Down in Atlanta tempers – and temperatures – are about to flareAs a mercenary who cleans up after magic gone wrong Kate Daniels has seen her share of occupational hazards Normally waves of paranormal energy ebb and flow across Atlanta like a tide But once every seven years a flare comes a time when magic runs rampant Now Kate’s going to have to deal with problems on a much bigger scale a divine oneWhen Kate sets out to retrieve a set of stolen maps for the Pack Atlanta’s paramilitary clan of shapeshifters she quickly realizes much at stake During a flare gods and goddesses can manifest – and battle for power The stolen maps are only the opening gambit in an epic tug of war between two gods hoping for rebirth And if Kate can’t stop the cataclysmic showdown the city may not survive

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    Hmmm I wonder what this Magic Burns book will be about What?? I mean What?? This can’t be right Why isn’t she being stupid?? Wha How??? She’s going to fuck up Any second now Aaaaany second now This book is perfectI mean amIrite? AM I RITE???One thing I love about Ilona Andrews is the fact that she didn’t make Kate a sappy character Not once did she have a love thought about any of the hot dudes in the book Not once Sure she thinks about banging them but that’s the normal thing to do No unnecessary crap about love at first sight and all that shit means a happier me Plus her relationship with Curran is so good I’m enjoying every minute of it And you know what? They’ll be together in the future DUH so seeing how they develop their relationship is so much fun It’s almost as good as playing Sims 3 But Sims 3 is way better because it makes you god Being god beats everything else So nah close but not close enough Speaking of which wasn’t Ghastek awesome? He’s taking RPG games to the next level How cool would it be to be able to control your game character in real life? That would be so fucking awesome What would I do with it? Conquer Earth of course Kill everyone who pisses me off Spy on people Lurk in dark alleys and scare the shit out of anyone who walks by And loot everything I’m the looting type so can’t help myself sistahBut back to Kate I love Kate I love Kate so much my heart hurts I love Kate so much I started writing poems just for her I love Kate so much I started baking cakes for her each morning Yes Kate go samurai on their sorry asses Yes Kate give them the middle finger Yes Kate ride your horse into the sunset Yes Kate spank me one timeWait What?