between reading the two collections and I would say that on the 6th day, I felt that I was missing Sherlock Holmes so I returned to my daily reading and finished this book in 4 days including two heavy weekend reading days The Adventure of the Empty House tells that Holmes has survived the fall from the Reinchenbach Falls with his archenemy Professor Mortiary However, one of Mortiary s confederates, Moran, knows about this so Holmes hides for three years and comes back in disguise Watson, now a widower, recognizes him and so they are both back to resolving crimes in London Their first assignment is the murder of Ronald Adair in Park Lane and the culprit is no other than his card playmate, who is but Moran Very enjoyable after almost a week of not reading Sherlock Holmes My friend is correct in advising me of not reading this canon without letup Holmes almost convinced me went abroad to see the Dalai Lama4 STARSThe Adventure of the Norwood Builder is about Oldacre who wants to start a new life so he fakes his murder and sets up the son of the woman who has ditched him Holmes does the unorthodox solution fakes a fire and let the 3 cohorts to shout Fire Oldacre comes out from the hiding Also enjoyable but I could not believe that Oldacre did not know that the fire was staged3 STARSThe Adventure of the Dancing Men is about the death of a couple, American lady called Elsie and the British guy called Cubitt Prior to their deaths, the images of the 15 Dancing Men mysteriously appear in their house Although I loved the idea, I just can t imagine how the ditched American lover was able to draw them on the wall without being caught Oh, also what happened to the fingerprints on the guns used2 STARSThe Adventure of the Solitary Cyclist Violet is seeing a man on a bicycle following her It seems to have something to do with the uncle who contacts Carruthers and Woodley to ensure the well being of Violet and her mother Quite ordinary I thought it would have beeninteresting if the love story is highlightedBut then this is Sherlock Holmes and not Nicholas Sparks2 STARS The Adventure of the Priory School Lord Saltire is missing from Priory School Apparently, he leaves the school and is chased by Heidegger, the school s master The boy is reported to be unhappy at home and it is assumed to be the reason Holmes and Watson deduced by first looking at the cow s tracks and noticing that one of the bicycles has a patch I liked this one because it has a second set of characters that come out during the deduction part that I did not expect coming. 3 STARS The Adventure of Black Peter A whaler father is found dead, murdered in his store His family is happy because he, abusive to them, is finally out of their lives Investigator Hopkins asks for help from Holmes and Watson Holmes sees the initial on the cover of the diary in the crime scene and it leads him to the culprit Seems ordinary to me. 2 STARSThe Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton The character of Charles Augustus Milverton is based on the life of Charles Augustus Howell 1840 1890 who persuaded the poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti to dig the up the poems he buried with his wife Elizabeth Siddal He was said to have used those letters to bribe well known personalities Sir Conan Doyle used this true to life situation as a backdrop of this story Here, Holmes is hired by a debutante Lady Eva Blackwell to retrieve compromising letters from a blackmailer, Milverton Holmes disguises as a plumber, applies in the Blackwell mansion and get engaged with one of the maids Conan Doyle has limitless imagination and can make Holmes do everything especially all these almost unbelievable disguises. 4 STARSThe Adventure of the Six Napoleons The busts of Napoleon are being shattered night after night by an unknown person Through the power of Holmes deduction he found out why Direct storytelling I thought it had something to do with British hating Napoleon, a French military commander and conquerer Until the revelation3 STARSThe Adventure of the Three Students Three students are suspected to have prototype of the exams that would qualify them for a big scholarship The incident happens when the professor is out from his office Holmes is consulted to do a mini mini minimo I liked this because it is simple and brought back memories of classmates who were caught cheating during exams in school Not that I did not think of committing similar acts4 STARSThe Adventure of the Golden Pince Nez The Golden Pince Nez is a pair of eyeglasses that gets lost during an accident killing of Willoughby Smith, secretary to Professor Coram Check the back of the bookcase This story is short and quite uncomplicated compared to the other stories but I enjoyed it3 STARSThe Adventure of the Missing Three Quarter Very sad discovery where Staunton is I thought that this story is sport related until the endingQuite surprisingly, I am liking the Holmes stories with light straightforward resolutions. 3 STARSThe Adventure of the Abbey Grange An abusive husband, Sir Eustace Brackenstall is murdered while his wife for 18 months, Lady Brackenstall is tied on a post The lady and her maid say that the culprit is a group of 3 burglars The answer is obviousI knew it I was able to predict this one2 STARSThe Adventure of the Second Stain A missing document from the dispatch box of the Secretary of State, Lord Bellinger He believes that no one knows the importance of that document even his wife, Lady Bellinger Then one of the spies hired by Holmes is killed Tight plot I did not see the ending coming but I again anticipated the marital problem3 STARSNow my reading of the short stories about Sherlock Holmes is becoming interesting There is a formula crime initial investigation seems lame untrue investigate first clues deduction new characters setting real events conclusion So, while reading, I can tell where I am Then if I can predict what happens in the last two stages, it makes me happy The only thing that I should improve on is how to do deductions I have not been able to think the way Holmes does He is just too smart The Summer of Sherlock 2019Sir Arthur Conan Doyle may have been reluctant to raise Sherlock Holmes from the dead, but he certainly provided some entertaining stories after his sudden return.I confess that I was quite chuffed when I had figured out what was going on in The Adventure of the Six Napoleons before the great detective was ready to reveal the motivation of the criminal And I still have some nagging memories concerning The Adventure of Charles Augustus Milverton, as I am sure that I have previously encountered this plotline and I cannot remember where Most likely in arecent book in which someone has borrowed from the master, but I am being driven mad because I cannot recall the source.I am so glad that Doyle brought Holmes back if only because we got The Adventure of the Dancing Men out of the deal What an excellent story of code breaking and villain catching I hold the author to blame, however, for the idea that men should be cold, intellectual, and detached from society I think that our society would be much better ifmen aspired to be John Watson, rather than Sherlock Holmes The Return of Sherlock Holmes collects thirteen short stories featuring the famous detective, all supposedly written and published by John Watson, his best friend, roommate, and confidante With a disappearing wife After the events of The Adventure of the Final Problem , Holmes returns, in dramatic fashion, and the two set out to solve crimes all over London, from theft to blackmail to international espionage.While I have plentyto say about the I Believe in Sherlock movement I may have participated , I ll just say here that it amazes and humbles me that Holmes death has always affected fans to the point of action And I was wondering how Doyle would actually bring him back The Adventure of the Empty House does not disappoint While the stories are ultimately adventure pieces, Holmes and Watson s reunion is actually touching and the two do communicate how much they mean to each other in fact, Holmes underestimated the affect his disappearance would have on Watson They fall back into their familiar rhythm over the course of the story they re even a little handsy with each other as they readjust I mean,than usual And at the end, all returns to status quo Holmes buys Watson s practice in a roundabout manner and Mary seems to have vanished into thin air, so now they re just living solely on Holmes paycheck, I assume Oh, boys. Holmes, I Cried Is It Really You Can It Indeed Be That You Are Alive Is It Possible That You Succeeded In Climbing Out Of That Awful Abyss Missing, Presumed Dead, For Three Years, Sherlock Holmes Returns Triumphantly To His Dear Companion Dr Watson And Not Before Time London Has Never Been In Need Of His Extraordinary Services A Murderous Individual With An Air Gun Stalks The CityAmong Thirteen Further Brilliant Tales Of Mystery, Detection And Deduction, Sherlock Holmes Investigates The Problem Of The Norwood Builder, Deciphers The Message Of The Dancing Men, And Cracks The Case Of The Six Napoleons