If I knew what succubus meant, I wouldn t have picked this book Good thing I didn t google it Delilah s powers sound like X Men s Rogue, but they re powerful and advantageous to her It was nice to read how most succubi exploit their powers, while some don t want to use them because it s wrong Somehow, it reminded me of a few sly women and idiotic men I know Maybe it s just my imagination, but the epilogue seemed like a parody of Twilight and I liked that Assuming there will be vampires in the next book of the series, I just hope they don t glitter in sunlight. The Succubus in a Red Dress was a fun read It s not my normal genre but it was a fantastic surprise I enjoyed reading about protagonist Delilah, and her naivete at the beginning I love that she grows and is a real character, with a mix of normal and abnormal struggles including dealing with her own mother in ways that makes anyone else s parental struggles seem small and insignificant I look forward to reading of Dan Garcia s work very well written and entertaining Delilah Is Only A Nerdy Coffee Clerk In New York City Whose Biggest Problem Is Trying To Find A Job That Will Cover Than Her Rent, Until The Day One Of Her Customers Collapses After Touching HerNow She Has Demon Hunters And Witches Chasing After Her, And Is Being Tailed By A Crazy Blonde In A Ferrari Who Says She Wants To Be Her Mentor Oh, And She Just Might Be A SuccubusWhatever You Do, Don T Say It Can T Get Any WorseParanormal Romance Novella Novel Of Approximately , Words Loved it Can t wait for book 2 You know how sometimes you want a kobe burger with a pesto aioli and a gourmet cheese you can t pronounce and sometimes you want McDonalds This bookis not aiming for gourmet It s meant to fulfill all those insta cravings Insecure girl who gets cute guy to notice her Check Makeover check Super cool powers that throw everyone into a tailspin Check Depth and interesting characters Let s not get ahead of ourselves I don t think after reading this book you ll be smarter or have garnered any new insight about yourself or the world Butsometimes that s not what you want out of a book Sometimes you just want to see a nerdy girl in glasses kick some butt and get a makeover If you re heading to the beach and want to conquer the equivalent of a b movie in bookform while you lay out Enjoy cheesy one liners This could work Plus, it s free on And if you just want to read a succubus book because you want to read a succubus book You can check out this list. It s refreshing and fun to read. Succubus in a Red Dress is such a fantastic read I loved the innocence of Delilah s character which seemed to marr with the traits shown by the other Succubi Ken is the type of man you could definitely be smitten with I believe I already am.This novel introduces you to a paranormal world and I feel the author has only began to scratch the surface I can t wait to read about Delilah s development as a Succubus, and that of her friends humans and hunters alike This unique take on the succubus mythology is one I have found highly enjoyable The author s writing is quite captivating and has left me craving for. This book has so many twists and turns a reader can get dizzy Author Dan Garcia writes the story with the humor of some of the classics like Buffy The Vampire Slayer The characters are endearing Delilah is the most delightful succubus to ever reside beneath a book cover And who are the villains Just when it seems obvious, another surprise awaits Succubus in a red dress is a carefully plotted novel sized book I would advice all who enjoy lighthearted but gripping otherworld stories to snatch this one up while it is still.99. The Succubus in a Red Dress by Daniel Garcia is a very entertaining short novel about a woman who turns into a succubus While we follow Delilah and her personal transformation and her adjustment to the new lifestyle there is also some complicated romance and the evil succubus Queen and her society.Written in a refreshing and often humorous style this is hugely enjoyable Colourful characters, unexpected twists and a great pace made this a big pleasant surprise on my reading list.Highly recommended, not just to the many fans of the supernatural and paranormal. I do have an answer to this very philosophical question The Succubus in a Red Dress.This book has everything Comedy, New Experiences, Forbidden Love, Thrills, Excitement, and Nail biting moments when you can t seem to move from the edge of your seat.I found this book highly enjoyable The author s insight into the mind of a woman was spot on, which made this read so intriguing I read it all in one sitting, it s one of those books that you just can t put down until you ve finished it The only complaint that I have, the sequel hasn t been published yet