He had great hopes of becoming a legend Geoffrey de Servian showed excellent promise of becoming a first rate knight until one day he falls off a horse leaving him physically and mentally broken His ambition of becoming a celebrated knight is shattered and he is left a shadow of the man he once was But the fall was not an accident as everyone implies and he sets out to find the culprit that dared to ruin his dream In the meantime he must find work and shelter laying low until the opportunity arises and he can meet his nemesis face to face She only wanted to lead a simple life Finally Widow Karina can enjoy a modicum level of success Her abusive husband is long dead and her scented candles are slowly starting to sell Unfortunately life as a female merchant is not easy especially when the guild master is harassing her But her fortune turns when an attractive stranger arrives at her door looking for work He offers protection from the guild master and she takes him on Only there is one problem this remarkable stranger is different from any man that she's ever known And even dangerous he threatens to rip apart the steel cage that surrounds her heart making her yearn for the impossibleThen just as they are drawn together the king's daughter appears in town desperately seeking help With passion and desire simmering just below the surface Geoffrey and Karina must put aside their feelings for one another and serve the princess in their own separate ways And while Geoffrey possesses the mind and heart of a knight is it enough to save the princess and win over the woman he loves? Note This medieval romance novella is approximately 36000 words or about 100 print pages Although the story has sexual elements it does not contain explicit love scenes

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    Beautiful Love storyA must read for all romance lovers A story of how love can overcome hardship It's a short story and well developed I recommend this book Read it you won't be disappointed

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    Follow upGreat novel wish that these novels would have follow up in the end Almost all novels leave you wondering what happened after the main characters realize their love what about children work etc SincerelyElla

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    A touching story with lovely characters

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    Heart of a Knight is a medieval novella based on the Knights of Honor TrilogyThis novella has at its heart plots of Richard to overthrow King Edward and features some characters from One True Knight This novella opens in the town of Treville England in the year 1359 It is the story of Geoffrey de Servian injured badly while training to become a knight by a deceitful man He’s bent on retribution for the act that ended his opportunity at knighthood A second son he will not inherit his father’s estates and knighthood was his future To gain money while he waits for his armor and sword to be made he applies for the position of stable master for a windowed craftswoman a candle maker Karina He secured employment by scaring off the candle guild master and his belligerent sonThis story centers around his helping Karina trying to keep her shop and craft while keeping his situation a secret and both fighting a growing attraction between themThis is a marvelous start to a trilogy it has wonderful and fully developed characters from the main to the secondary and It’s a story of struggle intrigue and suspense I can’t give you without spoiling the story so I’ll just let you know that I found it a marvelously entertaining read I loved the twists and solution giving Geoffrey and Karina all of their heart’s desires as well as thwarting a plot to kidnap the king’s daughterGrab a glass or cup of your favorite beverage and settle into a wonderful adventure and read I hope you enjoy this book as much as I didAuthor supplied a copy for an honest review

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    Heart of a Knight ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Written by Dana D'Angelo1359 Treville England a disabled man seeks any kind of work Geoffrey de Servain is a second son and by tradition he is placed as a suire to receive training for knighthood Geoffrey is injured during competitions and is therefore discarded and replacedHis life since that injury has turned him into a man seeking revenge His injuries have reduced him to servitude Although from a wealthy family he refuses to return home a failure When Geoffrey seeks work at Karina's home he meets an intriguing self sufficient widow who has her own business as a candlemaker Karina sees his handicap but takes him on as her stable master As a woman who suffered greatly from abuse both physical and mental at the hands of her husband she see Geoffrey as good man with many endearing characters Geoffrey finds himself drawn to this widow and for the first time since his injury he feel like a whole man again Karina who thought after her husbands death she never wanted to be with a man finds herself physically moved at his presence I really enjoyed this novella and I believe the author was able to capture these two characters emotions and make them seem very real

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    I really enjoyed the tale of Karina and Geoffrey Especially that they were both a bit unconventional as a heroine and hero It was very refreshing to read about two people who found something than they sought and to realize that the past doesn't matter uite like they thought it did

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    This is not a novella it's a prologue of what might be a good book